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New Year’s Alert: Bioweapons II Coming? Children Recruited to Murder Themselves

January 8, 2022 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        Rumors are reaching us that “Marburg” may soon be afflicting the world population.  Lo!  One case has been found!

        Remember that my earlier covid vaccine essay (see the series in November/December, 2021 under “Breaking News”) told of evidence of Marburg preparatory fragments put into the covid clot shots.  These would no doubt facilitate cytokine “over-reactions” in persons during a future “Marburg plandemic.”  But before you race for the ivermectin, etc., remember this: Marburg is not a virus.  It is a bacterium.  So, antibiotics should help defeat it.

        Right now, during omicron’s odyssey – cases escalating in winter, U.S.A. – the following odious targeted brainwashing is going on to force our babies to succumb.

  1. In New York there is draft legislation for schools to be able to inoculate children without anyone being notified – certainly not parents.
  2. Mattel [no more Barbies bought by me, EVER!] has a new doll based on Sarah Gilbert, vaccine developer, and a catchy, hideous song to promote little kids’ clot shot acceptance.

All this comes as Deanna Lorraine (host of a new show, “Shots Fired” soon to be aired at reports breaking new statistics: 1 in 9 adolescents has suffered a serious adverse event after taking a covid vaccine.Only 1.6% of unvaccinated adolescents even get covid.

So, parents, why murder or maim your children with covid shots?


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