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Behind the Clot-Shot Oz Curtain: Turning us into “The Tin Man”

October 5, 2021 … Lou Caverly

        Just two days ago, Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly wrote an essay detailing the findings of Dr. Carrie Madej concerning unusual contaminants in a sample of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.  Little did we think we would have additional information in that vein in so short a time.  But here we go again, with the observations of another medical expert who has done blood-testing for fifteen years.

          Dr. Zandré Botha has her PhD in alternative medicine, practicing in South Africa.   A guest on the Stew Peters Show, October 4, 2021, Dr. Botha explained how she had examined blood taken from non-vaccinated patients and compared it with blood from persons who had been vaccinated.  She showed slides of both samples.  The comparison was shocking.  Just as we had seen earlier in similar slides that Dr. Jane Ruby showed from UK’s Dr. Wellburn, the blood of unvaccinated patients had normal, round, red blood cells uniformly spaced and not clumped.  In the blood of those who had been vaccinated, the red blood cells were clumped, distorted, and appeared to be sticking together.  Botha remarked that these injured cells would not be able to deliver oxygen effectively.  They would have a very hard time passing through the smaller capillaries.  These slides were shocking enough, but the strangest were yet to come.

        Next, Dr. Botha described her microscope slide-findings.  First, she first saw some irregular, dark “blobs.”  Next to appear were black metal disks joined to each other by some type of “metal” connectors.  She commented on this very distinctive phenomenon.  Dr. Botha stated, “They look engineered; they look very symmetrical.”

        The disks were arranged in consistent patterns, in several instances having six disks situated around, and practically tangent to a central disk.  Also, the very short “bonds” joining the disks were equally spaced around the central disk.  This would maximize the available space.  As most of us may recall from geometry class, exactly six circles can surround and be tangential to a single circle of the same size.  Dr. Botha said they were “too structured to be biological.”  (This would infer that these “rings” belonged more to the world of artificial intelligence than to the world of humanity.)

        In her fifteen years of work, Dr. Botha has never seen anything like this.  When asked by Dr. Botha, many fellow doctors told her she was not seeing “air bubbles.”  They said, “Air bubbles do not have such symmetry in their arrangement.  Nor are they attached to each other by ‘bonds.’”  Both Dr. Botha and Stew Peters remarked, just as lay observers, that none of these weird “constructions” on the slides looked anything like “air bubbles.”

        Dr. Botha found another amazing occurrence after leaving the vaccine sample out in the air.  The disks had completely disappeared!  In their place were satanic-looking jagged lines.  They resembled a barbed-wire fence – almost like the razor wire at the Capitol!  Some of them were almost perfectly parallel to each other for part of their length.  They reminded us of a medieval torture device or a jagged-toothed spring trap used to catch small animals.  Who’s being caught in this witches’ brew concoction?

        These “construction” lines form a network in which any point can be reached from another by following some combination of the lines.  They reminded me of a schematic diagram of a complex electrical circuit.  Is it possible that in some way they serve this function?  Perhaps to transmit information to a surveillance source outside the body?  Or to permit someone on the outside to maneuver what goes on within the body?  The 5-G scenario possibility for control of the masses comes to mind.

        Dr. Zandré Botha is treating many patients who have been vaccinated.  She described the illnesses they have suffered post “clot” shot.  Severe embolisms, memory loss, blood clots, loss of movement at the injection site, nerve pain and shortness of breath.  They are breathless because the oxygen levels in their blood are very low, since the mangled red blood cells are unable to do their job.  White blood cells are also affected.

        Dr. Botha cries, just as Dr. Carrie Madej did, when she sees how her patients who are covid vaccine-injured plan to take their children to get the shots!  One man, her incoming patient, had eight heart attacks in five hours.  He had been chosen as a “guinea pig” for the covid vaccine roll-out.  He has been in the ICU for months since March.  This man could not get a triple bypass because he kept testing positive for covid.  His life is being controlled by a “vicious circle” of revolving positive covid tests. 

        The mRNA “operating system” inside the vaccine – with its sinister maze of bioengineered lines – symbolizes not just vaccine tyranny to this one man.  No, there may ultimately be millions who took the fateful injections now living under tyranny of illness and injury.  Or not living at all – cut off by the clot-shot’s final tyranny of sudden death.  

        Stew Peters concluded the interview with Dr. Zandré Botha by stating that the pictures she brought were “Amazing and horrific… never before seen images.”  Having seen these ourselves, we certainly agree.  Elizabeth said, “Who would have thought in our lifetime that they would be able to trick people into becoming half-machines?”  She then murmured, “Why it’s ‘Behind the Clot-Shot Oz Curtain, Turning us into The Tin Man!’”  And so, my title for this article was born.

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