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9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles


9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

(With excerpts from Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly’s 2004 book, Patriot’s Warning I: America Attacked)


Old America will not die. In our most cherished dreams, her beauties and allure are stronger than ever. The year in the photograph is probably 1946.Margaret’s small boy was born close to D-Day, 1944.At the time of Pearl Harbor, her little girl was not yet a year old. The setting is the children’s backyard in their small village two hours east of Pittsburgh.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great proponent of individualism, spoke in poetic terms of an “Over-soul,” a transcendent reality found within all living nature – including man. It may well be that western Pennsylvania inhabitants have a uniquely hardy variation on this inner mystical fiber honed by their struggles early in the Republic against tyranny’s dangers. Even their audacious daring against Illuminati-fomented events when they courageously mounted the Whiskey Rebellion. A quality of being at once uniquely generous, courteous and yet as indomitable as their own Allegheny Mountains. Winters there are often harsh, jobs frequently scarce. Yet if, since the time of “Penn’s Woods” more than two centuries ago, each resident marches to his or her own drumbeat, the accompanying glorious epiphany is and always has been: “The Individual Is All” …

America’s liberties tenaciously cherished here … freedom of speech, sanctity of individual property rights.

In the unforgettable tractor scene, something of this unbowed pioneer passion to remain free is seen on the little boy’s clenched face. It makes him look much older than two, burdened with more than the play-act of “driving. ”He is almost an augur, possessing a somber glimpse of the future.

The jubilant five-year-old girl celebrates, unaware she will not always be able to remain in this snapshot idyll. Both are oblivious to the meaning of the breathtaking Allegheny Mountains behind them, only noticing Aunt Edna’s barn.(She lived to be 103 in this beneficial setting.)Delightedly, the children wield grownup power. Two tiny reigning monarchs atop their father’s tractor. It is an American original, just as their father himself was. Part Irish, one of six brothers. Loving his land possibly even more than Gerald O’Hara. A man with reverence for freedom. Remarking in his late seventies upon the restrictive political changes his lifetime had witnessed, Charles Cuppett cried out, “If I were a young man again, I’d lead a tax revolt!" This unusual man, as a newlywed, almost lost his job, an occupation that prohibited picking up passengers. He was “reported” when a World War I veteran missing one leg asked to be transported. The children’s father, of course, said yes.

Late in the 1980’s, this special picture would be enlarged and displayed at the children’s parents’ fiftieth anniversary. Something about it always made people exclaim, sigh or simply smile. A recognition that it touched a universal chord – representing all who looked at it and the deepest things they cherished, perhaps in ways they could not fully fathom or voice.

Indeed, there may be a deeply nostalgic, inherent longing all Americans have for that black and white world of the children who posed on the vehicle their father later called “The Cub.” For, unimaginably, they are just 55 years and 40 air seconds away from the dissolution of their world - the crash of Flight 93, September 11, 2001.

As when telephone connections malfunction for whatever obscure reasons, and one hears a perfect echo of his own voice while he talks, their ninety-year-old mother lifts the receiver and hears her son with quiet dignity convey the shocking vision intuited by his smaller self so long ago. His tiny intuition has materialized into gargantuan reality – the actuality of terrorism so brazen, so horrifically unprecedented on the American heartland, that it is beyond understanding.

“Our nation is in dire peril,” her son tells his mother, exact words she, Margaret, will memorize, later thinking how succinct they were as she watches days of ever-bloating television coverage of the chaos. There is even what some claim to be the face of Satan himself gloating in the smoke above Ground Zero. The anthrax deaths will come later …

     So ordinary it seems to them, the children. At play in their tiny town. Yet to us, looking back from a distant vantage point in time, this scenic backdrop is extraordinary: one small farm, a neighbor’s house, some variegated tree shapes scattered across mounding foothills, the unmistakable beginnings of the towering Alleghenies. A warning wind blows. These indefatigable mountains whisper:  THIS IS THE LIGHT OF FREEDOM!


I.  Sentinels, Earth and Heaven

    1.  Margaret’s Hope

        When she looked at the eloquent picture of her children on “The Cub,” sometimes Margaret longed to travel backward through time to the small, vivacious girl wearing ribbons and the homemade dress Margaret had sewn and her precious baby boy.  It was hard for her to imagine she had been alive so long and experienced so much.

        Margaret had been an eyewitness to the great global scourge, the flu epidemic of 1918.  She could always enthrall her little boy and girl when she told of an incident she remembered from when she was only seven.  Margaret saw a large farm sled on runners being pulled by two white horses through deep snow.   On it was one coffin for the flu-victim mother and her newborn baby.  The dead woman was a neighbor who had tailored clothes for Margaret and her brothers and sisters.  Amazingly, Margaret could also remember when she was only two years old being lifted up to look down into the casket of Aunt Bertha.  Her maternal aunt had hair that was longer than Bertha was. 


        [2021 Update: In this time of worldwide upheaval due to the covid-19 pandemic in which scientific experts, including Nobel Prize winner Luc Montaigner, Dr. Francis Boyle and esteemed Indian researchers have labeled the virus a bioweapon with “gain of function,” more and more details have emerged about the Fauci-NIAID-Ralph Baric North Carolina research that was then transferred to Wuhan. 

        Deaths continue to skyrocket along with thousands of adverse reactions to the “emergency use authorized” covid vaccines.  Of great concern is the mRNA gene “alteration” spike proteins causing blood clots and strokes, heart attacks and, in young men, myocarditis.

        The Bible proclaims there is nothing new under the sun.  Little seven-year-old Margaret had no idea in 1918, as she watched her neighbor’s corpse travel over the snow, that the first case of “Spanish” flu is said to have occurred at Fort Riley, Kansas.  This information has been persistent among truth-telling circles for decades.

        Books and articles have been written about the Spanish Flu, but we believe the Fort Riley origin has been largely suppressed.  One day it may well be that evidence will completely come out to validate the following:

  1. At Fort Riley a vaccine experiment went wrong – one source says “meningitis,” another “small pox.”
  2. The name “Spanish Flu” was given to it as a decoy from the truth and, because Spain stubbornly remained neutral against the great powers during World War I, it was scapegoated with that name.]


        When Margaret was sixteen, she jauntily drove a Model T Ford to high school.  Her joyful years in college were spent studying English, French, Latin and Greek…  The subsequent Great Depression years included among their harsh exigencies the time she was jobless.  Yet, decades later, in 1958, Margaret had to face perhaps her biggest crisis.

        When her husband Charles was forty-eight, he developed near-fatal myocarditis, an infection ravaging the heart muscle.  At the time, her son was a high school student.  Margaret’s daughter had just begun college.  Thankfully, Charles survived.  Over the next decade (as he liked to say afterward), he “rebuilt” a new heart through gradually increased physical exercise and a new kind of faith that was a departure from stress. 

        Early in his course of rehabilitation, one day without realizing the possible consequences, Charles began to run, chasing one of his cattle that had escaped over a fence.  Suddenly, his heart began to fibrillate ominously.  Charles was overwhelmed with a terrible fear of imminent mortality.  The man had always been a worrier, with his “brooding Irish” side, concomitant with his more gregarious, jovial nature. 

        That fearful moment became an epiphany that would define the rest of Charles’s life – and his children’s attitudes learned from him.  He said how he thought to himself, “Wait a minute.  If I’m going to die, I’m going to die.  From that moment on in life, I decided that whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.”  And Charles, living by this worry-free creed, became a rock of wisdom and strength for many in the years ahead.

        Margaret had truly witnessed a lifetime of dramatic events in her ninety years.  Some were joyous, some immense strains.  And now, in the latest shock, September 11’s national horrors, Margaret had found unusual hope.  It was in October, 2001, that she called her daughter about a unique article in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

        During her telephone talk with her mother, Elizabeth could not bring herself to upset Margaret by divulging details of what had happened to her on the evening of October 17, 2001.  Instead, she heard her voice summoning false cheerfulness.  “Yes, send me a copy, mother.  I’d love to have a copy.  In fact, I NEED it…”  Staring at the clipping, Elizabeth noted with shock its publication date, October 22, 2001.  This was only five days after a troubling happening that she had experienced right here at her home in rural Maryland.  If not innocuous or coincidental, if the incident was planned and orchestrated, it was, Margaret’s daughter thought, a shocking act of apparent intimidation and harassment – a patriot’s warning.


        To herself, the daughter thought, “It may well be that our Constitutional rights including freedom of speech are quickly disappearing in America.”

        To the ordinary American, can it ever seem possible that some people in the world’s political realm of power could have such depraved involvement?  However, the Bible still holds an unshakeable truth: man’s heart is desperately wicked

        For some, warping may come from misguided religious ideals.  But man always has the final choice whether to follow God or Lucifer.

        Is tyranny brought to all of us “little people” from the “Elite” inevitable?  In human terms we seem to be overwhelmed by force.  Yet, one truth is greater than fear of tyranny or even tyranny itself.  That surety is God’s Almighty Power.  God will never abandon men when their hearts are truly repentant and they sincerely honor Him. 

        Even should much suffering and trial by fire have to come to Christians and patriots in this land, God will finally have His way.  In His time and plan, the Sovereign Power of our universe will destroy all evil and the men responsible for it.


    2.  Flight 93: Artifact or Oracle?

“If the world is looking for a sign of hope in the turmoil that erupted on Sept, 11, it may have found it.”

                                                        Tom Lavin, Monday columnist,

                                                        The Tribune-Democrat,

                                                        Johnstown, Pennsylvania

                                                        October 22, 2001


“Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?

How long shall they utter and speak hard things?  And all the

          workers of iniquity boast themselves?

They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage.

They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless.

Yet they say, The Lord shall not see…”

                                                        Psalm 94, 3-7



        There is an unexplained phenomenon not greatly distant from Flight 93’s final stop.  This is a site called “Gravity Hill,” found on Bethel Hollow Road, ten miles from Bedford, Pennsylvania.  Here the laws of physics seemingly do not apply.  For at “Gravity Hill,” a driver can put a car in neutral, take his foot off the brake and watch the car roll uphill!  Just as normal procedures of letting air crash victims’ families listen to air traffic tapes were dramatically changed for Flight 93, unaccountably, a second “Gravity Hill” site, located one mile beyond the first and spray painted “GH,” too, also defies gravity.

         Lots of cars ran uphill on September 11 at Shanksville: contradictory rumors of a shootdown by F-16 jet fighters and the F.B.I.’s later retraction.  A Vietnam veteran’s report of hearing a missile.  Flight 93’s debris spread over a surprisingly far-flung area.

        Discerning and documenting what happened at Shanksville seem as impossible for the average citizen as making sense of the Oklahoma City bombing, TWA Flight 800’s air disaster and the deaths at Waco.

        Yet, sometimes optimistic hope culminates in victorious truth.  The near-miraculous rescue of the Shanksville coal miners trapped in July, 2002, kept the world (and especially the Flight 93 families) at rapt attention.  Thankfully, prayers came to glorious fruition in finding the nine survivors. 

        Biblical wisdom states that nothing stays hidden under the sun.  The momentous Johnstown Tribune-Democrat headline, October 22, 2001, read:

Symbol of Faith

Bible Survives Fiery Flight 93 Crash


        Columnist Tom Lavis described how, resting a short distance from the twenty-five-foot-deep crater where the passengers died a fiery death, was a Bible.  The Bible showed only traces of singe on its leather cover, its inside pages unharmed.  This seemed all the more astonishing, since no wings or tail section (as had been expected by eyewitnesses) were seen; but at the site were, as one witness told Lavis, no parts of the wreckage bigger than a dinner plate to be found (giving credence to the missile theory).

        Sam Willis, twenty-five-year-old Somerset Area High School computer specialist and Pennsylvania National Guard member, was one of the first on the scene, joined by two sergeants from the armory.  The three of them arrived about forty-five minutes after Flight 93 crashed.  “The fumes of jet fuel burned my nostrils,” Sam said.  “There were only two things on the ground – a burning tire from the landing gear and the Bible laying open on the ground with its pages as white as snow.”

        Lavis said he first learned of the Bible’s existence from the Reverend Joe Maurizio, director of pastoral care at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center – and also a Roman Catholic priest.  Maurizio said he was told by two reliable eyewitnesses that they stood over the Bible and were able to read the open pages.

        According to Lavis, police and federal investigators were “reluctant to give any details about the Bible…  my request to speak with officers who arrived immediately on the scene was discussed with the department’s command staff in Harrisburg.  The decision was made that, because the site was under the jurisdiction of the F.B.I., only the F.B.I. could release information.”  Lavis went on to say that an F.B.I. special agent in Pittsburgh stated that the F.B.I. doesn’t discuss criminal investigation evidence, particularly if personal effects could affect family survivors.

        Lavis’s opinion was, “I would imagine any family member would be comforted to know that a loved one’s personal Bible still existed, even if it couldn’t be returned until after the investigation is complete.”  Lavis described how touched by the discovery emergency personnel were.  He felt sure that the state police and F.B.I. members must be, too.

      [Update: By 2021, the viewer of the American scene can see that Lavis was wrong.  No, the F.B.I. would not have been touched or comforted by the Flight 93 Bible discovery and message.  The sell-out of the Department of Justice (D.O.J.), the Supreme Court and the F.B.I. is now almost complete – in the planned “take-down” of America.  Reports have even alleged F.B.I. backing for some Antifa violent uprisings in cities.  Overall totalitarianism “Stalinist Gulag” type control is ending the Constitution in America.  Pastor Dale Henkel states in his newsletter for July, 2021:

             (Post-January 6 treatment of prisoners illegally detained:)

Reports of many others being beaten by DC-GITMO guards have been reported.  Ryan Samuel from PA is one that had his hands zip-tied behind his back before a guard “viciously and savagely” beat him.  He’s lost the sight in one eye.

Rotten food, black water they’re straining through their socks, solitary confinement, no bail hearings, trials next year and beatings by the guards.]  What’s next?


         Lavis’s words, “No one witnessing such a horrific crash could deny the effect of such an incredible find.”  The obvious question is that if people considered the Bible as a divine sign, what pages were revealed?

        According to Maurizio, “It was open to the First Book of Kings, Chapters 12 through 14.  I talked with two officials who saw the Bible and were staggered.  In my own personal opinion, this is a miracle and a sign from God that while the things that we have can all be destroyed, the Word will never die, and God’s love for us will never pass.”

        Lavis commented that even for a skeptic it would be hard to explain why the Bible was the sole item preserved from Flight 93.  Sam Willis, the young computer specialist who called himself religious but not a regular churchgoer, said these profoundly hopeful words: “I believe it is a sign that evil did not prevail and that there is a power stronger than anything on earth.” 

        Lavis went on to say that everyone he spoke to seemed to describe an “unexplained peacefulness and calmness at the site.”

        Found so mysteriously open and almost unscathed, what does the Flight 93 Bible mean?  Is it an oracle? …  Portending a broken Republic? … In this unfathomable tragedy, is the Flight 93 Bible supposed to warn those left on earth about impending evil? …  A totalitarianism so horrendous that, if it is acquiesced to, will allow no man on earth to remain free?


        [2021 Update:  The words of this last sentence written nineteen years ago well describe the desperation of the people in New South Wales in draconian lockdown, unable to send their children to a school or go to a bank, a street or two away, just over the border in Queensland.  “A totalitarianism so horrendous” that hundreds of thousands of French people are revolting, stampeding the streets against state-imposed vaccine passports.  Restaurants, gyms, grocery stores off-limits to the non-vaccinated…  If people all over the globe do not resist and do it now, time will run out and no one will escape the choice: “Will you starve or take the Mark of the Beast?”

        Are we living now, in 2021, under God’s judgment on and removal of blessings from once favored missionary country to the world, America?  First Kings, 12-14, ominously tells of the splitting of the kingdom.  Is this a parable for America now moving into chaos?

        When the ancient Israelites went up to the groves and threw their babies into the sacrificial fires of Baal (Moloch), God gradually withdrew His blessings.  Finally, when the abominations reached the unspeakable point, God saw that the land vomited out the inhabitants.

        Here we are in 2021 with almost half of America inculcated with aborted-fetal cell line derived covid vaccines.  Not only have most ministers been silent about this affront to God, the Creator, but a number of them have held inoculation clinics in their churches.  “Death comes to the sanctuary” could be the title of the homicidal heresy endorsed by these false shepherds.  Leading religious figures, including Pope Francis and Gordon Robertson (son of Pat) have urged parishioners to get the covid vaccinations.  Even Dr. James Dobson mounted only a lukewarm offense against the covid vaccine abortion-origin.

        How long?  How long before America repents and honors God’s Biblical commandments?  Will it only be after millions upon millions eventually die of strokes and heart attacks over time caused by the vaccines’ spike proteins manufacturing A.D.E.’s (antibody dependent enhancement)?  (Covid, the hidden cause of death.)

        Time magazine’s July 5/12 issue features really creepy, almost demonic-looking pictures and text about vaccine recipients in Kanawha County, West Virginia.  One inoculation site pictured there on June 4 is Charleston Bible Center Church.]


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