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Summoning Up Death

Are we being duped to believe “Monkeypox” is only a harmless gay men’s disease?

Radio Monologue … September 29, 2022 … Lou Caverly


        Like the witches in Macbeth, today’s mad scientists have been conjuring up their own deadly brew of ingredients.  Dr. Ariyana Love, appearing on the Stew Peters Show on September 19, has summed up the way the newest “rumored to be coming soon” plandemic was developed.  Covid-19 is no longer in the news.  Now the hype is for “monkeypox.”

        According to Dr. Love, Anthony Fauci, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have been hard at work creating this new pathogen.  It combines four biological weapons:

            H1N1 (associated with smallpox)

            H5N1 (which causes “bird flu”)

            H9N2 (which causes diarrhea)

            H7N1 (from ostriches)

These are highly transmissible pathogens combined together.  This has produced what is now being termed “monkeypox.” 

        Smallpox was said to have been eradicated in 1980.  Yet these intrepid researchers took the H1N1 from corpses, according to the NIH website.  No doubt it was some of these researchers who created what Dr. Judy Mikovits calls a “synthetic virus” by using nucleic acid sequences; pieces of DNA were combined to create a “chemical/biological weapon.”

        [This is Lou interjecting.  Here at the Divided Kingdom, we recall mainstream articles some years back.  These articles documented teams of scientists going to the far north to exhume long dead bodies to extract Spanish Flu specimens for “research.”  On page 455 of the book The Great Influenza by John M. Barry (Penguin Books, 2004), it states, “More evidence against the 1916 origin comes from the scientists Jeffrey Taubenberger and Peter Palese.  Taubenberger is sequencing the genome of the 1918 virus after extracting samples of it from Alaska and the army’s pathology ‘museum.’”]

        A technique called “serial passage” was utilized.  First, they took smallpox (which only affects humans) and adapted it to infect monkeys.  Then they used “gain of function” to create a stronger variant that would, once again, infect humans.  This is the new, “improved” monkeypox. 

        The history of this kind of research is clear:

In 2009, Chinese scientists mixed human and animal pathogens to get new bioweapons.  An Israeli Mossad scientist, Joseph Moshe revealed to the public that a new bioweapon was about to be launched.  [Moshe is reported to have called in to a radio show in 2009 and stated that he had information that researchers in a Baxter Biopharmaceutical lab in Ukraine (!) had produced a bioweapon using H1N1 virus from the Spanish Flu of 1918.  Moshe was arrested two days later, and he seems to have been missing ever since.]

In September, 2011, an announcement was made at a conference in Malta that the scientists had achieved human-to-human transmission of the new pathogen.

In 2012, Anthony Fauci developed H7N9.

By 2014, the NIH was getting 250 active research grants on H5N1 and H1N1.  They were also able to get the pathogen to be transmissible in droplets.

Also in 2014, China was able to make the pathogen significantly more transmissible.

In 2016, Dr. Fauci wanted to patent and develop human smallpox using monkeys.  The World Health Organization (WHO) turned him down, so he went to China.

        Going back even further than the years on Dr. Love’s list, 2009-2016, I, Lou Caverly, found this informative and strangely prophetic short internet blurb.  I got it from the internet in early June of 2002.  It was on an amazing day that Almighty God helped me find about fifty pages of cutting-edge info on 9/11, mainly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspapers concerning the real truth of “Flight 93.”  God also handed over to me lots more info for Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly’s two Patriot’s Warning books, America Attacked and Chaos and Chemtrails.

        The strangely prescient item of info was from Patricia Doyle, PhD, entitled “621 Microbiologists Get Smallpox Vaccinations, 1994-2001,” June 14, 2002.  Doyle commented, “621 microbiologists working on ‘dangerous viruses’ were vaccinated against smallpox during 1994-2001.  Why would a smallpox vaccine be used to prevent lab exposure if they were not working with smallpox or monkeypox? …  The disease supposedly safely eradicated and virus safely tucked away in Russia and United States …  Why did they need smallpox vaccine?  Maybe they have been playing with smallpox all along and not obeying the treaties in place?”

        No doubt the result of all this “hidden” preparation is “monkeypox.”  We see that the appearance of this new version of an old disease is no accident.  It is the carefully planned and meticulously created brainchild of a group of researches whose goal is to impose new and devastating pandemics upon humanity.  Unless they are stopped, the first “commandment” of the late Georgia Guidestones may well be achieved: The world population will be reduced from 7.8 billion down to 500 million, a decrease of 94%.  Don’t let it happen!


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