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“Payload” Update

October 8, 2021 … Lou Caverly

        In our last two Divided Kingdom essays, we’ve reported on the work of Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Zandré Botha in exposing foreign substances in the covid vaccines.  These doctors appeared as guests on the Stew Peters Show.  Strange and troubling sights were revealed under the microscope: metallic-looking circular rings arranged symmetrically in neat geometric patterns.  These disappeared as the vaccine solution evaporated.  In their place came jagged lines reminiscent of barbed-wire or electronic diagrams.  Neither doctor had seen anything like them before.

        Scientists have begun to supply some answers to this puzzle.  Dr. Jane Ruby, also appearing with Stew Peters, said that experts call this technology “micro bubbles.”  It has been in development for a number of years.  The disks are a payload or delivery system.  She speculated that the disks may be designed to break open and deliver some substance.  When they are not open, the liquid vaccine is clear.  When they open, the vaccine is no longer clear.

        The natural question we would ask is this: What is being delivered?  Is it something innocuous? – perhaps a way to indicate if the vaccine is still fresh enough to use?  Or is it, as we suspect, something far from harmless?  One fact seems to raise our suspicion that the latter is the case:  the undue secrecy surrounding everything about the vaccines. 

        The contents of the vaccines have never been revealed.  No insert with a list of ingredients is provided with the vaccines.  Why not?  Other medications come with a detailed list of ingredients and numerous warnings of possible side-effects.  Whole pages of popular magazines are taken up with such details.  But these covid-19 vaccines have been shrouded in secrecy ever since they were introduced.  We can only conclude that the drug companies have some very serious things that must be hidden from the people.

        Until the pharmaceutical companies come clean with the public, they can expect thoughtful people to be cautious about the vaccines.  Even if we could ignore the moral issue of the fetal-cell-line derivation of the jabs (and we certainly cannot do that), the wise person has no desire to inject unknown substances filled with mysterious entities into his or her body.  Reports from at home and overseas call into question if the vaccines even work.  When you combine this with the frequent reports of serious injuries following the covid injections, it’s no wonder that vaccine hesitancy is widespread.  It is simply the common-sense approach

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