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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

Illuminati Telegraph II?

October 23, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


       My earlier article questioned the White House Historical Society’s focus on JFK and Jackie – with an absence of Donald Trump and Melania.  (The society now also is offering its official 2020 White House Christmas ornament for sale, featuring John F, Kennedy, not President Donald J. Trump.)

        Governor Gretchen Whitmer (false-flag kidnapping “heroine”) conducted an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  On camera, as Whitmer conversed with the TV audience, a small set of numbers stood perched near a house plant on a coffee table.  The numbers were 8645.  “86” is NWO code for “murder.”  “45,” of course, designates Donald J. Trump, our 45th President.

        Those who abhor the killing of the unborn have noted the “86” murder code with the abortion pill’s numerical nomenclature: “RU486.”  This, of course, translates into the words “Are you for murder?”

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