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4-STAR-WARNING from Stew Peters Show,

Fall, 2022: NEW KILLING PLAN!                  Radio Monologue    

                                                                                 September 14, 2022

                                                                                 Elizabeth C. Caverly


        Who will listen?  To save their lives?  After two years of this Covid-Clot-Shot murder machine moving ever at Warp Speed, instead of slowing down, it is intent to root out every human being on earth, down to the tiny, six-month-olds hiding in their bassinettes.  This Universal Global Assassination is now almost inexorably in charge. 

        Judy Mikovits declared on the Stew Peters Show, Monday, September 12, “They killed my daughter-in-law.  The goal is to kill everyone with covid shots.”  She spoke of a certain element in the covid vaccine (and some other vaccines, too) made from mouse leukemia viruses and how it facilitates increases in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.  Dr. Mikovits’ earnest cry for justice and sanity: “They need to destroy these cell-lines.  We need to destroy all these bioweapons that were made since the 1980’s.”

        Stew Peters, September 12, also interviewed Dr. Jane Ruby and an anonymous VA whistleblower.  The former Veterans Administration supervisor told of new cancers in VA patients exploding during 2021 (and the suppression of data getting into VAERS).  Early on, she witnessed the huge increases of strokes and heart emergencies post-covid vaccination.  Later, she began to witness many cancer cases materialize in young people (just as Dr. Mikovits described would happen from the covid shots).  One patient who had had four covid shots had cancer emerge in multiple organs all at once, including kidneys and pancreas.  After being harassed, stopped from working at the VA for months and finally forced to take a covid test that left her ill and with a fever of 103 degrees for days, the whistleblower finally resigned.

Warnings from Stew and Whistleblower:

        Stew Peters: “This was a push to inoculate every veteran and current soldier.”


  1. “I am warning others it is not the same VA as when I started.”


  1. “The VA has set up six months of mass vaccination clinics!”

        Dr. Jane Ruby’s warnings to Stew were even more horrifying.   More “Dr. Mengele Mad Research” projects!  We all must be made aware at once in order to protect ourselves and our families:

  • Moderna is rolling out Vivalent, a new covid “vaccine.”


  • This “vaccine” is bivalent (containing two genetic codes).


  • The word “valent” means “genetic code.”  (Last year Stefan Bancell, Moderna CEO, made the braggadocio statement that Moderna was “going to put in at least TEN [emphasis added] mRNA’s!


  • The new bivalent covid “vaccine” was only tested on eight rats who all got sick after the shot and before they were euthanized.  NO HUMAN TRIALS, though Dr. Ruby reports some big box stores and pharmacies have lied and said there were, indeed, human trial participants.  She points out Walgreens’ history of medication errors, sometimes with the wrong dosage.  The eight sick rats represent a 100 percent failure rate!


  • Stew reminded Dr. Ruby that new stats from the UK show that 1/482 of people getting the covid shot died within a month!


  • Ominously, it was noted that Dr. Robert Malone, who claims to be the originator of mRNA, once told Stew on air that “There are things I cannot talk about.”


  • Dr. Jane quoted Dr. Malone, September 26, 2021, saying, as he was working on Rocovax: “I am involved in second-stage covid vaccine development.”  Dr. Ruby explained, “Rocovax is a multi-valent, multi-mRNA-strands accelerated covid vaccine.” 


  • Unbelievably, this second-generation multi-valent research from June 22 to the present is still active as a special NIH (National Institutes of Health) website.  The website says it continues to be an active part of Warp Speed!


No end in sight.  Refuse or die!


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