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The Eye of the Storm

Radio Monologue

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

June 8, 2023


Divided Kingdom Radio Monologues have been silent since November, 2022.  Perhaps, deceptively, we have all been in the eye of the storm.  Diverted by thinking all the murderous, covid-shot-eugenics goals to kill millions or even billions have ended – are gone from the earth.

        Thanksgiving, Christmas, with their family traditions and celebrations, kept us surrounded in a cocoon of temporary gratitude, joyfully being with family after years of draconian covid social-distancing dictates.  We were reinstituting national memories of God’s goodness to the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving.  Then, Christmas honored once more the holy infant, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, who grew up to offer sinful and repentant mankind eternal salvation.  To live forever!  Glorious surety!  So unlike the barbaric, murderous intent of some globalists to make man “immortal” (real goal to murder him and wipe homo sapiens off the earth forever) by merging him into “the cloud.”  

        This A.I. Grand Amalgamation, is just one more lie to cover up what the late filmmaker Aaron Russo once told Alex Jones, that his friend, Nick Rockefeller, confided in him: “The real goal is to get a brain chip into every human being on earth.”  And, we think, the even darker goal – to kill Christians, conservatives, patriots – is inherently back of this so-called noble front, “merging the human brain with artificial intelligence.”

        In this eye of the storm, all seems deceptively normal again.  We have let down our guard.  We think at first that all our incredible satanic travails from 2021 to 2023 are gone.  Even the awful term “Operation Warp Speed” is beginning to fade into obscurity, as if those mobile vaccine vans and church sanctuary injection centers – one in Charleston, S.C. – had never been.

        But wait!  There’s a noise beginning in the silence…  An awful wind is perhaps stirring…  These quiet seven months are only a mirage that the Old America and the world at large have gone back to the comforting world of Mayberry and Beaver.  “Died Suddenly!” newspaper obituaries are still overflowing with accounts of people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and older, passing away “unexpectedly” or “suddenly” at their homes.  Life insurance companies are documenting huge death numbers actuarial percentage increases.  In fact, the eugenics killing-fields of the mRNA covid “vaccines” surpassed all the deliriously jubilant population killers’ desires.  Some well-founded estimates suggest that out of the approximately eight billion people in the world, about two billion humans have perished from strokes, heart attacks, sudden onsets of rare auto immune diseases, such as thrombocytopenia and multiple cancers rapidly appearing or reappearing (sometimes even after decades of remission).   Sometimes sudden illness or even demise has come about within mere days after the covid-19 injections.  One sad example of this covid shot blitzkrieg aftermath was the death of a prominent doctor who rapidly developed thrombocytopenia.  A platoon of physician friends/colleagues was unable to save him, for he was too ill to undergo a transplant.

        There is, in fact, a new “flashing” sign of ominous things to come.  Recall the Illuminati code is said to have an obligation to warn the “cattle” of danger and coming chaos ahead of time.  (Ex.: “The Lone Gunman” movie about airplane attacks on the World Trade Center towers before the actual, awful September 11, 2001 events.)  The current warning, a recent “Plandemic Drill” in Brussels, Belgium, led by Johns Hopkins U. and Bill Gates associates (same old gang), gave dramatic projections for a deadly new 2025 children’s pandemic.  A so-called “national foundation” (revealed later to be backed by Pfizer and other Big Pharma players) in fall, 2022, put out scare tactics.  This “suspect” foundation really hyped-up crowd fear about this projected scourge, a “Grand Ghoul” to come for children in 2025.

        Emerging onstage just in time this spring is the so-called “RSV” (respiratory syncytial virus).  Notice the prefix: “syn” – or is it “sin?”  Dr. Leonard Horowitz, in a Prophecy Club video lecture, described how the NWO corporate and medical behemoth used the individual letters X and Z to denote the secret brotherhood of “collusion.”  This includes, inherently, the Club of Depopulation.  Two ready name examples are Exxon and the new vaccine, Arexby, not to mention the pharmaceutical name Glaxo Smith Kline, itself.  These NWO goals, according to Horowitz, are multi-faceted and never straightforward and simple.  We see that talking points always seem to be twisted.  Even though the mainstream press and that sham foundation specified RSV as a danger for children, now GSK’s newly approved RSV drug, Arexby, is being marketed to oldsters!  (Old geezers and gals, quick – grab your canes that have those hidden blades in them!

        Yes, the real plan is perhaps being revealed.  We must make sure those useless social security-devouring octogenarians vamoose!  (Do you recall how irrational it once seemed to all of us normal people that blue states sent senior citizens with active covid out of the hospitals and right back into their nursing homes?  Not surprisingly, exponential disease and death followed.) 

        Hitler’s second generation Nazi American T-4 plan succeeded admirably.  And Dr. Dennis Cuddy, in his June 1 interview with us, was correct when he said Hitler’s efforts began, not with the Holocaust of the Jews, but with the liquidation of “defective” or “ill” and “old” Germans.  Half-Jewish Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman told us that ordinary German women, mothers of Down Syndrome children, knew to keep their little ones off the street, out of sight of the T-4 patrols.  Otherwise, they’d be picked up and taken to “camp” with a letter to parents two or three weeks later saying the children died of flu.

        In Good Housekeeping’s latest issue, the new magazine ad for Arexby shows a group of grandmas and grandpas standing near an RV against a nature backdrop.  The caption is: “15 escapes you won’t forget.  This experience could be cut short by respiratory syncytial virus.”  This is nothing but subtle fear-mongering propaganda.

        Are there any courageous, decent people fighting to save our lives?  Not Congress.  Everybody there is mostly “sold out” or “lukewarm cowardly.”  Has Senator Ron Johnson or Senator Rand Paul vociferously attempted to end the bioweapon gain-of-function research that is still ongoing?  Silence.

        We earnestly pray for God to raise up more men and women of courage to fight all these growing subcurrents of evil beginning to show up even in this eye of the storm.   Valiant attorney, Tom Renz, and the revered natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, are warning all of us – mRNA vaccines in pigs and cattle!  Pigs may have been receiving these shots for over a decade without us knowing!  This is a new killing field.  Coming into our homes!  Coming into our stomachs!  No wonder the little coneys have to hide in the rocks.

        Dr. Jane Ruby ( has also begun to share research on Apeel (a Bill Gates associated “invention.”)  Apeel is a coating with trans fats using heavy metals as emulsifiers, including mercury, lead and cadmium, as well as hexane.  This has been used and is being used on our fruit, even (and especially) organic fruit.  Some vegetables, too, have apparently not been immune from this stroke/heart attack inducing process.  And we thought the witch-queen giving Snow White the poisoned apple was bad!

        It looks like our seven months in the eye of the storm has abruptly ended. Complacency has to give way to vigilance and loud protest.  Your voice!  Mine!  We must live to fight another day!

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