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Whistleblower Case #2 - Pfizer’s Melissa Strickler Tells of mRNA Acting as CRISPR DNA Editor and Possible Luciferase Making “Glow” in Pfizer Covid Vaccine

October 19, 2021 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        October 15, 2021, LifeSite’s Jim Hale interviewed courageous “about to be terminated” Pfizer employee, Melissa Strickler.  Strickler, a Christian, was morally compelled, she said, to come forward, revealing shocking Pfizer “insider” e-mails to Project Veritas.

        Victoria Gelman, Pfizer Senior Director of World-Wide Research, was caught on an e-mail advising the need to cover up the fetal-cell derivation issue of the Pfizer covid vaccine.  Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Phillip Dormancer’s e-mail also came under scrutiny.  Revealed were Pfizer research details using AGK-293T cells.  Strickler explained, “These are human embryonic kidney cells from an undisclosed aborted fetus from the 1970’s.  These cells never stop replicating, unlike the way normal cells die.  They use these ‘cancerous cells’ to see how the vaccine they’re working on affects our human cells.”

        Strickler emphasized that mRNA technology is never mentioned to be, in actuality, “CRISPR technology” that “edits your DNA.”  She also suspects strongly that Bill Gates’ “Luciferase” (SM102) is a component of the Pfizer vaccine.  The fact the vaccine “glows,” she says, could come from only two causes: graphene oxide and “Luciferase.”  The latter has some components akin to the makeup of lightning bugs’ light flashes.  Pfizer admitted “Luciferase” was used in the experimental trials, but Strickler believes it was in the final version as well, because, after all, the “final” vaccine is still “experimental.”   This Luciferase “glow,” Strickler explains, will identify someone as being vaccinated.

        Though losing her job, Strickler embodies the courage and sacrifice of a true Christian standing admirably against great evils.  She witnessed for Christ and said she had to come forward, and that now may be the time in Revelation 18 when “the whole world was deceived” by “spells,” and this latter word in Greek is actually “pharmakeia”!


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