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Ode to Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Deadly April Fools Covid 2022 Finale Caravan of Cover-ups

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


Divided Kingdom Radio Monologue, April 28, 2022

  • April 18 – Stew Peters reports over six million people have watched the Dr. Brian Ardis documentary, “Watch the Water,” that provided strong medical journal documentation that inclusion of cobra-venom peptides occurred in the covid “vaccines.”


  • April 18 – Dr. Jane Ruby hears from a researcher who claims to have identified king cobra venom in the contents of a Pfizer covid-19 vaccine vial: “snake venom organoids.”


  • April 19 – Indomitable covid investigator, Karen Kingston, gives Stew Peters a report from her latest digging into incriminating patents.  She reports:


  1. The full sequence of the covid “virus” can be seen to include elements from bats, mice and the Middle Eastern virus and more.  [We recall our essay that included Dr. Judy Mikovits’s description of covid that mentioned such things as leukemia virus from mice.]


  1. Two key figures appear to have been NIAID’s Barney Graham and Moderna’s Jason McClellan.  According to Kingston, they filed the spike-protein patent in April, 2019!!  Amazing!  How did they file this even before they had access to the sequence?


  1. According to Kingston, there is evidence that Graham and McClellan added the snake venom to the spike protein.


  1. In 2017 why did the NIH file a vaccine patent that in Section 9 states, “The vaccine in some embodiment can deliver a molecule of chemical weapon of biowarfare or a toxin.”


        It seems an extensive network is in place involving these heretofore unknown Ardis cobra aspects of covid.  Kingston continues:


  1. Eco Health Alliance’s involvement working on 180 sequences


  1. The University of Pittsburgh [Recall the 10 gunshots that silenced U. of Pitt researcher Bing Lieu who was about to announce findings on covid] took 38 European covid patients and scientists looked for the protein causing the “multi-inflammatory systems.” These researchers looked for toxins.  The PRA was published in The Lancet.  They found the crate cobra venom and rabies virus, plus the HIV glycoprotein 120 [The “Gain of Function”?]


  1. Karen Kingston states she has the patent for the spike protein and that it is a separate patent from the mRNA.


  1. In addition, the master patent for mRNA, the World Patent for Moderna, #0402, interestingly states it “can deliver a toxin.”  Kingston adds, “The patents say the vaccine is a bioweapon.”


  1. Kingston recounts the strange reaction of Dr. Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Show.  (Dr. Malone claims to be the inventor of mRNA, though other credible reports list two U. of Pennsylvania researchers as having developed the mRNA process.)  When Joe Rogan asked Malone about “gene editing,” Dr. Malone laughed ominously and said there were brown monkeys that had HIV and “Let’s put that into the mRNA technology.”  In a later interview with Stew Peters, Dr. Robert Malone said he knows much more that he cannot tell for fear of losing his medical license.  Stew Peters stated that he himself had had his home surrounded twice by a swat team, then caustically remarked on the many media figures and politicians too cowardly to bring out the horrific truth about covid.  The serpent covid story moves on.


  • Dr. Ben Marvel (who has treated 15,000 covid patients) calls for testing on Dr. Brian Ardis’ snake venom theory, for Italian studies show the venom peptides were in covid patients.  Marvel’s opinion is that perhaps the venom peptides were not the “main poison” of the covid shots.  He remarked to Stew Peters, “Five billion people have had the shots.” [Astounding!]  In Ardis’ interviews, Ardis presented evidence suggesting the drug Remdesivir includes as contents, freeze-dried cobra venom.  Marvel responds: “We need to test Remdesivir to see if the venoms are there.  If so, ban it!”  Marvel comments further, “Over half the world’s population has been poisoned by the covid shots.  Dr. Luc Montagnier said half of those will die.”


  • April 20 – Dr. Jane Ruby reports that 50% of the contents of the covid-19 vaccine vials can be “undeclared.”  So this means, she explains, that at any given time, these covid shots can have different materials even within the same lot number!


  • April 20 – Sara Sugden, mother of an autistic son and vaccine researcher, reports that children have large, robust thymus organs, whereas elderly persons have thymuses that are weak and shrunken and can no longer produce new T-cells.  This may be the explanation why children were largely unaffected by covid.  Their thymuses could recognize “brand new” pathogens when the older people’s couldn’t.


  • April 20 – Sugden also comments on the cobra-covid connection: “The venom affects your cells in a specific way that allows the graphene oxide to communicate with 5G, so all of your cells have voltage-gated ion channels.”  Elements like calcium and sodium are involved, too.  The 5G keeps the membrane open and the graphene oxide “cooks on your skin.”  On the skin is where researchers found spike proteins accumulating.  The use of 5G shows the calcium and sodium at high levels.  And the graphene will be used in the process to help identify you, biometrically.


  • April 22 – Dr. Jane Ruby reports that Dr. Brian Ardis and Dr. Zandre Botha, expert blood microscopy expert, met with her to discuss the little round “bubbly circles” that have been seen in covid vaccine vial contents over the last 6-8 months.  Matching up with the research findings of the Herschek Institute (their work on extracting snake venom and making little organoids, synthetic venom peptides), these newest particles, lately observed in the vials, appear to be the same phenomenon.  Dr. Jane says, “These cells are still live!”  She wonders whether the Red Cross is “paid off” – still no program of blood donor surveillance for spike proteins …


  • Late April – An alternative health proponent suggests that using zinc and melatonin may be of benefit to treat stubborn “long covid” cases.  If the cobra venom is part of the cause, these are known help fight effects of venom.  Is snake venom the cause of the damage to the cranial nerves and the loss of taste and smell in covid patients?

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