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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

Another 4-Star Emergency June 23rd Alert: The Dark Angel of Death Devises Nuclear WW III?

- Notes by Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly from Mike Adams’ Situation Update (, June 23, 2022); prayer by Lou Caverly and Divided Kingdom listeners

        The second part of our Four-Star Emergency Alert for June 23, 2022 is the WWIII provocation attempt being made right now by NATO and the neocons in Lithuania.  Under pressure from the Europeans and the U.S., Lithuania has agreed to put up a blockade against Russia using its railways.  Russia, in response, has activated its Baltic fleet for military drills.  The seriousness of this cannot be over-emphasized. 

        If military conflict breaks out in Kaliningrad, NATO and the U.S. World War III war-mongers can lie and say the conflict broke out in Poland.  That then enables NATO members to invoke Article 5, that calls for all NATO members to come to the aid of one member under siege.

        Mike Adams of pointed out on June 21 the suicidal lunacy of fomenting such a war when Russia has nuclear weapons vastly superior to those of the U.S. and China.  The Iskantur (spelling?) missiles can reach 50 kilometers and strike within 2 meters of the target.  They can go as far as Stockholm and Warsaw.  Also, the Russian YARS system is a highly efficient ICBM system. 

        Russia’s SU 24 can imperil Canada and Alaska and the lower 48, and really encompasses the entire northern hemisphere in its reach.  This weapon can be launched from a road.  It can change its trajectory during flight and flies at Mach 20 speed.  It probably cannot reach South America.  NATO countries and the U.S. have nothing that can deter this super-advanced Russian ICBM system.  

        Mike Adams points out that we are in grave danger from our leaders’ insane machinations to bring on a war that would ultimately nuke the United States, making unlivable contamination last for 300 years.  Mike asks, “Will saner heads prevail?  Will these demented top politicians and leaders be removed in time to save us?”  Mike advises us to pray God will guide Vladimir Putin.  Perhaps he is the only sane leader, one who merely wants to protect Russia’s national sovereignty.  We are to pray that God will have Vladimir Putin show restraint not to push the nuke button on a hapless world.

        This is Lou Caverly.  Let us pray now, Divided Kingdom listeners and readers: “Almighty God, we come to you, confessing our many sins as persons and as a nation.  We beseech you to guide Vladimir Putin to do all in his power to restrain any escalation into war, and, particularly, nuclear war. 

        We thank you, Almighty God, for hearing this prayer and for watching over your people.  Please help a stiff-necked America to repent so that your mercy can save us. Amen

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