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Earth’s Loss, Heaven’s Gain: Tribute to Three Great Patriots

By Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

Earth, in particular the American Republic, is poorer having in recent years lost three great human beings, Joan Veon, Derry Brownfield and Jack McLamb.

Back in the winter of 2006, Joan Veon came on our new RBN patriot radio program, The Divided Kingdom. Neophyte broadcaster that I was, I reveled in the honor of interviewing this gutsy woman who formidably traveled to top-level global governance activities and events.

Besieged by pneumonia, I could barely breathe or talk. But I wouldn’t have given up this rare chance to talk with Joan for anything. Rescheduling might have meant unexpected delays or cancellation due to her full schedule covering global exigencies.

She was personally charming, a tiny-statured blonde woman with an irrepressible, lilting laugh.
Joan talked with passionate power and expert documentation on that night’s theme: “Public and Private Partnerships.” When she concluded, the listeners and I knew a lot more about how this “neo-fascism” fit into the New World Order’s ongoing plans to usurp individual rights and end local control and sovereignty. Her key information was reminiscent, in ways, of the late Pastor Barry Smith’s expose´ of what he called the NWO’s “test case,” New Zealand: absurd, stringent curtailing of fishing rights, interference with and eventual privatization of other industries, until foreign nations eventually seized most of them.

In her all-encompassing DVD and book presentations, Joan taught us (1) an embryonic U.N. global army was forming, (2) intricate global economic structures were rapidly going into place, but that (3) we should not be afraid. Indeed, one of her key points as a Christian was that we should not fear living in the New World Order.
For, as Joan commented, Jesus himself grew up during an era of world government under Roman rule.
Joan saw her opportunity to analyze one-world government as a gift from God. Joan said her life journey came in answer to a prayer she once made, asking God to reveal deeper information about things she did not understand.

Sadly, Joan was taken from us by cancer when she was only in her 50s. Yet her important ideas will always be part of us. We are heartened by that one last wonderful glimpse of her in the opening scene of Charlie Daniels’ DVD Behold a Pale Horse when she passionately exhorts each of us with her unconquerable faith in the power of truth.

Derry Brownfield, “farmer-patriot” broadcaster, was another great American Original, cherishing his Missouri farm and his radio mission.

I never got to interview Derry, but heard him on air. Lou and I faithfully shared his newsletter often with our listeners. Late in life, one of Derry’s most pungent columns concerned the “pink slime” that we, the populace, were being subjected to in our grocery store hamburger. As always, Derry was a couple years ahead of the main stream. When the story finally broke, the public’s anger reached a crescendo and the push for needed reform came about.

His example has just been admirably followed. Days after the “Food Babe” ( exposed on the Alex Jones radio program fast-food corporation Subway’s use in all of their bread of a harmful plastic-like additive (said to be linked to asthma and cancer), a CNN February, 2014, report announced Subway would remove the additive in question.

Derry died in an era of growing marginalization of tea-party figures and veterans. [We have a friend who last year noticed an unbelievable new restriction on her Maryland driver’s license. What was the restriction? “VETERAN”! ] As Nazi-like NSA surveillance and censorship grow, more and more questions arise about the strange deaths of journalist Gary Webb and, more recently, the passing of journalist Michael Hasting and novelist Tom Clancy.
Were these natural deaths or were they “hit jobs” to silence political truth-tellers and dissenters?
All in the tradition of flag officer Admiral Mike Boarda’s death. As alleged by retired Joint Chiefs Action Officer Alexander B. Cuppett and various others, Admiral Boarda’s shooting most likely was a “take out” because he refused to bring Chinese troops to the U.S. in the ships under his command.

Seemingly robust and healthy, Derry Brownfield died peacefully and unexpectedly in his sleep. Reports of Tom Clancy’s face being bright red in death do not jibe with the media-stated cause of death: a heart attack. Various sources in government allege that a paralysis agent was a key to “freezing” the muscles Clancy needed in order to breathe.

One can conclude that in all probability Derry Brownfield’s death was from natural causes. Yet it has to be noted that Derry had taken on a huge crusade against the sinister colossus, Monsanto. Just as Derry’s fight was gathering power and momentum, his radio clout ended. Thankfully, Beth Ann Schoenberg, Derry’s key helper, chose to pick up his mantle and continue the Christian patriot work of the radio program and the newsletter.
My father, a farmer and rural mail carrier from the 1930’s to the 1970’s in Western Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, benefited in those “Wonder Years” from the way of life Derry wanted to restore and cherish.
Dad tapped maple trees, hauling buckets of sap and boiling down the sugar water, just as the Native American Indians had done. He grew natural, good food: potatoes and sweet corn for us, his family.

Derry, like Joan Veon, shared his deep faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior. As he recalled his life in our Republic’s 1950s “heyday,” Derry proposed American Restoration with our freedoms and our Christian roots once again nationally intact.

Officer Jack McLamb, leaving earth much poorer without his dear presence, passed away in January, 2014.
This giant figure in the American Patriot movement began to rise through the ranks as one of Phoenix, Arizona’s mostly highly decorated policemen. As Jack learned of the growing assaults on our Constitution, he gradually enlarged the scope of his work beyond the already exemplary “peace-officer template” he had developed for educating children in his role as “Officer Friendly.” Later came the gargantuan efforts of his two patriot organizations, Police and Military Against the New World Order and Aid and Abet. His Operation Vampire Killer 2000 was an outstanding compendium of information on freedom vs. tyranny.

To illustrate his careful wisdom as the great commander he was, to the military and police he led in the pursuit of liberty, Jack was properly cautious when he heard of “Oathkeepers,” wary of “lists” that government could commandeer in times of martial law. Eventually, as numbers of Tea Party and other “aware” patriots grew exponentially in the Obama years, Jack joined Oathkeepers. This implies there are now too many active American patriots to worry about “lists.” The battle is joined!

During our broadcast years with Republic Broadcasting Network (2005-06) and Genesis Communications Network (2007-11), Lou and I were privileged to have a special, close relationship with Jack. I consider him to have been the most like my late father of any man I have ever met: the same gentleness, compassion, yet sturdy steel that drew men to him; a leader, a shepherd of men, and always, always a verbal witness to his belief in and love for Jesus Christ.

I asked Jack advice on deep spiritual matters and he reciprocated, writing Lou and me once to elicit our opinion on the work of an author he had interviewed, “because I trust you folks…” And of course Jack’s wife, Angie, was cut of the same noble cloth, tirelessly helping her fellow vets who had health problems, though she herself was not always well and great effort was required for her to sustain her altruism.

Always close to mind is Jack’s courage standing against evil the time I interviewed him about organized pedophilia in the highest covert reaches of our government. Strangely, through unusual “mistakes,” the program did not air correctly for six weeks! Jack, on his own RBN radio program, also interviewed Detective Jimmy Rothstein who delineated the abuses of “The Franklin Cover-up” era and government intelligence agency complicity in preventing investigations from ever reaching high-level participants.

Beacons shining in the trying years ahead will be our memories of Derry’s consecrated vision in caring for his countrymen’s freedom; Joan’s outstanding warnings and hopeful Christian witness; and now Jack McLamb’s legacy of courage and honor, educating police and military by example, letting the light of Jesus Christ shine through to all who knew him.

Included with the updates of the last days of Jack’s life (kindly sent to us by his faithful, long-time assistant, Carol Asher) was the personal narrative of his friend, Greg Evensen, fellow-patriot and retired Kansas state trooper. Evensen was in the hospital for surgery. This was shared as part of the eulogy during Jack’s funeral on January 16, 2014:

Dear Loved Ones,
“No greater love has a man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Jack was my friend.
Following surgery in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday at 12:30 PM Central time, through post-op haze, Jack came very strongly to my mind. We stood for a moment in our uniforms and Jack handed me a flashlight. He did not say anything and the moment was over. I did not know Jack was in his final moments on earth. I would like to speculate the meaning of this, but can only conclude that it was to light the dark road for someone, one old cop to another. Jack was that kind of man. Whether it was a dream or reality, it was a vision of a man so dedicated to his life’s convictions, he lit a path one final time.
Thank you Jack…..
See you soon.
Greg Evensen
Jack’s last name fit him well. The “Mc” prefix illustrates the Scottish “Braveheart” warrior ethnic origin… The main part of his name, a lamb trusting and doing good all his days, and now following THE LAMB into eternity…

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly was born in and grew up in western Pennsylvania in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, sturdy mountains that to her symbolize the American character, love of individual rights, and our great Republic. In her book, Patriot’s Warning I, America Attacked (2004, Central Plains Publishing), Elizabeth depicted these mountains whispering, “This is the light of freedom,” as she and her brother as tiny children sat near these majestic hills, decades, yet only forty air seconds away from the September 11 Flight 93 demise.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. degree from Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and an M.A. from West Virginia University. Her career has included helping hundreds of children as a reading specialist in Maryland. Since 2003, Elizabeth and her husband, Lou Caverly, have hosted the Christian talk radio program, The Divided Kingdom, originally on RBN and GCN, and now on Global Star Communications Network and WWCR shortwave, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time. [Go to and click on transmitter 3, or tune to 4.840 mHz on shortwave.]

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