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Georgia Stones Broken, but When Will Hearts Break – and Repent Before God?


Radio Monologue … July 21, 2022 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        Many Americans felt spiritual joy at the news reported on July 7 that the Georgia Guidestones were attacked by demolition and then totally removed out of safety concerns.  As one Divided Kingdom listener put it so well, “Nothing better with morning coffee to hear the Georgia Guidestones ‘in rubble!’  Arise, my ‘American Republic Army,’ to do battle …”

        Yet, although the “American Stonehenge,” with all its innuendoes (or direct connections) with human sacrifice is gone, the actual killing over the American heartland continues.  Our hearts in this “heartland” are broken, our souls pierced by the latest mathematical documentation of iniquity.  The abomination to Almighty God of casting our youngest babes, even six-month-olds to the devastation and devouring of the Molech mRNA covid shots.  This, even as political high priestesses sing Happy Birthday to masked three-year-olds on site at the vaccine clinics.  The First Lady said, “The relief is finally here – a vaccine for the youngest children.” 

        LifeSite News reports, June 20, 2022, “Vatican City has issued a new set of coins, one of which shows a young person being vaccinated, presumably against Covid-19.  The (20 Euro silver) coin does not specify the jab is for covid, but LifeSite quotes from a Vatican website the following:

The 20 euro silver coin designed by Chiara Principe, is dedicated to a current theme that is very close to Pope Francis’ heart: treatments to counter the pandemic and the need to be vaccinated.  The coin depicts a doctor, a nurse and a young person who is ready to receive the vaccine.  The Holy Father has repeatedly stressed the importance of vaccination, recalling that health care is ‘a moral obligation,’ and it is important to ‘continue efforts to immunize even the poorest people.’”

        Yes, the poorest peoples, the dark-skinned races, those with mental or physical handicaps, the elderly, all must receive priority even as the obscene, murderous words of the Guidestone’s first commandment linger in the dusty air of its death: “Keep the earth’s population in balance at 500 million …”

        Has God called Christian men and women to “stand in the gap”?  Who will answer with courage and truth about the covid bioweapon world genocide?  Certainly not the world’s leading religious figures.  Dr. Franklin Graham (“What would Jesus do?”), Dr. Gordon Robertson and Albert Mohler all espoused the covid-19 aborted-fetal-cell derived shots.  Dr. James Dobson, to his credit, did voice concerns, as did Archbishop Carlo Vigano much more vociferously (even opposing Pope Francis’ hearty approval of the shots).

        So we see, the religious community will not stand up for the truth.  As for the mainstream press, its members are content to keep six-figure salaries and lie about the ravaging “clot shot” deaths.  Who is left, answering the Ezekiel 33 call to “blow the trumpet”?

        Perhaps ordinary good men and women of decency will find the courage.  There are rumors that FDA and CDC doctor employees are becoming disgruntled with the short cuts of “Warp Speed” emergency use authorized covid mRNA injections.  We can pray some may jump ship or become whistleblowers.

        One man, indeed, has now answered God’s call.  This warrior of God is standing in the gap, facing off “the valley of the shadow of death,” opposing Satan’s Molech child-murder-stronghold.  Frankie Stocker at National File reported July 12, 2022 on casket company family representative Mike Haddock’s stunning truth-telling statistics.  This was the National File headline: “Stew Peters Show: Orders for Child-Size Coffins Spike More than 500% in Last Seven Months.”

        Haddock noted a massive spike in orders for child-size caskets “within a few months of the kiddie jab.”  (The Haddock family has been in business for more than thirty years.)  Haddock tweeted: “My family business is casket manufacturing in North America.  We received 2 bulk orders for sub-5-foot-units (children size) in less than 6 months.  Never in 30+ years of business have we ever sold child size coffins in bulk.”  Haddock told Peters the children’s coffin orders have risen upwards of 500% in the past seven months.  “We went through an average of say, 50, 60 [child-sized caskets] a year.  The last order was 200 and the next order after that was 250.  We’ve now basically sold 5 years’ worth of stock in 7 months.” Haddock commented grimly to Stew, “Call it what you will, magic or the vaccine, but something has happened that is causing an unprecedented amount of deaths.”

        Stew’s answer: “Magic is demonic and satanic and that’s everything that we’re seeing happening right now.  So, yes, it’s magic.  But it’s also intentional magic.  It’s my opinion that this is an international plot to kill people and now specifically kids.  It’s an international plot to make women infertile and men sterile and affect generations and generations in the future – just like they know that this mRNA technology detrimentally affected rat colonies for four generations.  What we’re seeing here are intended consequences.”

        Where are the other pastors – beside those “dumb dog, lying Mega-Church Shepherds”?  Ask your church friends and business associates who got the shots, then got covid, “Did your pastor warn you about the aborted-fetal-cell covid shot derivation?”  We asked a number of our friends this question.  “No, my pastor never said anything about it.”  The shepherds were silent.  Was it their ignorance?  Greed?  Cowardice?  All three?

        God bless Mike Haddock.  Like any normal born-again Christian man or woman, Mike cannot keep quiet while covert forces murder thousands or even millions of babes worldwide.  May God raise up more such Godly warriors.  Events worse than millstone- around-the-neck drownings await the others.  Blood on the hands of the guilty and the silent.

        Repent, Oh Church!


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