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Bombshell Leak: Covid Vax Companies Use Nazi Code Lot Numbers to Track Death Plans

God’s Greatness vs. Pharmakeia/Witchcraft

January 6, 2022   Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

The so-called “omicron” covid variant (letters rearrange to spell “moronic”) is surging in the U.S. and all over the world.The obituaries in the newspapers here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland continue to show an unusually high ratio of deaths in which people “pass away peacefully or unexpectedly at home.”Many are African-American men in their 50’s and 60’s.One 29-year-old man who unexpectedly left earth was photographed in his coffin.Scott Davison, CEO of Indiana’s One America Life Insurance Company reports that for the third quarter of 2021 working age deaths (18-64) were up 40% over pre-pandemic numbers of 2020.This is about 3,000 extra American deaths in one day!And about 90,000 extra American dead in a month!Health Ranger Mike Adams, ( predicts one million excess deaths in 2022, compared to 2019.

Stalwart heroine Dr. Carrie Madej’s recent video interview at recounts how she first attended a meeting of what she thought was a typical medical industry progress-planning session.Instead, she was amazed to be witnessing the inception of plans that have now materialized in the cyborg-making messenger RNA covid shots, the vials in which Dr. Madej has located the strange metal strings, one of which actually seemed to be a self-aware entity.It lifted itself on the microscope slide.There are many corroborations everywhere – from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to the whole country of Japan – that graphene oxide is in the vaccines, facilitating this hydrogel nanotech tubular nightmare.We appear to be entering the threshold of a brave new Artificial Intelligence World.

Courage and belief in Jesus Christ are hallmarks of Carrie Madej’s background.In her recent interview she recounted how, after her shocking discoveries at the planning meeting, God gave her the wisdom to hide away in another country for five years.During that time many of her peers back home died mysterious deaths.Yet, God brought her now to the time He wanted her to investigate the covid vaccine and expose it.Just as God raised up talk-show host Stew Peters, who recently at Christmas witnessed how Jesus saved him from alcoholism and that he gave his life to the Lord to use as God willed.Stew and Dr. Jane Ruby (Find their interviews on before Christmas valiantly ferreted out the truth of post-vaccine covid clot-shots: airline pilots’ deaths, military men’s and women’s injuries, and now they highlight the barbaric inoculations of 5-11-year-olds. People can no longer ignore tragedies like the unspeakable case of the eight-year-old Wyoming boy who post-jab went into a coma, had a heart attack and is now left with myocarditis.Perhaps under the spell God mentions in Isaiah 29: 10-15, the Wyoming boy’s mother posts on her social media site pictures of her wan-looking son eating his first meal after coming out of the coma.She murmurs enthusiastically, “I’m so glad he got vaccinated.There are so many sick people around.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich alluded to the possibility of marked differences in vials of covid vaccines.Some other researchers postulated there were differing vial contents being designated for various geographical areas, perhaps targeting different population types.Now, today, January 6, Dr. Jane Ruby reports to Stew Peters ( this huge breaking story.Purposeful “truth hackers” went into Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) internet systems.What these researchers found is right in line with the German Nazi obsession with order – evil classifications and operations like the methodical IBM punch cards, functional yellow stars forced universally on 1940’s European Jewry and finally, the super-efficient Zyklon B “shower” killings and crematoria to erase the whole record of murderous activity.

Dr. Jane Ruby gives the findings of these latest courageous hackers.Apparently, covid 19 vaccines are an experimental “lethal dose” test – intentionally designed to export illness and injury to the E.U., but to cause death in the U.S.A.[We have to ask ourselves, could some of this purpose be to rid the U.S. of more 2nd amendment gun-carrying men from ages 18-64?As well as specifically to cut down on defense readiness numbers of U.S. military and states’ national guard members?]

Dr. Ruby reports the covid drug producers actually list lot numbers in categories of tainted batches so they can track their death and illness “success”!Some categories are as follows: Pfizer’s most dangerous vials for children are coded as “EW,” the most deadly lot of all being “EW0182.”Its second deadliest for children begins with “FA” or “FC.” For adults, Pfizer’s deadliest is coded as “EN”; second deadliest for adults is “ER.” Moderna’s most dangerous lots for all ages end in “20A.” “Supertoxic” vials are coded “J,” “K,” “L,” or “M’ in the middle of the number.[Go to “Most Dangerous Lots” –]  One member on the analysis team for the hacking results was Dr. Michael Yeadon, the well-known former Pfizer high level employee whistleblower.

Ruby says the “EW” lot is responsible for almost all adverse events in children: all ER visits, all hospitalizations, all life-threatening events, disabilities and deaths.All these lots are in circulation, and there can be as many as 1.5 million doses in a lot.Dr. Ruby points out that experimental “lethal dose” testing has always been done with animals only, never people.Covid shots’ “lethal dose” testing is being administered world-wide to human beings, certainly without” informed consent.”This covert subjugation is against all ethical and regulatory rules.The companies are actually embedding codes within lot numbers so they can monitor which are toxic, which cause disabilities and what type of disabilities.For example, Moderna lot 011L20A; the 20A, again, is the deadliest code.(These designations were running from mid-November, 2021 to at least Dec.16, 2021.)

In December, truth about covid vaccines was being stonewalled everywhere. The mainstream media suppressed any mention of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, even as it became the best-selling book in America. 

Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson would listen to covid-injured people’s heart-rending stories presented before Senate panels, but then take no action about any indictments.Dr. Fauci was still hopping around media, making pronouncements about this dark winter and giving his zany-sicko advice to vaccinate Santa Claus. President Trump kept extolling more actively than ever the covid vaccines and his role in this unprecedented E.U.A. (Emergency Use Authorization).

Today, on January 6, 2022, the first anniversary of the “Capitol Uprising,” quisling Trump still has done nothing to free his most faithful supporters, summoned by him like a political Pied Piper into a trap resulting in their perpetual Capitol incarceration – one of them a Pennsylvania man named Ryan, actually blinded in one eye by a brutal guard.Satan, in a symbolic way, showed his fury December 30th by cutting off the Divided Kingdom program’s concluding most reverent Christmas carol, O Come All Ye Faithful. It was rammed into by the loud voice of Dr. Deborah Birx, blaring out with the government’s coronavirus commercial. Yes, “The Kings of the Earth” think they have won.They believe it is determined.A population “killing machine” appears to be having diabolical Nazi-like success.

Yet, is the dam of brainwashing and lies being broken?For even in Australia, the land of the Howard Springs covid camp round-ups, large protests are occurring. It is suddenly being announced by the government that Australia may begin paying covid vaccine damage claims. The masses are beginning to learn the truth world-wide, Recently, sobering evidence is emerging that each successive booster shot for covid weakens the body still more, till it is finally enveloped by an AIDS-like condition, unable to fight off disease.This is at the same time news is leaking out to millions about world sports champions dropping like flies after “clot-shots.”Still, the world controllers do not give up on their mechanism of injury and death.Jan. 2, 2022 news bulletins from the Netherlands report plans for up to six nefarious covid shots.This is, note, Netherlands – home of long-time euthanasia approval.The reprobate mind has been encased there, preparatory for a long time.

Another aspect being brought to light is long-term dangers of control and artificial intelligence manipulation. Mike Adams reported, December 22, 2021, on the implications of the conviction of Harvard professor Charles Lieber, his treasonous China connections and genius nanotech inventions, predecessors to the covid mRNA “operating systems” that possibly work in conjunction with 5-G activation outside the body. Adams reasons this could even be China’s ultimate kill switch to get rid of the American people (and inherit the lush American farmland).Lieber’s work pioneered these carbon nanotubes, ones that can use skin conductivity to release the payload in these covid vaccines.  More and more booster shots would strengthen and advance this “operating system” “control goal.” 

Though protests are starting, there are still frightening losses of freedom happening in Australia, people being rounded up by so-called “contact tracing,” and being taken to the “gulag” of Howard Springs, the biggest covid quarantine camp.Yes, people picked up – not just the hapless aborigines – but ordinary middle-class folk taken to quarantine camps.Will it come here to the U.S.?

Are there some things that are true and yet, some not so true?A Christian patriot we’ve interviewed about a decade ago comes on another radio show in December, 2021 and pronounces emphatically, “They WILL take you to the camps.”The patriot also comments on how to counteract “planned” water shortages.Supposedly, the only way out for us all is to use a “water witch” or dowser to locate water underground.WHAT?The very word “witch” should be a flashing red light to any Christian.I am very familiar with this abominable demonic practice.My late Cuppett uncle was a dowser, using water-witching with a peach limb trying to help people dig wells.My father (his brother), a true life-long Christian, WAS NOT ABLE to make the forked limb (as in speaking with a forked tongue?) turn down.God protects His own.God, not one dire prediction of the inevitability of camps, determines whether Americans will remain safely in their homes…The Almighty will make this decision as He watches every Christian in America finally come to humble repentance or willfully continue to disobey Him with anti-scriptural insults, such as the sins of abortion and the LGBTQ life-style acceptance.

The Satanic disruption of the December 30th Divided Kingdom program could not cover up the awesome truth of God’s greatness, as three testimonial stories on that program testified: (Hear them in our archives at

A short synopsis of the three:


  1. A warning angel was sent from God to a man lost in the sins of adultery and alcohol;


  1. A four-year-old Virginia boy was flattened and thrown many feet by a car –

and miraculously healed by Jesus’ presence;


  1. A baby born was dead.  Then, after more than an hour, he came to life, breathing and survived.


God is indeed greater than all the horrors of evil we face this January, 2022.It is understandable for us, even as Christians, to have times of grieving those lost and mourning for our pre-“plandemic” lives.But remember the case of pastor Dr. Richard Wurmbrand, imprisoned for thirteen years underground in Romania. (He went blind in those years from being held darkness).In 1972 or '73 I actually saw him in person.He was a visiting speaker at a small Baptist church in Lanham, Maryland.Still quite fragile, he sat on a chair, sometimes encouraged by his wife nearby.Yet when one sees his photo on a book jacket about a decade later, Wurmbrand again looks triumphantly vigorous and healthy.He had emerged victorious, writing books about his life story to encourage and lift God’s people.God, indeed did a miracle in this great pastor’s restoration.

Jesus Christ can renew and refresh us, too, even in our present national nightmare if we choose to be truly His.A great separation has begun. The wheat is being divided from the chaff.For Christians there is no compromise.Your choice is to inoculate yourself with aborted fetal cell vaccines, or to keep God’s DNA He created in your body, pure – as you put your complete hope and trust in Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.


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