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Earth Under Siege II: Lesser Death by Dumbness

Radio Monologue … Sept. 5, 2022 … Lou Caverly


        The September 2 interview at between Mike Adams and Dane Wigington also discussed the topic of “renewable energy.”  Mike Adams quipped, “Green energy only works if you don’t use it.”  He elaborated:

Did you know that Amazon fulfillment centers are catching on fire due to solar panel installation on their roofs?  It turns out all that “green” energy is a fire hazard.  Remarkably, as reports, 12.7% of Amazon’s buildings that feature solar installations have caught fire due to “arcing” from the solar installations.

It looks like “going green” also means going up in flames.

If you were a business owner and saw that a new energy system was setting fire to 12.7% of your warehouses, you would shut it down.  That’s exactly what Amazon did, too.

So, when the sun is shining, solar power is catching buildings on fire.  When the sun isn’t shining, solar produces zero energy.

Remember, too, that you’re supposed to buy an electric vehicle but not charge it, because charging it might collapse the power grid in California, utility officials have warned.

So green energy only works when you don’t use it.


        Dane and Mike then debunked the validity of much of the “climate change” agenda:

  • The expense of replacing batteries in an electric vehicle.  The batteries can only be charged a limited number of times.  Replacing them can cost over $10,000.
  • Lithium batteries present a fire hazard.  They also present an environmental hazard in mining the lithium and in the disposal of old batteries.
  • At the present time, there are not nearly enough charging stations.  A huge investment in station infrastructure and power generation facilities will be needed to make electric vehicles a viable alternative to present transportation.
  • None of the alternative sources of electric energy – wind, solar, hydroelectric - are reliable, especially given the damage done by [sky] geoengineering.
  • The high cost of electricity makes it difficult to grow food plants indoors, especially on a large scale.  This will contribute to food shortages.
  • Dane highly recommends the film “Planet of the Humans,” which explains how non-renewable so-called “renewable energy” really is.

[Also, check out the video, “The Dimming,” at]

        Only the dimwitted can extol wind farms that kill bald eagles, but do not run when there is no breeze.  Then, too, there are more dummies who don’t even comprehend that fossil fuel coal is essential to make electricity for the much-vaunted electric cars.  I close with a few chuckles from one of our listeners.  He reported his town gave local approval to build charging stations in front of McDonalds.  Good luck to California if it thinks it can mandate only electric cars statewide by 2035.



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