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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

Singing the New Concession Carol


December 22, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


The Grinch surrenders “evil king” status to new Christmas gremlin:

  • This is cartoon reality à la grotesque!

Dr. Anthony Fauci spinning a long winter’s tale about his visiting Santa Claus at the North Pole and vaccinating the venerable gent … Mike Adams, Health Ranger at and, says, “He’s now terrorizing children … the S.O.B.!”


  • Southern Baptist head honcho, Albert Mohler, tells all his flock to get the COVID vaccine – No difference now from Pope Francis’ “theology” to “vaccinate the world” … Christianity is conceding to approval of the once-and-forever abomination of unborn-child murder.  The aborted fetal cell lines used in at least some COVID and other vaccines are now of little consequence to these false shepherds of Jesus’ flock.  No different, these men, than Andrew Cuomo lighting up New York to celebrate the infant-blood-thirst.


  •, Situation Update December 16: “Mitch McConnell goes full RINO and tells other senators to accept the Biden electoral votes on January 6.”  December 17th’s update from the same website states: “Senator McConnell took money from Dominion as election contributors.”  [We also at the Divided Kingdom recall the spokesman for an evening shortwave radio program (We believe, if we recall correctly, it was called “Feed My Sheep”) telling his audience about the huge cruise-ship-line owned by McConnell’s wife’s family having been linked to the world heroin trade.]  Can anyone once more say CCP buying out Congress?


  • White House staff impetus to concede: claims by political operative Patrick Byrne (Note: Mike Adams’ December 17th Situation Update has this intriguing bullet point: “Operation Snowglobe and how Patrick Byrne took part in an Obama operation to frame Hillary Clinton with charges of bribery so that Obama could run his “third term” through President Clinton in 2016”) These newest claims originated from a White House meeting Byrne says he attended on Friday, December 18th … “Betrayed from Within” was the headline The Gateway Pundit used in describing Byrne’s report of the meeting.  Some key points:



  • Byrne called out White House counsel Pat Cipollone as the leaker to the New York Times about the meeting.
  • He accused Mark Meadows and White House staffers of lying to Trump to get him to concede.
  • Byrne said it was a flat-out lie that a military coup or martial law was discussed by General Flynn, Sidney Powell, President Trump or anyone else in the 4 ½ hours Byrne was there.



  • Fox News and Fox Business Network once more conceding to the Biden MSM-CIA Mockingbird-Propaganda-Complex by blocking attorney Matthew Deperno with his Antrim County, Michigan forensic examination findings for the 16 Dominion voting machines, even though Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission.  Two prominent show hosts, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, were not able to bring Deperno on to tell the truth.


  • Concession to the “mystical” powers of COVID?  A highly enigmatic statement conceding to the unknowable power and mystery – even if “bioengineered” – of COVID 19: MSNBC’s Dr. Gupta: “Just because you get vaccinated after the second dose does not mean you should be traveling … You could still get infected and pass it along to others.”  Whoa!  What in the world do all these ramifications portend?


        Some will not sing the new blasphemous carol of conceding.  Generals Flynn and McInerny spurn it.  If Trump is really our Patrick Henry, as evangelist Bree Keyton asks, he will abhor quitting and giving up our two hundred forty-four-year-old Republic to covert and/or open invasion by Communist China, Trump will stand tough – if he is really God’s man, like Cyrus helping the Israelites in the Old Testament.  Certainly, the groundswell of MAGA patriots who are now alerted and love their country with all their hearts will not quietly concede their Republic to the CCP or any other foreign power.

        As COVID mutates and causes more lockdowns and chaos in the UK, other European nations close off from Britain.  Turmoil and the specter of some needed real lockdowns and those fake drastic ones engineered by “the Global Reset Gang” arise again. 

        We, as Christians, need not sing the obscene carol of submission to fear.  For there is one majestic, omnipotent presence who will never concede His position in all of time and eternity – Jesus Christ, Creator and Lord of the Universe forever.

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