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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


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Cancellation of America Underway

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


Before July, 2020 even ended, the wrecking ball to our Republic took some more swings toward the “America” we love.


  • “CHOP,” a.k.a. “CHAZ,” might have been disbanded, but violent anarchists were back on the streets of Seatt…

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Postscript to Earlier Hallmark Alert: One Million Moms Was Again Listening as Degrading Agendas Try to Replace Hallmark Family Entertainment

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 … Lou Caverly and Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


         In our earlier article, we asked where the opposition was to Hallmark’s proposed LGBTQ Christmas movies … pastors? … parents? … One Million Moms?

         The Moms heard the news and their heart…

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Crown Media Announces Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020 Will Feature LGBTQ Lead Character Story Lines

;- Lou Caverly


This stunning news should alert all Christian families to stand up and be heard in strong protest.  "Cancel Christian Culture" is now the theme!  The traditional nuclear family is to be destroyed by an agenda that only two percent of the population wants.  This is an outrage …

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Coronavirus Warnings

Summer, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

Be sure to wear masks and do social distancing – especially if you are over 60.  Remember Dr. Erin Bromage’s warnings of the man infected via air conditioning, in turn infecting another person eating there, who afterward went to sing in a church choir.  …

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5G Roll-out … Progress, or DISASTER?


Destroying their progeny like incestuous cannibals, the ancient Israelites bewitched by Baal and Moloch worship, threw their precious infants into the devouring fires of pagan worship.  The Bible proclaims there is nothing new under the sun, and so comes the arrival of the Baal Arch of Triumph…

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Collateral Damage

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 … Lou Caverly


        Politicians, Big Pharma and Money, Greed, Power…  This witches’ brew, along with “The Weathermen Redux,” Black Lives Matter-Antifa, on the loose of the streets of America’s leftist cities, means BIG TROUBLE.  People are acting like confused c…

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Divided Kingdom Rejoices!

July 22, 2020 ... Lou Caverly


Roger Stone, long-time political operative and author of Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family has told CBN News he has repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. American citizens were horrified in January, 2019 when a 29-strong FBI swat team plus frogmen out …

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Satan and God Clash in Portland

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        Pamela Geller reports at Gateway Pundit, July 18, on a Portland convergence of striking events on July 17th: mob violence – a crowd trying to barricade officers inside of the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center.  Then a…

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Is there any hope for despairing Antifa leader?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 … Lou Caverly


        Troubled or crazed Antifa/BLM leaders continue to raise havoc in blue cities in America.  Precious to all “Flyover Country” Americans are law and order and traditional Christian values of family and peaceful times we’ve all known.  One profil…

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Where Has Your Country Gone?


Tuesday, July 21, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        The hot summer in America is filled – not with county fairs, cotton candy and children’s delighted laughter.  No, instead we have St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, about to be indicted, grace à lefti…

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