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Further Intimations of Coming World “Metropolis” A. I. Tyranny


November 2, 2021 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        Every hidden truth has witting or unwitting “gatekeepers.”  Noted cardiologist, Dr. Richard Fleming, said in late October, 2021, on a interview of the substance, graphene oxide, “There is none in the covid-19 vaccines.”  This, even though press reports from Japan announced that country’s researchers had identified graphene oxide in the covid shots.  Bad enough, if it were just a vaccine “contaminant.”  The presence of graphene oxide may indicate it is facilitating something much more nefarious. 

        Lou Caverly’s two essays, October 5 and 8, posted at, described the microscope findings of Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Zandré Botha:  circle chains of metal disks symmetrically arranged in a liquid sea.  This appeared to be a “payload” system.  What was being delivered?  Why would the admitted mRNA “operating system” need these accoutrements in the so-called “covid vaccines”?

        Another mystery is why some covid vaccine recipients find they have “glowing” fingers or hands.  Wednesday, October 27, Stew Peters interviewed “Amanda,” a military wife, unidentified for obvious reasons of protection.  Her husband has been in the military for fifteen years. He was coerced, with threat of court martial, to finally take the covid shot.

        After vaccination, Amanda’s husband became extremely fatigued, had terrible headaches and constantly felt a heavy weight on his chest.  Seeking alternative help, the couple arranged for a metallic clay bath for detoxification purposes.  The procedure brought forth:

  1. Anguished pain during the “Morgellons’ Cleanse” as metallic strings came out of his body.  These were similar to the strange “organism” Dr. Carrie Madej saw lift itself on a microscope slide that she deemed “almost self-aware.”  The military man’s wife watched one such “string” seemingly try to wiggle back into her husband’s body.
  2. The doctor’s report in a letter stated that he observed damaged white blood cells and metallic strings apparently “attached” to the endothelial cells – something that doctor never sees in the unvaccinated.  The physician also expressed grave concern about all the micro-clots he could observe being formed.
  3. The ex-military man’s fingers “glowed” brightly.

        What does this clinical picture of symptoms mean?  Is it a kind of A. I. supratyranny-tracking system light years from the rudimentary control practices in the fictitious 1927 movie, Metropolis?  In that powerful, early silent film, worker-slaves were subjugated in a level below the city.

        Ninety years after the screening of Metropolis, CEO of Bill Gates’ GAVI, Global Vaccine Alliance, wrote an article for Nature magazine.  The article urged moving the masses into digital ID systems.  Then, one year later, in 2018, GAVI made the announcement that digital identity was the focus of its INFUSE program.  This correlated with goal 16.9 of U. N. Agenda 2030.  (This new update of the former Agenda 21 goals appeared in September, 2015 and was approved by 100 nations.)

        A graphic at GAVI’s website, later removed, laid out the final ominous stage of the digital-identity health passport system, called “Access to Other Services.”  An excerpt: “… The digital child health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school or financial services, serving as the foundation for a broadly recognized digital identity.”

        LifeSite News writer, Leo Hohmann, comments, Friday, October 29, 2021: “So you see where they are going with this whole health passport scam.  It has nothing to do with your health.  Your physical, digital and financial life will all be tied together into one nifty little digital identification card, scannable with a QR code on your cellphone.  Is it a coincidence that starting in 2022, all of the older cell phones, flip phones and ‘owner phones’ will be phased out, no longer serviceable by your cell service provider?  Conform or get left behind; the decision is yours.  As for me and mine, leaving it behind is starting to look better and better.”

        October 26, 2021, LifeSite News carried an extended warning with this shocking title: “Abp. Vigano warns US bishops about COVID jab: The Great Reset wants billions of chronically ill people.”  Diametrically at odds with Dr. Richard Fleming’s dismissive statement about graphene oxide, Archbishop Vigano says:

The presence of graphene in the doses that have been administered, reported by numerous laboratories that have analyzed its content, suggests that the forced use of so-called vaccines – together with the systematic boycott of existing treatments of proven effectiveness – serves the purpose of contact-tracing all vaccinated human beings throughout the world, who will be or already are connected to the Internet of Things by means of a quantum link of pulsed microwave frequencies of 2.4 GHz or higher from cell towers and satellites.  As proof that this information is not the fruit of the fantasies of some conspiracy theorist, you should know that the European Union has chosen two projects dedicated to technological innovation as the winners of a competition: “The Human Brain” and “Graphene.”  These two projects will receive one billion euro each in funding over the next ten years.

        Former Pfizer worker Karen Kingston tells us more about the futuristic version of Metropolis we are facing.  Not only does the Vatican have a telescope called “Lucifer,” but Pfizer uses Bill Gates’ “Luciferase,” having some connection to or derivation from a firefly that “glows blue.”

        Kingston’s interview evokes the Biblical parallel of “The time of Noah,” Jesus’ warning of a time, as in the Nephilim “Giants” era, when fallen angels had progeny with earth women.  Now we are seeing CRISPR edit DNA using mRNA “operating systems.”  She states (October 28, Stew Peters interview,, “The world patent, master patent on mRNA, Table 54 at the Moderna website, states the vaccine contains Luciferase for ‘hybridization.’”  Hybridization!

        Also on October 28, Dr. Ariyana Love from Finland told the Stew Peters audience that all those (including some surprising patriot broadcast leaders) who debunk the seemingly “self-aware entities in the covid vax vials observed by Madej and Botha have to “listen-up.”

        According to Dr. Love, there ARE hydras in the vaccine that have been genetically modified in a lab at the U. of Kiev.  They have been “transfected.”  Love studied NIH and DARPA open-source documents, reaching the conclusion these fresh water organisms surviving in the blood are there to “transfect” humans using the Lente virus.  The research, she says, has gone on at Mars Hill and other places.  The hydra and parasite’s code are being fused with the human DNA.

        Perhaps Lou Caverly’s question, “What is the payload?” was answered by Dr. Ariyana Love, when she referred to the process of “CRISPR Cast 9 and Blast electro-portation using electrodes on programmable golden nanobots.”

        “This is how they are targeting the cell organelles of the nuclei.  The NIH, Fauci and DARPA funded this.  They’re targeting:

  1. The neuro cells [prion degeneration], and
  2. Embryonic cells [of the vaxxed; due to the vaxxed mother, the offspring’s cells are also transfecting.]”

        The full horror of the “New Metropolis” stranglehold is evinced by Dr. Love’s next statement: “They are gene ‘silencing.’  They are turning off genes they don’t want and programming ones they do want, programming and encoding new genetics.”

        Love concludes: “They’re also wiring a new brain and new nervous system, adding a thread to the strands of DNA, so they’re taking the 2.0 organic human being and they’re transfecting them into a 3.0 hybrid.  We’re under biological attack.  The offspring of the mRNA exposed parents are not human.  They do not carry God-given genetics.  They will be a new species.”

        Is there something else coming, even more horrific?  Today, November 2, 2021, reports are starting to come in from very qualified medical people, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, research indicating the covid vaccines’ spike proteins cause dire hindrance to the body’s self-repair system.  If things are as bad as these preliminary reports suggest, cancer rates will skyrocket and birth defects (due to uncorrected errors that occur in the mother’s system as it “creates” the infant) will be an anguished all-too-common reality.  Mike Adams’s “Health Ranger” opinion is that the radiation of mammography that may presently spur one case of breast cancer for every 100 cases it prevents, will now, instead, perhaps cause 100 cancer cases due to the vaxxed woman’s damaged self-repair system.  We must recall Archbishop Vigano’s stirring warning: “The Great Reset wants billions of chronically ill people.”

        For God’s sake, don’t subject yourself (and now your innocent age 5-11 children) to this holocaust.  The American Rebellion – the world rebellion – We must escape “Metropolis” now!

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