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        Is the All-Seeing Eye prophetic, planning and seeing ahead for decades or even for centuries at a time?  We know about Masonic leader Albert Pike and Mazzini’s 19th century correspondence and machinations toward planning a faraway future World War III.  Then, more recently, Brother Bruce (Wilson) of American Prophecy sent us some hard-hitting DVDs about the New World Order.  This is now perhaps three years ago, before the fangs of covid struck the world.  On this DVD was a long-ago episode of the Simpson’s TV cartoon show.  The episode featured two persons standing together in great importance.  Hard to believe that the two were actually a cartooned Hillary and Donald Trump!  (Recently, soon after Brother Bruce sent us more DVDs, including one about the “planned world famine,” Brother Bruce passed away.  His sister told us he became ill very suddenly, spitting up blood, and was taken to the hospital.  We express our thanks to him and know the Lord has welcomed a faithful watchman home.

        Still one more astoundingly predictive example of the New World Order was given by covid venom researcher Dr. Bryan Ardis on the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Friday, October 28.  Ardis was also on the Stew Peters program, Tuesday, October 25.  Find these two vital shows at  Dr. Ardis revealed a media prophetic truth “much stranger than fiction.”

        Time magazine (A Henry Luce globalist-engineered publication) has featured variations of the ubiquitous NWO All-Seeing Eye many times in its publishing history.  Time had an amazing January, 1999 cover headline: “How Genetic Engineering Will Change Us in the Next Century.”  This issue amazingly pictured (below the headline) our human DNA strands spiraling to the top where they shockingly turned into snakes!  Think of this – a message in the last century of what was to emerge from a “plandemic” far ahead in the year 2021.  Dr. Ardis concluded that the Time prophecy is now at fulfillment stage with one half of human DNA about to be turned into reptilian DNA (literally with snake venom).

        Here, at the Divided Kingdom, we wonder once more at the nomenclature for covid-19.  Is the “co” for cobra and the “v” for venom?  Yes, we believe there is an artificial intelligence plan, using mRNA biocircuitry possibly for control and tracking, activated by a 5-G hookup.  Yet this cannot be the sole factor of harm in the covid bioweapon itself and in the covid shots.  CONTAGION, which the epidemic certainly had, cannot be caused by A.I. alone.  Some biological elements must play a vital role, such as leukemia monkey viruses discussed by Dr. Judy Mikovits and the fragments of HIV virus declared by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier.  A biological factor must be in both the bioweapon and the covid “vaccines.”  Otherwise, how did covid spread and kill?  The findings of Dr. Erin Bromage, the University of Massachusetts, documented significant covid case-spread from a restaurant’s air conditioning.

        These are some essential facts from Dr. Ardis’ October 25 and 28 interviews with Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby:

  • More than 36 different venoms (20 from snakes and others from snails) were incorporated in the covid bioweapon.


  • Deadly “Crown of Thorns” starfish venom was used.  [Note the “Crucifixion of Christ” symbol in this Satanic venom plan.]


  • A total of 15 different conotoxins (snail venoms) were found in covid patients’ blood in a vital study done by Italian researchers.  Why has this study been ignored by the world?  Did Biden’s Covid-19 Community Corps (against covid “disinformation”) suppress it?


  • Two Chinese snakes, the Krait and King Cobra were used …  Interestingly, Dr. Jane Ruby commented, “Why were 800,000 Chinese students studying in America exempt from taking the covid inoculations?”


  • A patent from 1999 for synthetic conotoxin peptides is co-owned by these two institutions:


  1. The Salk Institute.  Recall the polio vaccine and the “quiet” later cancer deaths of perhaps thousands caused by SV-40, the contaminating Simian (monkey) Virus.


  1. The University of Utah.  In addition, Ardis reveals that NIH (The National Institutes of Health) awarded grants that led to these institutions obtaining these patents.


  • In addition, Ardis informs us that Clemson University Children’s Hospital owns some conotoxin patents!  Doesn’t this equate to Georgetown University advocating “trans” mutilation surgery on children in their training program for physicians?  This is “Molech Body and Soul Murder of Children, Inc.”  More than a heavy millstone, according to the Bible, will be placed around the necks of these sinister planners and participants in harming God’s beloved little ones.


  • According to Ardis’ findings, polysorbate 80 and polyethylene glycol are found in the covid shots, and the polysorbate 80 “punches holes in the blood/brain barrier (thus facilitating neurological damage as the venom intrudes into the brain.)”  It is the injury to the cranial nerves that causes covid patients to lose  their sense of taste and smell.  If polysorbate 80 is in flu shots, Ardis says, it could also allow aluminum into the brain.


  • Ardis says, “Every single side effect, including the onset of myocarditis, can be attributed to venom.”  Since the 1800’s, myocarditis has been documented to be one of the side effects of snake venom exposure.


  • Stew Peters wisely (We think) states, “There’s nothing to say multiple things can’t be part of the shots.” [We add, that is true, too, in the case of the bioweapon.]


  • Ardis: “It looks like they weaponized snake venom.”  There is research on nanoparticle hydrogels that indicates these (1) self replicate and (2) cause blood clotting.


  • “What about the people who ‘died suddenly’?” Stew wonders.  [“Died Suddenly” is also the name of the new movie releasing at Stew Peters in early November.]  Stew says, “Many of these people reach out, spinning around before they drop dead.”  Dr. Ardis responds, “There is a visual hallucination from the snake venom when it crosses the blood/brain barrier.  Research shows that after snake bites, people can have schizophrenic delusions.”


  • An NIH website “Serum Sickness” actually reports a day 13 window when myocarditis results from venom. 


  • Ardis tells Stew that venom peptides are circulating in the body as a person’s DNA is making the peptides [Via mRNA operating systems].


  • When Peters and Ardis asked Dr. Robert Malone (self-alleged creator of mRNA technology) about “venom,” they “got no answer.”


  • Utah State University has done genetic engineering with E. coli, along with toxins.  This, Ardis says, is to make the body more able to produce venom.  This apparent facilitation of venom production has also been linked to yeast over-production in humans.  For this reason, Dr. Ardis says, physicians should be aware that, in diabetic patients, covid disease escalation into a more serious form may have yeast or E. coli playing a role that should be understood in patient treatment protocols.


  • Dr. Ardis: “Phospholipid A-2 is the enzyme responsible for killing the covid-19 patients.  Another enzyme, SPLA-2 shreds tissue of body organs as it fights a virus.  SPLAC was first found in cobras!  [Can this be related to the AIDS-like conditions emerging in covid vaccinated persons and post-covid vaccine cancer recurrences of cancers long in remission?]


  • Some remedies, Ardis suggests, may be somewhat helpful in mitigating venom effects.  These, according to him, include: bromelain, aloe vera, vitamin C, EDTA and resveratrol.


  •  Interestingly, Dr. Bryan Ardis states that researchers have found one side effect of conotoxins is that victims of conotoxin “hold false beliefs that cannot be changed.”  Sounds like the Reprobate Mind, the 2021 REPTILIAN Reprobate Mind with its “false belief.”  This wrongheadedness infected people who chose to take covid shots and even defended them after the shots devastated their bodies.  In some cases, right before the shots killed them outright.

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