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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

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September 2021

September 16 - "Truth Shocks Revealed"; "9-11 Twenty Year Chronicles Part 3"

September 9 -"9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles, Part Two: More Excerpts from PATRIOT'S WARNING 1 - AMERICA ATTACKED! " (Featuring Lou Caverly's cutting-edge documentation of "THE INSIDE JOB")"

September 2 -"9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles, Part One: The Flight 93 Miracle Bible" (For photo and essay, see "Breaking News" section of our website.); "Moderna's DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Origin and Connections Years before COVID"

August 2021

August 26 -"Satan's Killing Machine Gains Control"

August 19 -"Afghanistan Horrors"; "Obama-Biden Fake (?) Situation Rooms"; "NIH Ethics Board Dissolved as 'U. of Pitt.' Tears Organs out of Living Babies"

August 12 -"America Worships Satan"; "War on the World's Men, Women and Children"

July, 2021
July 29 - "2021 Summer 'Death Shrieks'"

July 22 - " Alexa Listens to the Sounds of Judgment on America: Murmurs of Despotism, the Silence of Drought and Aborted-Fetal-Cell-Line Death Shrieks" 

July 15 - "Vaccineland at Churches and Other Rabid Dog-Days Vignettes" 
July 8 - "... fireworks fading over a crumbling America..."


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