Divided Kingdom Radio Show

Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


“God Is the Provider”

Because we live in the “Divided Kingdom,” a world that is fallen, imperfect, flawed, sinful, disease-ridden, filled with evil converging into greater Evil presaging Trouble – even a Fourth Reich in the making – the sentries atop the highest turret grow tired.
Sometimes the lonely echo of our warning voice comes back to us. Does no one else care? Or feel duty to take responsibility to fight against wickedness? Or want freedom enough to DESIRE to know the truth about Satan’s plan to change America completely?

When we grow very tired, we who fight the Elite’s Plan fall into exhausted sleep after days and nights of battle. Then even in our dreams we end up jousting with the NWO Hydra – mercury in the childhood vaccines, autism jumping from 1 in 20,000 a decade ago to 1 in 160 now… Then pops up another ugly serpentine smile and cruelest fang – Depleted Uranium and deformed Iraqi babies… The serpentine undulations next of the Trans-Texas Corridors and lumbering, ill-inspected aging Mexican trucks moving like fire ants to devour our own jobs and way of life… Many, many heads of the Hydra now coming into view as they work – shaded in dark unseen corners – stealthily completing “harmonization” [while Americans sleep] of laws between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. So finally, the whole Ugly Beast, the North American Union Revealed, will be clearly seen. And our liberties will be in Lock-Down.

We wake. This was not a nightmare – not an absurd, surreal impossibility. [Years ago I asked my husband, “Could what happened in the Third Reich ever happen here?” “Never!” he said. But a few years later – 1992 or 3 – his answer to my recurring question was more indecisive: “I don’t THINK it could…”]

And then a stranger in a restaurant during the 2000 presidential race gave us a dim copy of “George Washington’s Visions.” Checking the Internet, we obtained a clearer copy, but with concomitant information that would rock our world – And our view of history.

“Illuminati?” WHAT WERE THEY?

Before we had learned nearly enough, the Twin Towers fell. In the aftermath, my ninety-year-old Mother keenly spotted a newspaper story about a Bible said to be found intact at the Flight 93 crash site.

The FBI did not want to talk about it, the almost pristine, barely-singed Bible. There it lay, like an oracle of America’s doom, opened to the eleventh chapter of First Kings – the splitting of the kingdom by God because of disobedience.

Was it an accident my Mother saw this article and told me about it? Is it mere coincidence that a set of books (Patriots Warning I: America Attacked and Patriots Warning II: Chaos and Chemtrails) and a radio program, “The Divided Kingdom,” have come into being?

No, I don’t think so at all. God has many jobs for many people just now. Great and varied talents are needed against the Hydra. He is calling you. He is calling me.

In our hard work and exhaustion Jesus brings us some times of refreshing, too. Joy and rest. An oasis from which we can look back and see real progress being made. [The Supreme Court decision on partial-birth abortion, one of the Hydra’s ugliest visages ever…] Growing grassroots revulsion against the Iraq quagmire…

We are comforted. It’s just like when we were kids and we ran home to tell our parents about stopping a bully. We had a GOOD FEELING because we were fighting childhood injustice.

Now, too, there is real peace of mind in facing up to the much more massive exigencies of “the Divided Kingdom.”

Will you join this monumental battle against evil? Giving your prayers, your awareness, your determination, your repentance and acceptance of God’s bugle call – notes of a song personalized for you?

“God is the final victor over all tyranny – in life and in death…
Let us serve Him gladly while we have breath…”

– Elizabeth Border

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