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Winter Fun in the Swamp

November 24, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        Just at the same time Governor Cuomo has received his paradoxical Emmy award for his “towering” achievements during COVID, another contest is going on, a competition over at the “America First” Network.

        There’s a race to see who will finish first: “Snowbies” chipping away, creating the 2020 MAGA ice sculpture; or the group building the new “Benedict Arnold” ice creation.  Heroic volunteer lawyers seeking to unearth election 2020 fraud, Sydney Powell, Rudy Guiliani and Jenna Ellis, held a press conference on the Ice Festival Network.  Other networks, now frozen and useless in the grip of the Deep State Swamp Monster, withheld the conference. 

        But the ice is thin in the Republic these days, as was seen shortly after the press conference.  The network’s new “star” candidate for “Ice King,” (ageless prep-boy-prodigy) competed with the “shock” news of Cuomo’s bizarre award.  This premier newscaster lambasted lawyer Sydney Powell for not coming on his program.  He demanded she share evidence if there was to be ANY credibility at all to the team’s claims, it having already delineated possession of hundreds of witness affidavits. Particularly, also, the 2020 election fraud role of CIA-Deep State Dominion’s electronic voting antics – votes counted in Germany and Spain according to Guiliani.  The former New York City mayor commented, “This was not a crime.  It was a sin.”

        Soon, at the “America First” Network, more ice contest participants began to emerge, some stalwartly supporting the Trump team’s valiant efforts to get to the truth through lawsuits to come, including weekend hosts, one a Constitutional expert, one a judge and one tracking revolutions.

        Just as amazing as Cuomo’s new Emmy was a sudden shocking emergence.  After decades of patriot trust, “America First” Network’s new “Ice Queen” appeared.  The blond veteran commentator’s “wooden” face and glib laughter welcomed the senior editor of The Federalist.  That editor set up the propaganda to discredit Trump’s team of lawyers.  “You can’t have lawyers out there throwing out conspiracy theories,” he said.  Ice Queen responded snidely about “legal challenges being discredited” and further went on to say that “top lawyers would not participate with ones who had a long-standing connection with Trump.”

        Such a slam and slur at brave, good Sydney Powell!  This exemplary woman has never flagged in defending the equally good and brave General Michael Flynn.  Powell’s expertise and integrity are beyond question.  And so is Rudy Guiliani’s immense service to New York City, turning it from a hell-hole to become virtually crime-free (even as the country has to watch New York City presently destroy itself) …

        Oh yes, the Ice Festival Competition goes on, one side chipping (secretly after hours) off the “MAGA Man” statue and surreptitiously adding to the emerging new gruesome Benedict Arnold “Cancel America” persona.  (Ugliest snowman gargoyle you ever saw.)

         But on that same “Ice Queen” program, suddenly the B. Arnold fervor slackened and stalled.  For you see, Ice Queen turned to the next segment to interview Lara Trump and quickly extolled the benefits an ex-President Trump could give all America.  Several times she urged Lara vehemently to have Trump “go hold rallies in Georgia for the Senate race.”  Lara Trump held her ground with quiet dignity.  She told Ice Queen the present issue of greatest concern was to legally investigate the election voter fraud.  She said she expected President Trump to have a second term.  Bravo!

        Whatever the election outcome that God deigns, we can know one thing is true – as every last MSM venue joins the nefarious ice project, we still have (1) God’s sovereign plan that always in the end destroys great evil and judges the men and women who created it; (2) 77 million Americans who are furious at the election shenanigans that Guiliani called “a sin, not a crime”; and (3) the outrage of the “Indie” Internet websites, some small like ours, some much larger.  The hearts of patriots and their voices will not be stilled.

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