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Radio Monologue … Sept. 5, 2022 … Lou Caverly


        Health Ranger Mike Adams recently interviewed Dane Wigington of  Adams summarized the content of the interview at, September 2, 2022:

The entire planet is being deliberately plunged into a global famine nightmare, achieved via geoengineering programs carried out by world governments trying to achieve global depopulation.

That’s the warning from Dane Wigington of, a site dedicated to the scientific investigation of the global “kill switch” portfolio of technologies being used to control weather and cause the collapse of the world’s life-sustaining biosphere.

The simultaneous droughts, floods and freak weather events we are observing right now across the globe are not natural weather events, Wigington warns.  They are “engineered” weapons being deployed against humanity under the cover of blaming “climate change.”

In today’s Situation Update podcast, we feature a full one-hour interview with Dane Wigington, where we delve into the multiple vectors of global attack on the food supply, the biosphere, phytoplankton in aquatic ecosystems and life as we know it on planet Earth.

Adams’ list of major shocks discussed with Dane Wigington:

  1. Detailed discussions of atmospheric alterations to attack the biosphere of Earth
  2. How weather weapons are used to cause mass famine and starvation across the planet
  3. How atmospheric spraying is altering soil pH and obliterating forests and crops
  4. Discussion around “The Dimming” and chemtrails and their true purpose
  5. Why BILLIONS of humans will die if we don’t stop the planetary genocide soon

        My Divided Kingdom Radio co-anchor (and mate), Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly and I were beyond shocked by one-man-hero, Dane Wigington’s well-documented, draconian warning.  I felt it essential to listen to the interview again more closely and extract my own list of points.  It is clear that there is a continuing blasting of the ionosphere, punching holes in it – a concern discussed in Elizabeth’s 2004 book, Patriot’s Warning II: Chaos and Chemtrails.

        Now, against the backdrop of the covid-19 vaccine depopulation scenario, these earlier DVD’s, “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” are once again relevant.  The pH of the soil is being altered, not in a good way for humans to live. 

        This insane ionosphere blasting with HAARP et al. is destroying the ozone layer at unprecedented levels.  When you go outside, your DNA (animals’ and plants’, too) is being damaged!  Now, without ozone protection, UVC rays that never before reached your skin are striking your body.  Possibly even X-rays can now reach through the broken ozone protection layer.  These, in fact, represent an assault on all human, animal and plant life on earth …  Yes, where are the bees? …

        More deadly details from the September 2 interview:

  • World governments look upon weather as weapons of war, sometimes used against their own people.
  • Even mainstream media finally admits weather modification is real.
  • Not only is the DNA of plants, animals and humans being damaged, but plankton populations are down as much as 90%, jeopardizing the entire ocean ecosystem, as well as reducing oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • Storms, including hurricanes, are being stalled or guided to particular target cities or states by use of microwaves from both land- and sea-based radar.
  • Heating of the ionosphere by devices like HAARP can create a “high pressure heat dome” that blocks rain and leads to higher temperatures.
  • Such methods are being used to direct rain north into Canada and Alaska, and then eventually down on the East Coast.  So, the West has extreme drought, but not the East.  [Adams and Wigington believe the East is left till last to be harmed in order to dupe them until the end stages of this depopulation scenario.]
  • Spraying with particulate matter, such as aluminum and barium can increase the pH of soil.  Excessive particles lead to large cloud formations, but no rain.  The makers of the film “Why in the World Are They Spraying” documented this well – how eventually crops would not thrive or even grow.  Planned eventual world-wide famine?
  • Aluminum in spraying is especially harmful even if it falls on acid soil.  It kills off plants and beneficial soil bacteria.  Dane, who left one whole life’s work to devote himself to warning the world of this coming disaster, remarks darkly, “The soil microbiome is done.”
  • People are lulled into complacency by governments.  They have the attitude, “The leaders wouldn’t do that to themselves.”  But they would and do, even if they, too, will be the victims, Adams and Wigington conclude. 

        As a mathematician and watchman-journalist, I, Lou Caverly, would have to agree their plan is, in essence, committing (their own) suicide.  WE MUST STOP THIS!

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