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Last American Man Standing

Radio Monologue Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly June 18, 2023

        The big question is, “Will that man be your present 10-year-old son drafted in 2032?”  (This is assuming the U.S. is not totally devastated by nuclear war by then.)  Will the then 20-year-old young man be forced to fight in the Globalists War Profiteers’ latest quagmire Ukraine War?  Doc Burkhart posed this question on air to Tru News’ Rick Wiles, Wednesday, June 12.

        This year as we approach our momentous 249th July 4th Independence Day, cancel culture seems to have hit big-time.  Hearst’s magazine, Good Housekeeping, usually had a cover featuring the July 4th theme with things like picnic tables laden with strawberry/blueberry “flag” cakes.  Instead, this July 4th it has an ominous black cover with two turquoise containers holding “Ice Ice Baby” and one filled with more ice dubbed, a “Blue Wave Mocktail.”  (At least the magazine was not promoting alcohol to further deaden and drain the bodies and minds of hapless brainwashed citizens.)

        “NATO Drawing Up Plans to Deploy American Soldiers to the Front Line to Potentially Fight Russia in An All-Out War” is the incredible headline from The Gateway Pundit, Cullen Linebarger, June 4th.  This cynical “advance preparation” for major war escalation is beyond shocking.  As Lou Caverly comments, “This is not defensive prep” but “truly going on the offensive.”

        Linebarger states, “New ‘land corridors’ are being carved out to quickly funnel soldiers through central Europe without local bureaucratic impediments, allowing NATO forces to pounce in an instant.”  (What are local bureaucratic impediments?  Why, they are the rule of law and the will of the local inhabitants, both equally aghast at the New World Order barbarians’ desire to invade, more implacable than that of any Mongol of the Middle Ages.)  If successful, this will be Afghanistan Killing Machine Redux.

        In case of Russian bombardment, these envisioned “corridors” in Italy, France and Turkey would let troops move into the Balkans and, via Scandinavia, they could ambulate towards the northern border of Russia.

        Linebarger reveals:

The plans are said to include contingencies in case of Russian bombardment, letting troops sweep into the Balkans via corridors in Italy, Greece and Turkey, or towards Russia’s northern border via Scandinavia.

The plans under development show that American soldiers would land at one of five ports across the European continent. Four would allow access to Ukraine’s western border, while a fifth would reach Russia’s border via Finland.

Reports from last year have indicated that the alliance could provide “300,000 troops at high readiness” in the event of a war with Russia. Since the United States bears up to 70% of the total defense spending of all the countries in the NATO alliance, one can be sure they will provide a majority of these forces.

The ultimate goal of this developing scheme is to ensure that NATO forces can push through Europe without any unnecessary delays caused by local bureaucratic red tape and checkpoints, according to the Mail.

Once again, it is emphasized that “unnecessary delays” [following the rule of law and responding to sanity] will play no part in impeding this relentless agenda.  It is inconvenient to the elite to have people like Douglas MacGregor (retired U.S. Army Colonel and former Secretary of Defense Advisor) asking, “What is NATO thinking?” Apparently, MacGregor’s long expertise and savoir-faire are irrelevant.  For the Luciferian NATO NWO killing-machine agenda is the real purpose.  Henry Kissinger once famously called American fighting men, our soldiers, our prized, loved sons of the American heartland, “Dumb farm animals.”  They are, to the elite, mere “cannon fodder.” 

        Now, with Joe Biden’s “democracies can deliver” G7 complicit 50-billion-dollar Ukraine deal using frozen Russian assets in a 10-year bilateral security agreement, another war profiteers’ money bonanza is assured.  Boeing, Northrop Grumman and so many others must be joyously clapping and even as we get closer and closer to the year of the 10-year-old Last American Son to be killed senselessly.  

        This new, evil, NATO war strategy validates former American General Smedley Butler’s words: “War is a racket.”  Butler was the general the Global Elite wanted to carry out a military coup against the White House in the 1930’s.  General Butler, a man standing tall among men, was just as heroic as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  He refused to carry out the elite’s Treason on America.

        Joe Biden’s “democracies can deliver” statement is a pious, lying platitude for the dumbed-down Americans who still believe they live in a democracy, not a hallowed, constitutional republic.

        My colleague, Lou Caverly, a JFK assassination researcher/writer, points out that the varied men and agencies implicated in JFK’s death certainly included the war profiteers.  These nefarious men and organizations were far from content at the efforts JFK was instituting to pull us out of Vietnam.  Mere days before his November 22, 1963 assassination, President Kennedy gave a very important speech, alerting all Americans.  (To hear more of it quoted in an essential radio alert by Deborah Tavares of, visit’s archives for May 29th or June 6TH.)  In that speech’s summation, President John F. Kennedy said, “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.  Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”

        Another U.S. President who tried to expose the war profiteering “military industrial complex” in a famous speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, also gave a lesser-known talk in 1962.  Eisenhower and my (Elizabeth’s) childhood family doctor had a common love of Hereford cattle.  After retirement, Ike pursued this interest on his Gettysburg farm.  Once, he and Mamie came to Dr. Joe Kniseley’s elegant, sprawling ranch home in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, for lunch.  The Kniseley’s house was located in the beautiful Allegheny Mountain region of Bedford County.  My revered Sunday School teacher, Doctor Joe’s wife, Ferne, was Ike and Mamie’s gracious hostess.  The year of this visit may even have been 1962, the year in which Eisenhower made another warning to local Pennsylvania Republicans.     

        (Though Eisenhower was nominally a CFR member, we must believe that “one-world government” treason never entered Ike’s mind as he fulfilled his WWII role as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces.  If alive today, Eisenhower would not be planning to send American boys to the frontlines of NATO’s war in Russia.)  Read his long-ago words with careful discernment.  Then embark on fervent daily prayer for God to foil war with Russia and nuclear world destruction.  Speak and take action as God leads.

        This premonitory warning, ever since I found it more than ten years ago, has given me chills.  It’s as though Ike was calling out to all of us alive in the future at this very moment.  Take heed!

Speech of President Dwight D. Eisenhower at the Bedford Springs Hotel, September 26, 1962:

He told the audience, “You are fighting for your lives, and for what you hold dear in the future of our commonwealth.  As soon as you realize it, I know you will do your very best and your best will be good enough.  Wars and campaigns are won by men who refuse to be defeated.”  (From That Magical Bedford Springs Water by Jon Baughman, Bedford historian and journalist, © 2011)

        Will we hearken to Eisenhower’s words?  Will we refuse to allow our young men – and possibly women – to be drafted into WWIII?  Where are the leading U.S. clergymen voices?  The last standing patriots are holding firm.  On the night of June 12th, broadcaster Hal Turner said he will never send his son into the NATO meatgrinder.  “This is the hill I die on,” he declared.

        The people must stand up and say, “No!  Hell, no!” 

        And it is hell on earth in Ukraine.      

        Biden’s “democracy can deliver” will mean ultimately, if nuclear war is provoked, ABSOLUTE HELL FOR ALL EARTH’S INHABITANTS.

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