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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


Stew Peters and Deanna Lorraine, June 16th Radio Dialogue – Angel of Death at the Gates
June 23, 2022 … Radio Essay … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

Emergency alert! 2,000 cows dropping dead in Kansas! Baby formula has gone
missing. Nearly 38 million chickens have died or been slaughtered, allegedly to prevent
the spread of bird flu. Fires at food processing plants have proliferated. It looks like the
NWO is en route to ending the world’s whole food supply to bring us to our knees at
FEMA camps, begging for sustenance.

On June 16th , Stew Peters and Deanna Lorraine discussed the Kansas cattle
deaths. The official cause of death is listed as (Are we surprised?) global warming!
The temperatures were around 105 o . Supposedly, the animals couldn’t survive the heat.
But Stew and Deanna pointed out that other animals in Kansas– deer, dogs, etc. – did
not die. Nor did cattle die en masse in Texas, despite temperatures of 105 o that
Deanna said she herself experienced. Stew remarked that the dead bovines were lying
side-by-side in rows. It is absurd to think that nature (sun’s heat) killed them all at once
and arranged them in so neat a formation. Highly suspicious!

“I think it’s something else,” Deanna concluded, explaining, “The National Bio and
Agricultural Defense Facilities is setting up a center in Manhattan, Kansas. The
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is funding this center. Its purpose is ‘to
investigate and research highly infectious diseases of animals.’” Both radio
personalities wondered whether this new bio-ag center is really there not to research
dangerous animal diseases, but to concoct them!

Deanna suggested an ominous, all-reaching agenda is back of these four
accelerating trends:
1. Food shortages have become common.
2. Cattle are dying – but why only in Kansas?
3. The Great Reset is being trumpeted.
4. Bill Gates is pushing his brand of artificial meat.

Stew quoted a statement by one of the Great Reset leaders: “You will have nothing
and you will be happier than you’ve ever been.” Deanna added, “We have a baby
formula shortage, but don’t worry – Bill Gates is creating a synthetic replacement.”
(Alongside his plant-based “meat.”)

Meanwhile, Stew informed listeners that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is
buying up large blocks of land in Oklahoma (and elsewhere). They are turning the
Oklahoma land into marijuana farms, overseen by illegal aliens. At the same time,
elsewhere in the American heartland, farmers are being paid to burn their crops.
America, the Bread Basket of the World, is fast disappearing…
Stew wondered how they killed the cattle – 5G? Deanna speculated that maybe it
was poison; or by microwaving. The dead cattle were stacked up like firewood.
Knowing this, and that thousands of chickens were slaughtered in Wisconsin, Stew
reflected that the time is coming when there will be piles of human bodies. Your
neighbors? Your church members? A Soylent Green world? A time when the only food
left is each other?

Not too far from such a hideous prospect is “The alternate reality that is
approaching,” according to Stew. Proof of this, added Deanna, is the probable,
imminent FDA approval to put covid Death and Maim shots into six-month-olds.
Deanna asked listeners (and all of us), “Do you want to stop this genocide – or be part
of it?” Again, one recalls the valiant reaction of Dr. Jane Ruby to this horrible T-4-like
plan to inoculate the tiniest babies. She said, “This is the hill we die on this week.”
Every one of us must make a decision for apathy or action. One Divided Kingdom
listener makes up small cards that tell the truth about covid vaccines and distributes
them in public places. God gives each of us the choice whether or not we will mount
fierce opposition to the growing Luciferian Hell on earth.

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