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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


Blog posts June 2022

Another SCOTUS Victory Amidst the Ongoing Assault on our Fundamental Right of Self Defense


First Radio Monologue … June 30, 2022 … Lou Caverly


        This week has seen a great blessing from God in the Roe v. Wade reversal and a second SCOTUS decision, too.  The latter struck down an oppressive New York law that required a citizen to provide an explanation of why a han…

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Is God Revealing More of “The Pharoah to the Pharmacies” Plot?


Does He Want to Have a Repentant America for His Own?

Second Radio Monologue … June 30, 2022 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        On June 22, 2022, two landmark truth-teller guests were interviewed on the Stew Peters Show.  In the week of God’s great miracle, excising the cancer…

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Another 4-Star Emergency June 23rd Alert: The Dark Angel of Death Devises Nuclear WW III?

- Notes by Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly from Mike Adams’ Situation Update (, June 23, 2022); prayer by Lou Caverly and Divided Kingdom listeners

        The second part of our Four-Star Emergency Alert for June 23, 2022 is the WWIII provocation attempt being made right now by NATO …

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Stew Peters and Deanna Lorraine, June 16th Radio Dialogue – Angel of Death at the Gates
June 23, 2022 … Radio Essay … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

Emergency alert! 2,000 cows dropping dead in Kansas! Baby formula has gone
missing. Nearly 38 million chickens have died or been slaughtered,…

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Twenty-First Century “mRNA Operating System” Genocide to Surpass Last Century’s Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot’s Massacres of Millions

Radio Monologue – June 16, 2022 …

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        In the nineteenth century, Americans and people worldwide lived under the blessings and strictures of western Christian civilization.  They reverenced God.  Later generations of 1950’s largely faith-filled, obedient …

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Radio Monologue – A Veteran Teacher Spots Suspicious Uvalde Anomalies


June 1, 2022 … Lou Caverly


  • Why did the shooter crash his truck just prior to entering the school?


  • Why was the shooter living with his grandparents?  Were they aware of his violent tendencies before he shot his grandmother?


  • Was a school door propped op…

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