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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


November 12, 2021 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        This is truly a sobering notification to all of us.  The powers of darkness and covid chaos may not be willing to stop with the covid “gene shot” injuries and deaths and the economic destruction caused by covid lockdowns.  Finland’s Dr. Ariyana Love, in a recent interview, presented startling new information from a Stockholm University study, indicting the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine for “bringing on sterility” and having what she describes as “components of Ebola and Marburg (bacterial, not viral infections), paving the way for the next pandemic.” 

        The Stockholm U. study showed that the J & J spike proteins went to the nucleus of the cell, damaging it, deleting God-given genes that are responsible for DNA repair.  There is a U.S. patent, number 201-400-172-75, the adenovirus serotype 26 and filovirus 35.  These vaccines code your cells with Ebola and Marburg proteins.  [Is this priming for future Ebola or Marburg pandemic assaults, perhaps akin to antibody dependent enhancement?]

        Dr. Love describes how the J & J vaccine deletes E1, E3 and E4 genes (mentioned in the patents).  Dr. Love finds in her research that the deletion of these genes causes (1) AIDS and (2) blood coagulation, thrombosis and clotting.  She says, “J & J is using the adenovirus 26 vector which deletes the gene in humans, also known as chromosome X.  The E1 gene is required to repair damaged DNA.  Without it, your cells will ‘self-suicide’ and that is AIDS.  They are inducing AIDS and they are deleting the E1 gene, causing embryonic lethality.  That means permanent sterility.”

        The Finland researcher adds that the deletion of the E1 gene also causes a lack of oxygen in the blood which can lead to rapid cancer growths.  “People who take this vaccine will have a life of chronic illness and neurological dysfunction.”

        Another patent, U.S. patent 1069417, is for human adenovirus Vector 5, continues Dr. Love.  “It contains the E1, E2B gene deletion, and it’s in the patent.  This is used by Sinevax (and possibly other vaccines).  It encodes the cells with Ebola spike protein.

        More serious cautions continue with Dr. Love’s warning that “according to the animal studies, the deletion of the E2B causes sterility in males.  The adenovirus 5 vector enters and targets the bronchial and epithelial – which is the lungs – cells, deleting the E3 and D4 genes to intentionally create long-term autoimmunity – which is AIDS.”

       “The deletion of the E3 gene degenerates the brain, it induces dementia, it causes the gradual loss of memory and judgment and the ability to function.”  Dr. Love also says that this gene deletion, as in the J & J vaccine, would result in chronic respiratory problems and possibly facilitating Epstein Barr.  She notes that the number one side effect of children taking vaccines is the Epstein Barr virus condition.   [We note Epstein Barr has long been associated medically with “chronic fatigue syndrome.”]

        According to this Finnish researcher, Ebola and Marburg are made with e-coli bacteria and the future plandemic planners are creating with an abominable brew of fungi, bacteria and plasmids.  They’re also genetically modifying “chimpanzee with human” – making a cloned species.  They then make this hapless chimera very ill.  The final step is to take extracts from its rotting flesh (no virus in “this mess”).  Love says, “They only call it ‘a virus’ to divert us.   This is made with bacteria.  “E-coli,” she informs us is “deadly in 36% of people.”  According to Love, the U.S. government has been testing this kind of technology since the 1950’s, and that adenovirus 4, 5 and 7-vector has an HIV coating envelope.  Nanotechnology has been used.    “They’re producing infections and making people sick and spreading it.  They’re using parasites.  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine will kill parasites.  Graphene oxide in one vaccine is the reason for ‘flu symptoms.’”

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