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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

Pennies on the Dollar and Last Man Standing

December 26, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        With the last “Et, Tu, Bruté” sell-out of Vice President Pence, the conspiracy to destroy our Republic is almost complete.  We only have the Last Man Standing, Trump.  And with him, individual patriots like Generals Flynn and McInerny.  Plus, the hearts of millions of Americans who love this nation.

        Certain JFK half dollars are worth much more than the ordinary fifty-cent piece to collectors.  Surnames are an indication, too, of one’s forebears’ talents and worth.  For instance, Coopers’ ancestors made barrels, Bakers’ made bread and cakes.  The word “trump” in playing cards means to triumph.

        Pennies on the dollar – pence, an old-time money designation, could have been turned into wealth of formidable dollars if there were enough of the small change of courage mounting up.  Sadly, V. P. Pence did not use the destiny God gave him for good to turn down the disputed swing-states’ corrupted electoral votes.  One man – Pence on the dollar – could have saved our entire country’s freedom and sovereignty far into the future,

        Strangely, it is being rumored that Pence will leave the country January 6.  If this allegation comes true, where is the wolf in sheep’s clothing going?

        Does this one-time Roman Catholic altar boy and highly trumpeted “Christian evangelical” have a concealed allegiance, a different destiny than a Christian American patriot?  Archbishop Carlo Vigano wrote a definitive letter to the last man standing, President Trump.  The letter warned him of the dark New World Order Jesuit arm of the Roman Catholic Church. 

        During the SCOTUS betrayal of the Texas lawsuit, the nation was shocked at Chief Justice John Roberts’ treachery, just as it had been bamboozled by his years earlier betrayal concerning Obamacare, a time when the MSM reported that, shortly afterward, Roberts “went to Malta to pick up an award.”  Now darker scandal hovered, a “John Roberts” listed on the Jeffrey Epstein Lolita flights.

        And where in the world was Amy Coney Barrett when Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were the lone justices showing true allegiance to the preservation of the American Republic and Constitution?  Are Notre Dame graduate Barrett and Pence controlled by the faction Vigano warned of – the Jesuit-CIA stronghold that used Georgetown University to sue Alex Jones?  Is this stronghold, along with other globalist power centers, making the final consolidation to bring in the “Global Reset” New World Order?  (We learn that new Attorney General Rosen is a Council of Foreign Relations member!)

        One small aspect of the Jesuit role in the Abraham Lincoln assassination (a role largely suppressed in history textbooks) was that one of the conspirators fled to Rome and ended up as the Pope’s bodyguard.  Where is Mike Pence going on January 6th?  If indeed rumors are true that he is leaving the country? 

        At this time, we still believe Trump is one of the last men standing tall, along with Generals Flynn and McInerny, wheat among the tares.

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