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Country Roads … The Reprobate Mind Continues to Murder and Rampage


Radio dialogue between Lou Caverly and Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

Late January, 2022


Lou:  Seventy-seven years ago, top American military brass, including Generals Eisenhower and Patton, walked into the literal hell on earth of places like Dachau.  One or more of them vomited at the unimaginable horror of human corpses stacked high like firewood.  The feeble skeletons of humanity, still barely alive, hollow-eyed, staring at them were beyond imagination – proof of the Nazis’ murderous insanity.  Crosses in most German churches had long since been superseded by or blasphemously accompanied by the swastika.

        Elizabeth and I were almost beyond being shocked.  We thought after having had to endure months of American churches and most pastors silence as 5-11-year-old innocent tiny children have been sacrificed to the American Molech covid-19 aborted fetal cell-line murder shots, we had reached the apex of evil.  But it seems there are always more surprises to come.  You will find out tonight that even Pope Francis had an important one-on-one high-level meeting with Pfizer’s CEO. 

        Well, just as Elizabeth and I thought we were beyond shock, we found the January 20th interview Stew Peters had with West Virginia mother, Mikaela Hughes.  There is something really evil, it seems, let loose by Satan, in that beautiful state that John Denver celebrated in the song with the words, “Country roads take me home.”  Home in West Virginia is now Hades infesting that autumn foliage paradise.


Elizabeth:  Yes, Lou.  Recall, I reported in the Time magazine July5/July 12, 2021 issue’s article entitled “The Home Stretch.”  Situated in Kanawah County, West Virginia, it was the home stretch all right: the coercion into Satan’s killing machine, the world bioweapons genocide final lap to get as many adults and children as possible eliminated of injured for life in the next six months.  The article showed Kanawah health officials making house calls. 

        Notice:  All through our discussion tonight of Kanawah County, we choose to pronounce it the way real people – the precious living humanity of West Virginia – pronounce it, “Ka-naw.”  My brother, when living in Morgantown, spoke of visiting the Kanawah State Forest.  When I lived there for one year, I heard natives, too, talk about Kanawah County.  Sadly, here is the condescending tone of local TV station, WVNS, channel 59, in discussing the pronunciation.  It says, “Sometimes West Virginians just like to ignore that certain syllables are even there …”  But we, like the natives, insist the river, county and state forest are all pronounced “Ka-naw.”

        The article opened with these words: “ ‘Hi sweetie,’ Dr. Sherri Young says to the 13-year-old rolling up her sleeve and giggling nervously, who also happens to be her daughter.  ‘Are you ready?’  Young uncaps a syringe and pokes it into her daughter’s waiting arm.  It’s May 14, only a few days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration greenlighted the Pfizer Bio-N-Tech vaccine for 12–15-year-olds, and Young is trying to set an example.”

LouTime magazine informs us that this health officer called for families to come to other West Virginia community health clinics like this one that was a drive-through set up in a church parking lot a few miles outside downtown Charleston.

Elizabeth:   The Time article showed Dr. Young getting ready to inoculate her Kanawah County Sheriff’s security guard, Doug Beasley, assigned to her, as Time says, “after threats on health offices around the country during the pandemic.”

Lou:  No T-4 euthanasia van as used in Germany’s Hitler era is needed in this West Virginia globalist guinea pig West Virginia county.  “Lead the handicapped to the slaughter” operation is working just fine to bamboozle well-meaning parents.  Time, July 5/12, 2021 states “Allison Bungard helps her son, Andrew, 13, who has cerebral palsy and Factor V Leiden thrombophilia, receive his shot at a vaccine clinic in Charleston. “And, oh, the convenience of the jab in your own home.  Time shows an octogenarian next: “Dana Campbell plays the harmonica before being vaccinated in his home in Elkview.”

Elizabeth:  I wonder whether Dana Campbell is still on earth six months later; or is he a post-covid clot-shot statistic like all those obituaries I read in the Maryland newspaper, white and black men and women in their 50’s – 70’s who “passed away either peacefully” or unexpectedly at home.”  The most scary picture of all in the Time article was accompanied by this text: “Cheridan Quigley of Saint Albans is vaccinated at Charleston’s Bible Center Church on June 4.”

Lou:  Elizabeth, we both looked at the close-up of Ms. Quigley’s face.  She was wearing glasses and what struck us was her look of utter horror.  Something about the lighting and the way her one eyebrow was raised accentuated her right eye so that it looked like the veritable “All-Seeing Eye of Horus.”  Remember, this inoculation to Molech was done in God’s sacred house, Charleston Bible Center Church.  No swastika accompanying or replacing the cross here.  No, it’s the caduceus – the serpent intertwined around the stick.  Did these abominable aborted fetal-cell injections in God’s church open the portals of hell, emptying Satan’s devils into West Virginia?

Elizabeth:  A good question, Lou, as well as doing the same all across the U.S.A., where churches hosted these clinics.  Well, now it seems the Nazi Joseph Mengele days are back again, here right in Huntington, West Virginia’s Mercy Hospital.

Lou:  January 20, 2022, The Stew Peters Show interviewed heroic West Virginia mother, Mikaela Hughes.  Stew first gave an update on the case of Scott Quinar, who had been held hostage and refused efficacious covid treatments by Minnesota’s Mercy Hospital.  Legal tactics won, so that Scott had now been airlifted to Texas where the withheld treatments would now be administered.   Stew stated that this sort of quiet euthanasia was going on in thousands of hospitals!  What is, it now?  The hospitals get, $40,000 per patient put on a ventilator?  And is it $100,000 for each ventilator death?  The serpent on the stick in America is suddenly becoming an obscenely prosperous T-4 medical police state.  Hospitals and their Doctor Mengeles are paid off.  Still, many good doctors and nurses are appalled and are starting to blow the whistle.

        Heroic mother Mikaela Hughes then began telling her story to Stew.  Her 32-year-old son, Charles, a very fit father of four and a paramedic traveled to St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, just to get an inhaler for his asthma.  But once inside the murder factory masquerading as a hospital, the hospital made him get two covid tests, both negative.  They wouldn’t let him go home.  We wonder whether this was using bodily restraints, not just words of intimidation.  For next, his mother recounts, Charles had a panic attack – possibly just an asthma attack from the stress.  So they put him in the ICU and, despite his protests, put him on a ventilator and gave him kidney-failure inducing Remdesivir.  The mother, Mikaela, fought hard for her son.  The hospital told her he would only be on the ventilator for two days, but more than fifty-two days have passed.  Charles began to decline, with the drugs given to him being suspected of causing a heart attack.  The mother was kept away from visiting her son.  A patient advocate let it slip that Charles had been double vaccinated for covid while there.  The mother cried, “But he was exempt on religious grounds by choice!”

        Stew commented that if this was done against his will, it is a criminal act.  The mother demanded to know when these vaccinations occurred.  The patient advocate just hemmed and hawed.  When Charles tried to pull out the ventilator, doctors increased paralytic or paralyzing drugs.  He mouthed the words to his mother, “Out! out!”  After all of this horror, the original test Charles had requested, the test for bacterial pneumonia, was given.  It came back positive.

Elizabeth:  The mother, Mikaela, thinks the covert vaccinations were done to her son while he was on the ventilator.  Of course, while he was given remdesivir, Charles was denied ivermectin.  The doctor in charge kept telling the hapless mother, “Your son is dying.”  Dr. Segamarsi (spelling?) was the doctor treating Charles.  One morning he allegedly told Charles, “You won’t be going home for two to three years.  You’ll be in a nursing home.”

        But by that evening – as pressure grew – Dr. Segamarsi had released Charles to the care of a Dr. Cohn.  Stew Peters commented, “This is savage – if they vaccinated him against his will.”  Another physician who had personally escaped from a communist country said, “This is just like Nazi Germany!”  Mikaela, that courageous West Virginia mother lioness, said, “I think they were trying to kill him.  This is sad.  People are just commodities.  It’s going on all over the world.”

Lou:  Protect your families.  Do not go to the hospital unless you must.  As Ezekiel 33 commands, Elizabeth and I must warn you of these horrific things that must be stopped.  We must pray, repent and beseech God to stop this killing!


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