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Radio Monologue – A Veteran Teacher Spots Suspicious Uvalde Anomalies


June 1, 2022 … Lou Caverly


  • Why did the shooter crash his truck just prior to entering the school?


  • Why was the shooter living with his grandparents?  Were they aware of his violent tendencies before he shot his grandmother?


  • Was a school door propped open, allowing the shooter to enter?  Were exterior doors usually kept locked?


  • Were the exterior doors strong enough to withstand shots?


  • Were classroom doors kept locked?


  • Were the local police and the school faculty and staff given training to deal with active shooters?  In my own experience as a teacher in a large urban public school, both police and school staff were given extensive training on how to respond to an active shooter situation.  This included drills to prepare students for just such an emergency.  The same kinds of drills, involving city police and sheriff’s personnel, were also held at a small Christian school where I taught.


  • Were police contacted when the shooter fired at two people standing outside a nearby funeral home?  Did those inside the school hear those shots?


  • Who in the school first contacted the police? 


  • When did police first arrive at the school?


  • Why did police violate their training by waiting outside the school for an hour?  Who directed them to take no action?  Was a stand-down order given?


  • Was there a delay in the police obtaining a master key to enter the room?


  • Had the shooter been previously arrested and charged with threatening violence?  If so, why was he allowed to purchase his guns? 


  • Was the shooter’s record expunged after such an arrest?  If so, why?


  • Where did the shooter get the money to purchase these expensive guns?  He reportedly only worked part-time at Wendy’s.


  • How did the story (apparently false) of a security guard confronting the shooter come about?  Why was that account not corrected very quickly?


  • Was the shooter on any medications?  In particular, was he on any type of psychotropic drugs?


  • Had the shooter ever been evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist?


  • Shocking news bulletin update – Wednesday, June 1, 2022:  A Facebook post by Robb Elementary School told parents that “students and staff are safe in the building,” in spite of the fact that the gunman had entered the school 10 minutes earlier.  After I wrote my bullet points, I realized there was a strong resemblance between this last point and the events on 9/11.  Then, the employees in the South Tower were told to remain in the building, even though the North Tower had already been hit.  Like the parents at Uvalde, the word was given that everything was safe and under control.  Were 9/11 and Uvalde “Inside jobs”?



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