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“Critical Race Theory” Nazi-Like Subversion in FBI, DOJ and Large Corporations

September 2, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        City Journal Contributing Editor, Christopher Rufo, outlined to Tucker Carlson, September 1, the disturbing aspects of clandestine Critical Race Theory training sessions first embedded in the Obama years.  They now continue in our major governmental agencies.  Just as the Nazis had a form of “cancel culture,” brainwashing the German public to learn to submit to Hitler’s tyranny and to revile Jewish people as an “inferior race,” this is a similar cancerous indoctrination in our own day.  These in-house seminars help fuel the murderous ideology and actions of the antifa/BLM movement.

        Rufo’s investigation has revealed our most crucial institutions hold these seminars that workers are forced to attend.  The FBI, DOJ, large corporations and possibly some military branches mandate these “Critical Race Theory” indoctrinations.

        In the book On Hitler’s Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood, Irmgard A. Hunt recounts her years as a child living near Hitler’s mountain retreat.  Akin to present day academia’s indoctrination of college students into Marxism while inculcating hatred of the Constitution and our Republic, Hitler, too, used “cancel culture.”

        By 1937, five percent of Germans had adopted Gottgläubig, a new “religion” thought up by Hitler and the Nazis.  At the time of its creation, Gottgläubig was optional.  Gradually, subversion changed many more religious and cultural customs and incited racial hatred against the Jewish people.  Even swastikas replaced crosses in churches.

        Author Hunt describes how the Nazis replaced Christmas, calling it Julfest (Juletide), “to emphasize neopagan Nordic/Germanic concepts that focused on the winter solstice.”  The Nazis sought to replace St. Nicholas, “the Saintly Bishop, messenger from the Christ Child” with “Father Christmas” and “Klaus Ruprecht,” an old man from the woods who would bring gifts.  Hunt recalls that new songs instituted in the Hitler Youth groups replaced “the old carols we had always known.  The new songs glorified not Mary and the birth of Christ, but German motherhood and winter solstice with the promise of the return of the sun.”  Easter also “sprouted many a new Nazi song in praise of the fresh green and the awakening of nature.”      

        The Nazis created several new holidays, yet holding onto May 1 to salute the productivity and industry of German workers.”  (May 1, the day beloved to Marxists and anarchists.)   Hitler Youth on November 9 (same day as Kristallnacht) were forced to sing the “Horst Wessel Lied” to glorify the SA Munich march of November 9, 1923.  The ceremony included SS officers speaking about German “blood,” “German heroes” and “your sacrifice.”  The propaganda movies of Leni Riefenstahl came into prominence.  Even children’s books became propaganda for young readers. 

        Hunt recalls a large picture book a neighborhood friend loaned her.  “It was a children’s book with page after page showing the physical differences between Jews and Germans in grotesque drawings of ‘Jewish’ noses, lips and eyes.  The book encouraged every child to note these differences and to bring anyone who bore Jewish features to the attention of our parents or teachers.  I was horrified by the crimes Jewish people were being accused of – killing babies, loan-sharking, basic dishonesty, and conspiring to destroy Germany and rule the world.  The description of the Jewish people would convince any child that these were monsters, not people with sorrows and joys like ours.”

        The parallel between Nazi times and now is clear.  Corporate business, as well as those training sessions mandated for FBI agents and DOJ employees indoctrinate and coerce.  One must fall into line with this “racial white supremacy” idea.  Workers, just like ordinary Germans under Hitler, fear losses of their jobs if they do not conform.  As to the ideology of “Critical Race Theory” itself, Rufo reveals this is “a cover for breaking down our country.”   Pitting blacks against whites and using Antifa/BLM hired brute thugs (SA and SS of our day) are designed to foment the civil war and martial law so longed for by the Elite in their desired New World Order.

        Robert Woodson, grand old African-American civil rights activist, points out, “Lies are becoming normal.  The French Revolution guillotines are there… but this is a nation of redemption.”  Yes, America should be cleansed and offer hope to the world once more.

        To drain this ferocious swamp and stop total dissolution of the U.S.A., the vile pus of “Critical Race Theory” must be lanced.  Pat Lynch, NYPD Union leader rightly assesses the terrible danger of this planned coming coup: “The chaos is their goal.” 

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