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Three Terrible Threats to America

Lou Caverly


Divided Kingdom Radio Monologue, April 28, 2022

        As we survey the situation in which we find ourselves today, we find three ominous specters facing us.  Each of these threatens to shake apart the stability of our formerly comfortable existence.  If we do not confront these dangers, we may never again enjoy the freedoms we have too often taken for granted in America.

        On Thursday, April 21, the Stew Peters Show had Maria Zee as a guest.  Maria reported on a meeting the World Health Organization held with representatives of many nations.  The topic was a proposed pandemic treaty.  If ratified by 70% of the world’s countries, this treaty would result in the WHO taking control of all responses to a future pandemic.  This could include FORCED VACCINATION!  According to the U.S. Constitution, any treaty must be ratified by the U.S. Senate.  Of course, this administration would try to bypass that requirement.  We must not let that happen.

        Maria explains that this is all about bringing in one-world government.  The city of Newcastle, Australia has become a model “Smart City.”  It reminds one of dystopian cities found in movies.  The authorities will have no problem spying on every resident.  5-G towers will be placed at every street corner.  Australia is the prototype for world government.

        Next, we examine the threat to our military – and thereby to our whole nation.  Lt. Col. Teresa Long also appeared with Stew Peters on April 21.  The military leaders and the President have enforced a vaccine mandate on all branches of the armed services.  This is an ironclad requirement.  As Stew says, “You can easily get a smallpox vaccine exemption, but not one for a covid shot.” 

        Enough time has gone by that the ill-effects of the vaccines on military members have become apparent.  Normal procedures for obtaining exemptions have been barred, and laws that are supposed to cover such applications have been violated.  Pressure from above is being applied to ram through the covid vaccinations, regardless of medical or religious objections.  At least one military person who refused the shot is being court-martialed.  More court-martials are in the planning.

        One recent whistleblower stated to Stew Peters that in his last platoon there were several soldiers who had become sick just after getting the clot-shots.  Stew remarked that the Left wants the military weakened.  This way it can devote its power to crushing domestic opposition – not foreign dangers.  The whistleblower agreed, stating, “The military now is filled with people who are just political tools.”  They are narcissistic, and their usual refrain is, “I am just following orders.”  The SS and the Wehrmacht members gave the same after-the-fact alibi when the war crimes of Nazi Germany were fully exposed.

        Threat number two is a very worrisome domestic threat – many sick pilots, a frightening danger to all Americans using air travel.  Mandatory vaccine policies of major American airlines have created it.  A number of pilots have become seriously ill from the shots, some even while flying.  Months ago, a Delta Airlines pilot suffered a post-covid shot sudden cardio-vascular collapse while landing.  Fortunately for the passengers, the co-pilot was able to safely bring the plane in.  Delta at first denied the incident, but word of it spread everywhere.

        This Delta near-tragedy was not an anomaly.  On April 9, Captain Robert Snow suffered cardiac arrest within one minute of landing his American Airlines Denver to Dallas Flight #1067.  Medics did CPR on him and shocked his heart three times to bring him back.  A special high-profile team from Baylor University was assembled.  The team included Dr. Peter McCullough and Colonel Teresa Long.  200 people were on the plane.  If his heart attack had come just six minutes earlier, all of those lives could have been lost.  Once again, this story was covered up. 

        Advocate and whistleblower, Joshua Yoder of U.S. Freedom Flyers, Stew Peter’s April 18 guest, quoted one pilot as saying, “American Airlines coerced me into getting the shot.”  Yoder also reported that Captain Snow had no prior adverse health conditions.  He also described the case of a flight attendant who suffered four strokes after getting the covid shots.  She told Yoder that she didn’t think she’d live much longer. 

        America (and for that matter, the world) of today is in totalitarian crisis.  This is creeping (or sometimes zooming) in upon us.  If we do not raise our voices and fight back, we will lose our lives, or if not our lives, the future will be worse than Orwell’s 1984 ever was.


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