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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."

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June 2024

June 19, 20 - Pride Month II

June 12, 13 - Earth, Inc. (A.K.A. Murder, Inc) Activities and April Baal Sacrifice Detailed; Pride Month Kick-off


Wednesday, June 5 - April Baal Sacrifice and More Depravity; Stages of a Civilization Morphing into Evil

May 2024

Thursday, May 30 - GOD'S VICTORY OVER THE WHO WORLD PANDEMIC TREATY;  More NWO Depravity and Destruction Update
Thursday, May 23: Bombshell Moral Depravity Shocks and Secrets
Wednesday, May 22: American Takedown Continues
Wednesday & Thursday, May 15, 16:  GOP Senator's Letter to Biden, Headed by Senator Ron Johnson, Orders to Ditch WHO Pandemic Treaty - and More News Shocks! 
Thursday, May 9 - May, "All Over the Map" Warning Memos

Wednesday, May 8 - World Police State Intent to Destroy Food and More

Thursday, May 2 - World War III Being Fomented by Propaganda, Distortion? ... Sabotage and Takedown?

Wednesday, May 1 - World Police State Threatens? Money... Morality ... Hate Crimes Laws

April 2024

April 24, 25 - April Awful Warnings
April 17, 18 - More Iniquities Abound - And Bird Flu (Or Its Hype, Too)?


April 3, 4 - Early April News Blitz: Shocks Amidst Depravity ... These, Leading toward God's Judgment? ...  Is the Coming Solar Eclipse a Sign of This Inexorable Judgment?

March 2024

March 27, 28 - Two Resurrection Day Talks: (1) Pastor Phil Arms's Life Story; (2) Al Cuppett's Riveting "Jesus the Creator of the World and the Great I Am"
March 20, 21 - More Red Dragon Pre-Invasion Warnings and Late March News Blitz
March 13 and 14 - CHINAMERIKA CHIMERA: CCP Clever Infiltration, Pre-Invasion Positioning; News Blitz Shockers

March 6, 7 - Part Two: America Takedown, China Connection: San Diego Chinese Illegals Surge 500%; CCP Past Infiltrations and Pre-Positioning, Agendas for Influence and Possible Stealth Invasion of our Mainland

February 2024

Feb. 28-29 - Spotlight: America-Immigration-Takedown, (focus on Massachusetts "Task Force Shelter" update); Fading February News Blitz

Feb. 21-22 - Resumed focus on and continuation of Great Reset: Pivotal Role of H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and Thomas Huxley; Shocking Depopulation Deagle Report;  More Belated Valentines to Fighters of Evil; and. More Breaking News

Feb. 14 and 15 - Great Reset Harm and Killing in Motion; The Shocking Depopulation Deagle Report; Early Great Reset Planners H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and Thomas Huxley; Valentine Salute for a Few Resisters to Satan's Evil Agenda

Feb. 7 and 8 - Part Two, Red Flag Alert.  "One Health" - Global Intended Takeover; Mercola: How the UN Uses COVID to Usher in the Police State; Status of Senate Bill 444 and HR 1425, The No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act.  Call your Representatives and Senators to urge on these bills -  toll free at 1-877-762-8762; News Blitz: NWO Evil Ones and Their Recent Gestapo Tactics

Jan.31 and Feb. 1 - Red Flag: Alert for Potential Plandemics; Warnings of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Others on the Dire Need to Stop the WHO Global Treaty; Updates on "One Health" Global Takeover; and SDG16 Digital Identity Threat of World Enslavement 

January 2024

Jan.31 and Feb. 1 - Red Flag: Alert for Potential Plandemics; Warnings of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Others on the Dire Need to Stop the WHO Global Treaty; Updates on "One Health" Global Takeover; and SDG16 Digital Identity Threat of World Enslavement 


January 18 - Interview on vital new book, Soul-Less Society, with author Angeline Marie: Who founded Hollywood?  What was Facebook's Big Brother purpose?  Don't miss this hour!

January 17 - Opening News BlitzJan. 11: Al Cuppett's Life Story: Jesus's Healings in India, and Al's Mother Transported to Heaven; Lou Caverly Shares Dr. Noah Hutchins' Story of Jesus's Possible Conception, December 25

Jan. 10: Retro Christmas Political Satire and True Miracle Stories of Jesus Christ's Power

Jan. 3, 4 - KJV vs. Modern Bible Translations.  Elizabeth and Lou present crucial warnings - Some modern Bible versions even shorten the Lord's Prayer!  (So we cannot ask to be delivered from Satan's evil!)  Many remove Jesus Christ's Divinity by calling Him "... the Christ" and "... the One."  (Just like Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy.)  This program is vital to help Divided Kingdom listeners make it through 2024.  God is calling us to increasingly separate from the demonic evils now embedding themselves as never before in the American culture of depravity.  How can we know what is evil if we rely on "bibles" developed by occultists like translators Hort and Westcott, who held seances?  We need God's authentic, inspired word to help us navigate through the coming chaos of 2024. 

December 2023

Dec. 27, 28 - "Repeat"
Dec. 20, 21:  Dead Fish from Fukushima; CIA Base in Switzerland; Piers Morgan Injured after Covid  Vaccine; and More December Dramas News Blitz

December 13, 14 - Shocking Coming 2024 Dangers and December Dramas News Blitz  

December 6, 7 - GARY KAH INTERVIEW: ALERT!  Crucial Warnings in the Coming Year, 2024, and Beyond (Gary discusses spiritual and physical preparation survival tips); Jesus's Miracles, Including the Story of Betty Maltz Brought Back to Life

November 2023

November 29, 30 – November Twilight NWO Shadows

November 22, 23 – Fascinating, Unusual Aspects about William Bradford and the Pilgrims; Reasons to Rejoice and Give Thanks

November 15, 16 – Mid-November Updates on Moral, Physical Threats and Evils

November 8, 9 – November News Blitz II: Warnings on Many Fronts for America and the World

November 1, 2 – November News Blitz I: NWO Machinations All Over the Map and People’s Pushback

October 2023

Oct. 26 - October Darkness
Oct. 19 - Ominous October
Oct. 12 - More Evil October Omens
Oct. 5: October News Omens

September 2023

Sept 28:Part Two: Plandemic Depopulation Updates and News Blitz Late September Shocks

Sept. 21: CBDC's, BRICS, Money, etc. News Blitz Shocks and Plandemic Depopulation Updates

Sept. 14: The Great Reset's Assault on: People, Money, Animals and the ENVIRONMENT

Sept. 7: The Abomination to Children and More News Blitz 


August 2023

August 31 - News Blitz and Vatican, Part Two.

August 24 - Occult Masters: Vatican Connections and Control

August 17 - Climate Occultists' Wildlands Plan and More Environmental Draconian Control; Dr. Michael Coffman's book, "Saviors of the Earth, II"

August 10 - Early Climate Occultists, Man's Extinction, and Theosophy Connection

August 3 - Occult Masters' Two Secret Meetings, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, More Details. (Hear July 27 program for Club of Rome Conclusion.)

July 2023
July 27 - More July Jitters News Blitz; Occult Part Three: Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove
July 20 - Jitters in July News Blitz; Occult Part Two: Club of Rome
July 13 - Global Masters and the Dark Occult, Part One
July 6 - Pride Month and Twilight Afterburn

June 2023

 June 29 - The Pulse of America at Independence Day, 2023 Guest: Christian J. Pinto,  (Newest Film: The True Christian History of America)

June 22 - Once Upon a Time - 1960 - The Old America We Loved - Lou and Elizabeth Caverly and Dr. Dennis Cuddy

June 15 - WEF, Club of Rome and the Occult 

June 8 - The Pulse of America in Pride Month 2023

June 1 - Dr. Dennis Cuddy: "Nazi Secrets" Interview, Part 2

May 2023

May 25 - Long-Range Nazi World Plan, Culminating Soon?  Interview with Dr. Dennis Cuddy

May 18 - Noxious News II

May 11 - Noxious News Blitz

May 4 - mRNA Vaccines in Pigs and Soon, Cattle? 

April 2023

April 27 - Continuation of Emergency Warnings, Food and More...


April 13 - Holy and Unholy Easter, 2023

April 6 - Gary Kah, Guest:  What"s Coming and How to Prepare So You Can Survive


March 2023
March 30- Are We Nearing the Gates of Hades?

March 23- Part Two: Falling Even Further Toward Hell

March 16- Falling Even Further Toward Hell

March 9 - Late Winter Frost Falling Further Toward Hell

March 2 - March: Memorable People and Mighty Emergency Alerts

February 2023

Feb. 23 - February Focus - FOLKS, FIERCE OR FORMIDABLE?

Feb. 16 - Dr. Dennis Cuddy: The Secret Nazi Plan


Feb. 2 - GROUNDHOG DAY:  OVER AND OVER AGAIN, BETRAYAL!  Origins, Present Status and Vital Warnings for You of Ominous Scenarios Ahead

January 2023
Jan. 26 - Bombshell World Economic Forum Meeting News You Need to Know
Jan. 19 - DIED SUDDENLY: Consequence of Covid-19 Shots?  Celebs Succumb Quickly!

Jan. 12 - "New Year's News Blitz, Part Two: Jonathan Cahn' Prophetic Warning to Biden and America - Repent!"

Jan. 5 - "New Year's News Blitz, Part One: Illuminati Telegraphs Coming 2025 Children's Plandemic in JHU Event 201-Like Drill"

December 2022

Dec. 29 - "Post-Christmas Recap"
Dec. 22 - "Moral Transgression Demons"
Dec. 15 - "December Demon, Covid-Shot-Deviltry and Death"

Dec. 8 - "More December Demons"
Dec. 1 - "December Demons"

November 2022
Nov. 24 - "Satan's Murder, Inc.: Physical and Spiritual Assaults"

Nov. 17 - "Satan's Murder, Inc.: COVID Vaccines, 'Prions' and Other Dangers"

Nov. 10 - "Satan's Murder, Inc.: The Murder of America"

Nov. 3 - "Satan's Murder, Inc.: The Snake Venom Peptides are not Going Away"

October 2022

Oct. 26 - "Ominous October IV: More Autumn Warnings"

Oct. 19 - "Ominous October III: Autumn Warnings"

Oct. 12 - "Ominous October II: Snake Venom COVID Shots, Police State, Brain Chips"

Oct. 5 - "Ominous October I:  Food Control (10 Companies, Blackrock, Vanguard), Incinerator Toilets, Human Composting, FBI Invades Home of Pro-Lifer and Seven Children"

September 2022

Sept. 29: "September Snapshots V: Conclusion: Summer Shocks/Secrets Series"

Sept. 22: "September Snapshots IV: Late Summer Shocks/Secrets"

Sept. 15: "September Snapshots III: Photo Gallery of War on Humanity Continues"

Sept. 8: "September Snapshots II: U.S. and World Under Attack - Food, Fuel, Financial System, Freedom and More"

Sept. 1: "September Snapshots I: More Summer Shocks/Secrets - Covid Kill Shots Contain 'Circuitry-Filled Clots' Not Made of Human Blood Cells"

August 2022
August 25 - "Shocks/Secrets: Nazi Times Survivor's Warning and More Breaking News"
August 18 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets: Blindness from Puberty Blockers for Trans Kids"; "Secret Ukraine Bioweapons Labs: U.S., Pentagon, NATO, DTRA, Walter Reed, etc."

August 11 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets: 'Outrageous!' Part Two"
August 4 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets: 'Outrageous!' Part One"


July 2022

July 28 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets, Part Four: Attempted Worldwide Takedown, Energy, Food and Poisoning by Biolabs"

July 21 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets, Part Three: Children's Coffins 500% Increase in Seven Months"

July 14 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets, Part Two"

July 7 - "Summer Shocks/Secrets, Part One"

June 2022


September 2 -"9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles, Part One: The Flight 93 Miracle Bible" (For photo and essay, see "Breaking News" section of our website.); "Moderna's DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Origin and Connections Years before COVID"

August 2021
August 26 -"Satan's Killing Machine Gains Control"

August 19 -"Afghanistan Horrors"; "Obama-Biden Fake (?) Situation Rooms"; "NIH Ethics Board Dissolved as 'U. of Pitt.' Tears Organs out of Living Babies"

August 12 -"America Worships Satan"; "War on the World's Men, Women and Children"

July, 2021
July 29 - "2021 Summer 'Death Shrieks'"

July 22 - " Alexa Listens to the Sounds of Judgment on America: Murmurs of Despotism, the Silence of Drought and Aborted-Fetal-Cell-Line Death Shrieks" 

July 15 - "Vaccineland at Churches and Other Rabid Dog-Days Vignettes" 
July 8 - "... fireworks fading over a crumbling America..."

June, 2021 Programs:

June 24 – “Degradation, Despotism and Dragon at the Door”; “Question – A Sinister 1918 Spanish Flu?”

June 17 – “Police State and Push-Back” Part II

June 10 – “Police State and Push-Back” Part I

June 3 – “The Gates of Death and Tyranny Swing Wider” Part II

May, 2021
May 20, 2021 - "The Gates of Death Open, Part II:  Surrounded, Everwhere - Barbed Wire that Binds"
May 13, 2021 - "The Gates of Death Open, Part I: Spike Protein, Population Killing Plan?"
May 6, 2021 - "THE IRON HAND: Covid Vaccine Death and Tyranny"

April, 2021

April 29, 2021 – “The War on Us, III”
April 22, 2021 – “The War on Us, II”
April 15, 2021 – “The War on Us, I: Pockets Report on Mobile Vax Vans Stall”
April 8, 2021 – “Are We Living in Matthew 24?” (Part Three)
April 1, 2021 – “Are We Living in Matthew 24?” (Part Two)

March, 2021

Mar. 25: "One Christian's Vision: The Book of Revelation Starting to Happen in America"; "Are We Even Now Living in Matthew 24?" (Part One)

Mar. 18: "Is Nazi Facilitator, IBM, Now Helping COVID Vaccine Tracking and Tryanny Development?"; "Horrified Countries Pull the Plug on COVID Vaccine Because of Mounting Injuries and Deaths"

Mar. 11: "More Biden Land"; "More Moral Mayhem"

Mar. 4: "Is God's Judgment Underway on America?  "Living in Bidenland";  "Immorality Raging Over the Land"

February, 2021

Feb. 25: "Part Three in the Insane Asylum: Danger and Tyranny - Iran, Texas and False Portraits of Patriots as Domestic, Violent Extremists."

Feb. 18: "Inside the Insane Asylum, Part Two: 'Death After Jabs' and 'Sinister Plans for Herd Compliance' "

Feb. 11:  "Inside The Insane Asylum, Part One"

Feb. 4:  "Culture of Death Goes on Rampage!"

January, 2021

January 28- "Biden's Blitzkrieg on America"

January 21- "Counterfeit Capitol Celebration"; "Covid Jabs and Convulsions"

January 14- "Is the Betrayal Complete, or Is There More to Come?"

January 7- "Storming of Capitol; BLM Provocateurs and Antifa Bused in"; "Shocking Secrets of Coming Vaccine Passports and Deep State Murder Inc."

December, 2020

December 31- "Will Pence Stand up for America after All?"; " Southern Baptist head Albert Mohler and U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops/Vatican Approve Aborted Fetal-Cell Vaccines."

December 24- "General McInerny Pleads with Trump to Save the Republic"

December 17 - "Emergency December Broadcast #2"

December 10 - Crucial Updates

December 3 - "EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Dire Warnings, Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas McInerny"

November, 2020

November 26 – Repeat of "Hope for Election Truth to Triumph"

November 19 – “Hope for Election Truth to Triumph"

November 12 – “Usurper Presidency': Rampant Criminal Voter Fraud Everywhere and Lawsuits Beginning"

November 5 – “Exposed: Election Fraud Secrets; BLM Witchcraft"

October, 2020

October 29 – “Exposed Secrets of Election Figures"

October 22 – “Ike's Warning, Part 4 - Deep State on the Loose"

October 15  – "IKE'S WARNING, Part 3"

October 8– "IKE'S WARNING, Part 2; 'You are fighting for your lives' - Sudden New Shocks and Perils to the Republic."

October 1 – "IKE'S WARNING, Part 1; 'You are fighting for your lives' - COVID-19, COVID Tyranny, 9-11 and Military Remains Put in Landfills; Earlier Population Culling Bioweapon Development Efforts."

September, 2020

September 24 – “Dark Secrets of Ruth Bader Ginsberg; and Tyranny in the Deep, Deep State"

September 17 – “Repeat of September 10 Program"

September 10 – "Coming Coup?  Dangers and Deceit"

September 3 – “Could COVID-19 Be A Planned Population Reducer?”

August, 2020

August 6 - "EMERGENCY AUGUST BROADCAST: Is the Trust Stamp 'The Mark of the Beast?'"

August 20 – “Spiritual/Political Lies, Violence and Deceit”

August 27 – ANOTHER AUGUST EMERGENCY BROADCAST: "Live Missile that Could Take Out Air Force One"; "Leftists - Guillotines and Death to America'"

July, 2020


July 16 - "COVID - BLM/Antifa Tyranny Alert!"

July 9 - Corona Spikes Again

July 2 - Emergency Broadcast, Danger!

June, 2020

June 25 – Repeat of June 19th.

June 19 – TBA

June 12 – 

June 5 – 

May, 2020

May 7 - "Little Ice Age Starting?... Survival Tips for It and for Coronavirus; World Economic Collapse"

May 14 – “Operation Warp Speed” and “Jump Start”; 500 million Pre-filled Syringes for Pandemic Vaccine

May 21 – Ivanka Trump Feeds Americans; Sara Cunial Speaks to Italian Parliament on Vaccine Criminality”

May 28 – Washington Times on COVID as a Lab-made Bioweapon; COVID Dangers in Restaurant Air Conditioning”

April, 2020
April 2: Change to "Wuhan and NYC Deaths - 5G Related?"
April 9: "COVID-19 World Lockdowns and More"
April 16: "Coronavirus Portraits Unveiled, Part 1"
April 23: " Coronavirus Portraits Unveiled, Part 2"
March, 2020
March 5 – “Coronavirus Crisis Tips…”; “5G Filling Fields in New York City”; “Tennessee Tornadoes…”
March 12 - "Latest News on Coronavirus"
March 19 - "More Updates on Coronavirus"
March 26 - "Vital News #1"
February, 2020

February 6 – Caronavirus – a Bioweapon with SAR and/or HIV Enablers?

February 13 – Caronavirus – a Bioweapon with SAR and/or HIV Enablers?

February 20 – Judgment in America – Novel Caronavirus Bioweapon?

February 27 – EZ-Pass Tyranny; Newest Updates on Coronavirus

January, 2020

January 2 – “The Late Dr. Carl Sanders on Christmas and Protection”

January 9 – “United Methodist Church May Split over LGBTQ”; “5G Extreme Health Dangers”

January 16 – “Governor Northam (Virginia) Declares State Capitol Emergency, No Firearms Allowed”;  “Immigrants Infected with Ebola Coming and Dying in U.S.”; “U.N. Doctors Question Vaccine Safety”; “Bernie Sanders Field Rep. Says Cities Will Burn if Trump is Re-Elected; If Not, Re-Education Camps Will Open”

January 23 – “Carona Virus World Alert”; “EZ Pass Tyrannizes Ocean City Route”

December, 2019

December 5 – “Food Taster Trump”

December 12 – Emergency Broadcast: “Anti-Vaxers’ Re-Education Camps”; “Adam Schiff”; “Threats to Kill Jonathan Turley’s Dog”

December 19 – Emergency Broadcast #2

December 26 – “A Pocket’s Christmas”

November, 2019

November 7 – “Satanic Cover-Up Bombshells”

November 14 – “Deceptive Political Theater”; “Cup of Wrath Filling in America”

November 21 – “Theater and Cup, Part 2”

October, 2019

October 3 – “Trump Tells the Truth; Dum-Dum Dems Impeachment Delusion”

October 10 – “Emergency Broadcast: Marine Reserves Called up to Circle White House; Smart Meters Causing California Fires? Swiss People Riot over 5G”

October 17 – Divided Kingdom’s Cartoon Network Presentation: “Fatherland Deep State’s Town Hall” – “Dopey Dems”; “Climate Deniers”; “Felony for 12-Year-Old Girl Using ‘Finger Gun’”; “San Francisco Citizens Building Plywood Walls and Putting Up Boulders Against Homeless Defecation”

October 24 – Repeat of Satire: “Fatherland’s Deep State Town Hall”

October 31 – “Evils of Harry Potter Books”


September, 2019

September 5 – “Emergency Alert: Washington Post: Trump Considering Chinese Social Credit Score for U.S.; HARPA Possible Plan to use Alexa, Fit-Bit, Other Big Tech Tools for Surveillance, Plus NIH Psychiatrists to ‘Listen’ for Mentally Disturbed Persons to Institute Red Flag Gun Laws”

September 12 – “Jeffrey Epstein’s Bill Gates Connection and Sinister Death details; Exposé of Past and Present NWO Players; Christ Hospital, Oaklawn, Illinois: Keeping Aborted Babies Alive in ‘Comfort Room’”

September 19 – “Trouble in the Church House – Hillsong; Pope Advocating ‘Global Humanism’; Jesuit General Saying that Satan Is Not a Real Being”

September 26 – “Dr. Stanley Monteith: Coming War in Iran; Betrayal of Americans in Both World Wars and Vietnam”


August, 2019

August 1 – “Pennsylvania Danger – Chronic Wasting Disease: Bacteria, not Prions?”; “Real ID Needed at Post Office and to Make federal Payments”; “Ebola and Drug-Resistant TB in Aliens”

August 8 – “Two Shootings”; “Summer Immorality Play Continues”

August 15 – “Epstein and Jack Ruby”; “Maryland Mothers Fight Drag Queen Story Hours”: “Renewal of ‘Jewish Yellow Star’ Type Label by BDS in Europe by Advocates for Foods?”

August 22 – “Pastors and People Stand Up Against Summer Drag Queens’ Harm to Children: Evansville, Indiana, Anaheim, California and Lexington Park, Maryland”

August 29 – “Hong Kong – Warning Bell for World Tyranny”


July, 2019

July 4 – “Pride and Drag Queen Events Continue”

July 11 – “Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade”

July 18 – “Boy Scouts Jamboree – Condoms, NAMBLA”

July 25 – “AOC’s Nazi Rants”; “Changes in Migrant Asylum”


June, 2019

June 6 – “Summer Moral Mayhem – Drag Queen Story Hours for Children in the Libraries and Pride Festivals across America”

June 13 – “Al Cuppett’s ‘Twin Brothers’ Churches Story’ – Miracles of repentance and renewal,

including Pastor J.C. Skipper’s translation over Deep Creek Lake when chased by a bear”

June 20 – “Exposé of Boy Scouts’ Decades of Pedophilia; New Lawsuits”

June 27 – “Danger in the Dominican Republic”; “Foiled Pittsburgh Church Attack”


May, 2019

May 2 – “Creeping Sharia or Imminent Jihad,” Part 1

May 9 – “Creeping Sharia or Imminent Jihad,” Part 2

May 16 – “More Jihad and Shocking Changes over America and the World”


April, 2019

April 4 – “King James Version vs. New Bible Translations’ Omissions and Heresies, Part 2”

April 11 – “Al Cuppett (March 29, 2018): “ I Am – Jesus’ Resurrection Power”

April 18 – “Notre Dame: Global One-World Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual?”

April 25 – “Big Tech Companies, Chinese Credit Score Threaten First Amendment Rights”; “Propaganda Dossier Being Built Against Christians”


March, 2019

March 7 – “Coming EU Internet I.D. April 1”; “More on Vermont Infanticide Law”

March 14 – “Ice Age Update”; “Pastors Stand Up Against Black Genocide and Same-Sex Marriage”

March 21 – “The Year without a Summer: Effect on Crops and People; Maunder Sunspot Minimum Little Ice Age (1615-1745); Dalton Minimum (1795-1823)”

March 28 – “King James Version vs. New Bible Translations’ Omissions and Heresies, Part 1”


February, 2019

February 7 – Emergency Broadcast #2: “5G, Chemtrails Spreading Aluminum and Barium; Arizona People’s Elevated Test Results”

February 14 - Emergency Broadcast #3: “Killing of Live Babies”

February 21 – Emergency Broadcast #4: “The Great Culling: Will Your Family Be Safe?”

February 28 – “Vermont, too, Passes Newborn Law”; “Should Pastors Stand Against Biblical evils?  Franklin and Others Speak Out”


January, 2019

January 3 – Smart Meters and 5-G Dangers:

January 10 – Trump’s Oval Office Border Wall Speech; Grave-Sucking Necromancy; Baal Arch of Triumph World-Wide Tour

January 17 – Fake Washington Post Issue: Trump Leaves Office; Pat Buchanan’s Calls for Trump to Declare State of Emergency for Border Wall; Illuminati’s Long-Range Planning Decades before 9-11

January 24 – “NWO’s Most Grotesque Heart of Murder, Mayhem with Children: Senator John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up – Boys’ Town – Bohemian Grove”; “Vatican Scandals Update”

January 31 – “Virginia and New York Killing Live Baby Abomination Laws; One World Trade Center Lit Up in Celebratory Pink”


December, 2018

December 6 – Latest News

December 13 – “Tug o’ War”

December 20 – “The Pockets’ Christmas”; “Angel Warns Man to Repent”

December 27 – “Tug o’ War, Part 2” 


November, 2018

November 1 – Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting – False Flag?... Islamic Connections?

November 8 – More on Synagogue Shooting

November 15 – Two Paths, Part 1: Road to Destruction; Road to Pilgrim Faith and American Miracles through History

November 22 – Repeat of November 15th Program

November 29 – The Two Paths, Part 2: Destruction and God’s Miracle-laden One


October, 2018

October 4– “Cruz ‘Ricin’ Threats; Radical Islam on the Move In Europe and the U.S., May-September, 2018”

October 11 – “Warning: Beware the Ides of Mid-Terms”

October 18 – “Barach Obama Advising South African Leader as Minority White Boer Farmers Are Attacked, Lands Grabbed”; “Advice to Prepare as Cashless Society Grows Nearer”; “Why Mid-Term Voting Is Crucial”

October 25 – Hitler’s Occult


September, 2018

September 6 – “9-11 Lies; Flight 93 Memorial New ‘Tower of Voices’”

September 13 – Repeat of September 6, 2018 Broadcast

September 20 – The Emmys Culture:  Fight Against Christians; Murphy Brown Returns; Neil Patrick Harris and “Mate” Resurrect Drag Queen Festival with Lady Bunny, and Include Their Twins in the Festivities

September 27 – “Warning: Beware the Ides of Mid-Terms”


August, 2018

August 2 – “Inspiring Life Stories of Good Christian Men in Pulpit and Politics: Senate Chaplain Barry Black, Senator James Lankford and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest”

August 9 – “NWO Murder, Inc.: Stealth by Euthanasia, Artificial Intelligence and (T-4 Type) Transhumanism”

 August 16 – “Pennsylvania Grand Jury Breaks open Massive Roman Catholic Priest Abuse Cases”; “Is the Swamp Aiding ISIS and the Taliban to Prolong the Afghan War?”

August 23 – “Pa. R. C. Predator Priests’ Story Escalates”; “50,000 Muslims Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Viking Stadium”

August 30 – “Late Summer Sin and Sickness – Grave Threats to Our First Amendment Rights”


July, 2018

July 5 – Al Cuppett:  “The Clinton Years”

July 12 – World Net Daily Article: “Kavanaugh’s Role in the Vince Foster Death Investigation”

July 19 – Repeat of July 12 Show

July 26 – “Jesuit Connections of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh”


June, 2018

June 7 – Ireland Votes in Abortion; Satanic Language of Hatred and Despair; Flight 93 Tower

June 14 – Condoms and Alcohol at the National Boy Scout Jamboree

June 21 – Trump’s Free-Wheeling North Korea Diplomacy; Pence Re-Directs Aid to Nineveh Persecuted Christians and Yazides; Somalis Injure People at Kennedy Park, Lewiston, Maine


May, 2018

May 3 – “Democratic Suicidal Plan to Impeach”; “Trump’s North Korea Plan Winning over More Main Stream Media Journalists”; “Europe Consumed by Islamic Invasion”

May 10 – Al Cuppett: “Remove Not the Old Landmarks”

May 16 – “A Darkened World Against Christ’s Cross” – Lou and Elizabeth

May 23 – “2019 Boy Scout Jamboree to Feature Condoms and Alcohol; NAMBLA Abominations”

May 30 – “U.K.’s Tommy Robinson Arrest; Netherlands’ Geert Wilders says, ‘The lights of freedom are going out…’”


April, 2018

April 5 – “Pedophilia in the Palace”; “False Shepherds? … Eugene Peterson (The Message), Gloria Gaither, Steven Anderson”

April 12 – “People Go Out and Buy More Guns after Parkland Shooting”; “Bank Turned into Mosque, Princess Anne, MD”;  “Elderly French Jew – Saved from Going to Auschwitz – Raped and Murdered by Muslim She’d Known Since He Was 7”

April 19 – “What is the Truth about the Book Jesus Calling?”  Author Warren Smith explains in his book Another Jesus Calling (available at

April 26 – “Islamic Gulen Schools throughout U.S., with Names Like Lisa and Horizon Academy”


March, 2018

March 1 – Shocking Muslim Connections in Sheriff Israel’s Office; The Truth about Fethullah Gulen’s Pennsylvania Compound

March 8 – “Gulen Muslim Schools in America, continued”; “Sanctuary Cities – Threat to Human Health” (For Southwest Radio Ministries’ February “Prophetic Observer” essay, call 1-800-652-1144.)

March 15 – “Story of the Fire in the New Orleans Gay Bar/Church”

March 22 – “Jesuit Georgetown University’s Lawsuit vs. Alex Jones – Jones calls the Jesuits the C.I.A. left arm of the N.W.O.”;  “The Culture of Death; Joy Villa Defends Anti-Abortion Stance with Personal testimony”

March 30 – Al Cuppett – “The Resurrection”


February, 2018

February 1 – Release of Nunes Memo: Clinton Campaign’s Fake Trump Dossier; FBI Paid to Use Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to Surveil American Citizen, Carter Page.

February 8 – Testing? …  Probing? …  Drills? …  Prelude to Plan for Violent Overthrow of America, Part 1

February 15 – Prelude to American Overthrow, Part 2

February 22 – Florida School Shooting; American Overthrow, Part 3


January, 2018

January 4 – “Trump’s Christmas Message”; “New Little Ice Age”– Lou and Elizabeth

January 11 – “Marijuana” and “Monsanto” – Lou and Elizabeth

January 18 – Anita Dittman, Part 1 – Book: “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” available at (Call 866-876-3910 to order)

January 25 – Anita Dittman, Part 2


December, 2017

December 7 – “Antifa and the Weathermen”; “Ed Klein’s Exposé of Antifa meeting overseas with ISIS” – Lou and Elizabeth

December 14 – “More on the Fake Dossier” – Lou and Elizabeth

December 21 – “Sallie Lou and Pat Honor the real Christmas”

December 28 – “Emergency Smart Meter and Wireless Harm” Information Broadcast – Deborah Tavares


November, 2017

November 2 – Lou and Elizabeth on “Halloween and Harry Potter”

November 9 – “Antifa”; “South Sutherland and Ordinary Americans” – Lou and Elizabeth

November 16 – Repeat of November 9 Program

November 23 – Al Cuppett: “The Story of the Pilgrims”

November 30 – Lou’s Reflections about Thanksgiving, 2016; Radical Islam: “Christian Love vs Honor Killings”


October, 2017

October 5 – “Radical Islam” – Captain Darryl Eberhart, Lou and Elizabeth

October 12 – “Opioid Crisis: Portsmouth, Ohio and other U.S. Sites, Results of Greed and Mass Mind Control” – Lou and Elizabeth

October 19 – “Child Sacrifice at Planned Parenthood”; Obama-sponsored Demon-horned Transgender “Killer Clown” giving children’s presentation at Long Beach Library – Lou and Elizabeth

October 26 – “Assault on the ‘Peace Cross’ and other Vital News” – Lou and Elizabeth


September, 2017

September 7 – “Horrific Harvey and Deep State NWO Conspiracies; D. James Kennedy Lawsuit vs. Amazon” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 14 – “Remembering 9-11,”  “Afghanistan Surge Concerns” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 21 – “Rogue Spooks, Dick Morris’ new book”; “Eugenics; the Nazi Plan” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 28 – “Tennessee Church Shooting and Radical Islam in Europe and U.S.A.” – Lou and Elizabeth


August, 2017

August 3 – “North Korea Danger,” “Unsung Victory in Mosul” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 10 – “The Plot to Seize the White House – 1934 and 2017” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 17 – “Vital News” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 25 – “War Surge in Afghanistan – Victory over Terrorists or 16+ Year Quagmire?” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 31 – “Horrific Harvey and Deep State NWO Conspiracies; D. James Kennedy Lawsuit vs. Amazon” – Lou and Elizabeth

July, 2017

July 6 – “Deep State’s War in the CIA” – Captain Daryl Eberhart


June, 2017

June 1 – “Conspiracy!  Foreign Powers, the Jesuits and Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War… Modern Day Replay Coming?” – Captain Darryl Eberhart

June 8 – “Radical Islam – Slow Suicide of America? Part 2” – Captain Darryl Eberhart

June 15 – “The Hoax of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Belief” – Darryl Eberhart

June 22 – “Christian Persecution World-wide Skyrockets; in Spring, 2016, U.S. Bible Believers’ First Amendment Rights under Siege” – Lou and Elizabeth

June 29 – “C.O.G. and Foreign Police and Foreign Police Cars in America – 2017 Update” – Al Cuppett


May, 2017

May 4 – “The Divided Kingdom: Satan vs. God’s People,” Part One – Lou and Elizabeth

May 11 – The Divided Kingdom: Satan vs. God’s People,” Part Two – Lou and Elizabeth

May 18 – “Aspects of Present Judgment on America’s People – Health and Culture” – Lou and Elizabeth

May 25 – “Radical Islam – Slow Suicide of America – Part 1” – Darryl Eberhart


April, 2017

April 6 – “Radical Islam and Persecution of Christians,” Part One – Darryl Eberhart

April 13 – “Radical Islam,” Part Two – Darryl Eberhart

April 20 – “War in the White House?” – Lou and Elizabeth

April 27 – “The Story of Hymns and Much More” – Al Cuppett


March, 2017

March 2 – “The Shack Heresy and More” – Eric Barger

March 9 – “Wiki-Leaks Vault 7”; “Your Samsung TV, CIA Surveillance Listening to You”

March 16 – “Nor’easter Stella, One More Erratic Sign of Coming Global Ice Age?  John L. Casey’s book, Dark Winter”

March 23 – “Continued Satanic Attacks on Christian Politics and Culture”

March 30 – “Fraud of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Belief” – Darryl Eberhart


February, 2017

February 2 – “A New Ice Age, More Info”

February 9 – “Trump’s Meeting with National Police/Sheriffs Organization”

February 16 – Captain Darryl Eberhart: “The Light and Dark of the Intelligence Organizations in the General Flynn Resignation, JFK and Lincoln Assassinations, the Civil War Jesuit and European Connections”

February 23 – “Panorama of Vital Political and Spiritual Upheavals and Heresy”


January, 2017

January 5 – “Russian Hacking of U.S. Elections – Hoorah for Fake News!”

January 12 – Two Long-Term threats? “ISIS in America” and “Ice Age Redux”

January 19 – “Nice, France; Opposition to Mosque; Trump’s Early Executive Orders; Ice Age and Lowering of Sunspot Activity”

January 26 – “Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court; Left’s Violent Attacks”


December, 2016

December 1 – “King James Version of the Bible” – Vital Info on Newer versions Removing Christ’s Divinity – Part 1

December 8 – “Voice of the Martyrs” –Wurmbrand Calls for Pedophilia Investigation

December 15 – “KJV Vital Info – Part 2”

December 22 – “Pocket’s Christmas and Vital Proofs of Miraculous Healings”

December 29 – Eric Barger: “The Fall and Redemption of America” –


November, 2016

November 3 – Pastor Ernie Sanders Essay: “Why Vote for Trump?”  “Muslim Brotherhood in the Democratic and Republican Parties”

November 10 – Dr. Bob Glaze: “U.N. Police”

November 17 – Thanksgiving Reflections: “Christianity’s Love for Others Contrasted with Islam’s Honor Killings”

November 24 – Repeat of November 17 program


October, 2016

October 6 – Dr. Bob Glaze of Southwest Radio Church ( “The U. N. Take-Over of America’s Police”; “Black Panther Roots”

October 13 – “Post-Debate Analysis; The Four Women’s Press Conference” – Lou and Elizabeth

October 20 – Eric Barger: “Hillary and the New Age”

October 27 – Al Cuppett:  “The Clintons,” Part 1 


September, 2016

September 1 – “ISIS Kill List”; “World Vision Supporting Terrorism”; “Muslim Brotherhood, Part 1” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 8 –  “88 Retired Military Back Trump”; “Muslim Brotherhood, Part 2” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 15 – “Hillary’s Health Meltdown”; “Muslim Brotherhood, Part 3” -– Lou and Elizabeth

September 22 – “New York, New Jersey Bombings and Jihad Plan”;  “Muslim Brotherhood, Part 4” – Lou and Elizabeth

September 29 – “Heresy, Depravity in the Church and Culture” – Lou and Elizabeth


August, 2016

August 4 – “Mr. Khan’s Muslim Brotherhood Connection” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 11 – “Survival Necessities” – Al Cuppett

August 18 – “Population Reduction Plans of the Elite”; “Georgia Guidestones” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 25 – “Summer of Assassinations” – Lou and Elizabeth


July, 2016

July 7 – “Extreme Warnings of Smart Meters and Other Globalist Plans for Population Harm” – Deborah Tavares

July 14 – “The Truth about Chrislam” – Eric Barger

July 21 – “The Clinton Scandals,” Part 1 – Retired Joint Chiefs Officer Al Cuppett

July 28 – “Shocking 2016 Presidential Conventions’ Highlights” – Lou and Elizabeth


June, 2016

June 2 – “Story of Charles Martel and Islam’s 700’s Invasion”

June 9 – Judith McGeary: Call your senators before July 1 and ask them to vote against S2609.  (It prevents state laws from physically labeling GMO foods.)  Congress toll-free number: 1-877-762-8762

June 16 – “Orlando Shooting” and “God Protects His Own”

June 23 – “Omar Mateen’s Portrait” and “The Hopes of Brexit”

June 30 – “George Washington’s Visions” and “Trump’s Triumph”


May, 2016

May 5 – “Another Jesus Calling” – Author Warren Smith

May 12 – “Twilight of the Cruz Campaign and JFK-Castro Link”

May 19 – “The Twilight of Europe,” Part 1

May 26 – “The Twilight of Europe,” Part 2


April, 2016

April 7 – “National Border Patrol Council Endorses Trump”

April 14 – “New Ice Age Data: Antarctic Ice Sheet Growing Rapidly”; “Trump Family Charms CNN”; “Newest Zika Virus Scare Tactics”

April 21 – Michael Wurmbrand, son of Voice of the Martyrs founders, calls for truth to be revealed about stone-walled pedophilia investigation.

April 22 – “The Rise, Fall and Redemption of America” – Take a Stand Ministries,


March, 2016

March 3 – “George Washington’s Three Visions and Trump, Triumphant”

March 10 – “Strange Vitriol and Secret Meetings Against trump”; “China’s Debt Bubble Time Bomb”

March 17 – Eric Barger: “The Truth about Chrislam”; “Hillary’s Occult Activities” (

March 24 – “Proofs of the Resurrection,” Talk by the Late Dr. Carl Sanders

March 31 – Beth S., Inspiring Missionary Volunteer’s Trips to Niger with “Effective Ministries”


February, 2016

February 4 – “Women in Combat” and “Coming Global Deflation” – Lou and Elizabeth

February 11 – Eric Barger: “The Rise, Fall and Redemption of America” – DVD available at

February 28 – Beth: “One Woman’s Inspiring Missionary Journey” with “Effective Ministries” to Niger

February 25 – “Perversions in Presidential Hopefuls”;  “Secret Bald Eagle and Other Wildlife Slaughter” – Lou and Elizabeth


January, 2016

January 7 – Globe Article (December 28, 2015):  “Accusation by Admiral Lyons – Islam in the U.S. Government”

January 14 – “The Rise of Ted Cruz; the Fall of Ben Carson”; “Unusual Guests of the First Lady at the Final State of the Union Address”

January 21 – “Deflation Monster Coming”; “Transgender Rules of P.C. Speech in N.Y.”

January 28 – Representative Andy Harris’ letter on “Congressional Progress to Defund Planned Parenthood”; “Naiveté at Wheaton College and in Cologne, Germany, toward ‘Islam’s Tenets in Action’”


December, 2015

December 3 – Al Cuppett: “The Unforgettable Story of the Pilgrims and Puritans”

December 10 – “Islamic Dangers to the U.S.”

December 17 – “Vital Issues”

December 24 – “Fatherland Security” and Two Vital Stories: “Injured Tot Aided by Jesus” and “Man Warned to Repent by Heaven-Sent Angel”

December 31 – The Late Pastor Carl Sanders on “Christmas and God’s Protection”


November, 2015

November 5 – “Key Concerns”

Nov. 12 – Al Cuppett: “Gay Marriage in the Pentagon”

November 19 – “Key Headlines”

Nov. 26 – Al Cuppett: “The Unforgettable Story of the Pilgrims and Puritans”


October, 2015

October 8 – “Pope Francis’ U.S.A. visit: Assessments and other vital news”

October 15 – Can J. K. Rowling’s Harry potter series be “Christian”?  How Maryland’s EZ-Pass was railroaded

October 22 – “Illuminati Gods in the Olympic Games” – Doc Marquis

October 29 – “Early Winter Masquerade Ball: Taking off the masks from the Presidential office, the 2016 campaign, the Pope and the U.S. and the “Gay Pride Military”


September, 2015

Wednesday, September 2- “Why You Should Only Use the KJV Bible; Shocking Info on NIV, NKJV, etc.” Part 1

Thursday, September 3 – “Why You Should Only Use the KJV Bible; Shocking Info on NIV, NKJV, etc.” Part 2

Wednesday, September 9 – The Late Dr. Noah Hutchings, Carol Rushton (Feb. 12, 2014): “The Book Christian Cleansing of America” (Available from 1-800-652-1144 or

Thursday, September 10 – Elizabeth on “Darwin and Eugenics”; Lou on “J-Lens Blimps that can see from Staten Island to North Carolina: The All-Seeing Eye Progresses”

Wednesday, September 16 – Repeat of August 13, 2015 Program

Thursday, September 17 – Repeat of August 26, 2015 Program

Wednesday, September 23 – “Immigrants Flood Europe;” “Fetal Cannibalism Report”

Thursday, September 24 – “Fukushima’s Continuing Hazards”


August, 2015

Wednesday, August 5 – “Planned Parenthood, the Third Video; PETA’s Animosity toward Humans; Jesus’ Omnipresent Love and Walk with Us”

Thursday, August 6 – Repeat of August 5, 2015 Program

Wednesday, August 12 – Al Cuppett: “Vital Survival Items You Need to Prepare”

Thursday, August 13 – “Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction Projected on the Empire State Building; Growing Satanic Influence in America”

Wednesday, August 19 – “Kaleidoscope of 2015’s Way of Life Vignettes of Church and Cultural ‘Falling Away’”

Thursday, August 20 – “NSA and AT&T Worrisome Secret World Connections; Islam and Caliphate Goal”

Wednesday, August 26 – “America: Two Countries; Exposure of Long-Term U.S. Government Involvement in Fetal Organ Purchases – FDA, NIH, etc.”

Thursday, August 27 – Repeat of August 26, 2015 Program


July, 2015

Wednesday, July 1 – Dr. David Schnittger: “The Line in the Sand”

Thursday, July 2 – “ISIS Threatens U.S.”; “Dismemberment Abortions” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 8 – “The Harbinger:  Warnings of Economic Stress” – Elizabeth

Thursday, July 9 – “The Harbinger, Part 2”

Wednesday, July 15 – “Vaccines to Bioengineer Humans”; “Jade Helm 15”; “Smart Cities” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, July 16 – “Government Browsers Spying on the Public”; “Horrific Child Molestation Case” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 22 – “Planned Parenthood Organ Sales Exposed” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, July 23 – “Planned Parenthood Organ Sales Exposed” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 29 – “The Only Way Back” – Guest Bill Heid (website: <>)

Thursday, July 30 – “Calls to Defund Planned Parenthood as Organ Sales Exposé Widens” – Lou and Elizabeth


June, 2015

Wednesday, June 3 – “Time of Trouble Nearing as Evil Grows” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, June 4 – “The Christian Cleansing of America” – Noah Hutchings and Carol Rushton [Book available from <>.]

Wednesday, June 10 – “Rand Paul and NSA Changes; Abortions in U.S. Decline” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, June 11 – “New Wars Planned by U.S./NATO?” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, June 17 – “Prepare for Economic Reset – Buy Gold; Bilderberg Meeting, Austria (CIA and Nazi origins); Destruction of Red Blood Cells by Smart Meters, an issue needing much investigation, prayer and action for you to protect your family.”  YOU MUST SEE the DVD “Take Back your Power”; Search for its website on the internet and view the trailer for it.

– Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, June 18 – Same as June 17 Program

Wednesday, June 24 – Same as June 17 Program

Thursday, June 25 –  “Extreme Dangers of Smart Meters” – Deborah Tavares [Vital information is on the DVD “Take Back your Power”;  Search for its website on the internet and view the trailer for it.]


May, 2015

Wednesday, May 6 – “The Clinton Years” – Al Cuppett, Retired Action Officer, The Joint Chiefs of Staff

Thursday, May 7 – “False Flags Abound” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, May 13 – “The Clinton Years, Part 2” – Al Cuppett

Thursday, May 14 – “Animosity Toward Bible Believing Christians – Harbinger of Coming Persecution?” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, May 20 – “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” – The Story of Holocaust Survivor Anita Dittman [Unforgettable, inspiring book available at Lighthouse Trails Publishing]

Thursday, May 21 – “Fall of Ramadi: Clinton E-Mail Fallout Continues” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, May 27 – “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell, Part 2” – The Story of Holocaust Survivor Anita Dittman [Unforgettable, inspiring book available at Lighthouse Trails Publishing]

Thursday, May 28 – “Time of Trouble Nearing as Evil Grows” – Lou and Elizabeth


April, 2015

Wednesday, April 1 – “Story of Betty Maltz” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, April 2 – Dr. Carl Sanders’ Superb 2013 Talk, “Proofs of the Resurrection”

Wednesday, April 8 – “Proofs of Jesus’ Resurrection”

Thursday, April 9 – “Proofs of Jesus’ Resurrection”

Wednesday, April 15 – Al Cuppett, “Biblical Numerics”

Thursday, April 16 – “Heaven and Hell Are Real” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, April 22 – “Part One: Earth Day, Planetary Control and Population Reduction” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, April 23 – “Part One: Earth Day, Planetary Control and Population Reduction” – Lou and Elizabeth

Wednesday, April 29 – “Part Two: Earth Day, Planetary Control and Population Reduction” – Lou and Elizabeth

Thursday, April 30 – “Part Two: Earth Day, Planetary Control and Population Reduction” – Lou and Elizabeth


March, 2015
March 4 – “Are We Entering a Little Ice Age?” (Part one) – Lou and Elizabeth

March 5 – “A New Little Ice Age? And The Summer that Never Was.” – Lou and Elizabeth

March 11 – Repeat of March 5, 2015

March 12 – “A Benedict Arnold Leader?” – Essay by Pat Boone – Carl Sanders and Elizabeth

March 18 – “JLENS Army Blimps Over Maryland and More States; Sandy Hook Fallacies…” – Lou and Elizabeth

March 19 – “21 Coptic Christians Beheaded; Obama Gives Pass to Islam” – Lou and Elizabeth

March 25 – “Fifty Shades of Gray and More Depravity and Darkness” – Lou and Elizabeth

March 26 – “Abortionists and the Death of Lakeisha Wilson Update” – Lou and Elizabeth


February, 2015

February 4 – Christian faith leaving Europe as more churches close; “Squatters Slow Detroit’s Plan to Bulldoze for Prosperity”; other vital apostasy news – Lou and Elizabeth

February 5 – “Sandy Hook, a Theatrical Drill?”; vital Sandy Hook news – lawsuit, investigative efforts of Jim Fetzer – Lou and Elizabeth

February 11 – Alabama same-sex marriage drama; vaccine controversy – Lou and Elizabeth

February 12 – Repeat of February 11, 2015 program

February 18 – Islam cannibalism; Obama’s Prayer Breakfast “sermon,” castigating Christianity through the ages – Lou and Elizabeth

February 19 – Weakest solar cycle since 1906 points to coming ice age?  Obama gives pass to Islam over 21 captive Christians beheaded in Libya – Lou and Elizabeth

February 25 – America’s fall into depravity – pornography and torture – Lou and Elizabeth

February 26 – Repeat of February 25, 2015 program


January, 2015

January 1 – Repeat of December 10, 2014 program

January 7 – Pastor Carl Sanders and Elizabeth discuss various key concerns

January 8 – “Was the Ebola outbreak connected to Red Cross vaccine program?” – Carl and Elizabeth

January 14 – Ebola survivors Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebold – their inspiring Christian witness; the “Hit and Run” church bishop; Pope Francis in the mosque – Elizabeth

January 15 – D.C. subway incident – false flag?  Al Cuppett’s devastating eyewitness tour of Beechwood, a capacity to “repair” four trains under one roof, a vented building… – Lou and Elizabeth

January 21 – Repeat of January 15, 2015 program

January 22 – Repeat of January 14, 2015 program

January 28 – Pat Boone’s essay on a “Hypothetical Present-day Benedict Arnold”; Congress’s callous betrayal of pro-life interests – Elizabeth

January 29 – “Deception and Experimentation” – Lou and Elizabeth update more on the D.C. subway fire, where people were told to “stay where they were…”; GMO mosquitoes to be loosed on the people of Key West – Lou and Elizabeth


December, 2014

December 3 – Islamic Beheadings; Mennonites in Africa; vaccines and more – Elizabeth

December 4 – Apostate news from the National Cathedral; Islam and the One World Church –  Lou and Elizabeth

December 10 – Guest Deborah Tavares on “Vital Control of Water,” Part One

December 11 – Guest Deborah Tavares on “Vital Control of Water,” Part Two

December 17 – “The Hope of Christ’s Birth,” humor featuring Pastor Pat Pockets and Sallie Lou Pockets, the fictional couple

December 18 – Repeat of December 17, 2014 program

December 24 – Pastor Carl Sanders on “The Hope of Jesus Christ’s Birth”

December 31 – “The Great Falling Away Continues” – a look at the year’s church news – Lou and Elizabeth


November, 2014

November 5 – Pastor Carl Sanders on the Authorized King James Bible

November 6 – “Coming Judgment: The Shemitah and the Story of the Towers”; plus post-election news – Lou and Elizabeth

November 12 – The KJV and ominous heretical changes in the new Bible versions, part one – Lou and Elizabeth

November 13 – The KJV and ominous heretical changes in the new Bible versions, part two – Lou and Elizabeth

November 19 – Islamic beheadings; existing U. S. concentration camps; church apostasy – Pastor Carl Sanders and Elizabeth

November 20 – Al Cuppett’s “Story of the Pilgrims” and of the later vital 19th century church in America

November 26 – Repeat of October 29, 2014 program

November 27 – Repeat of November 20, 2014 program


October, 2014

October 1 – Repeat of September 25, 2014 program

October 2 – Horace Mann School pedophilia scandal exposé; soldiers’ loving care of a brave war dog – Lou and Elizabeth

October 8 – Repeat of October 2, 2014 program

October 9 – Shocking facts from Caryl Matisciana, producer of award winning DVD documentary Islam Rising (website:

October 16 – T.B.A.

October 23 – T. B. A.

October 29 – T. B. A.

October 30 – Spiritual Issues, Caryl Matrisciana


September, 2014

September 3 – T. B. A.

September 4 – World War III being prepared by Illuminatists?  One man’s Islam encounter on an airplane – Lou and Elizabeth

September 10 – Repeat of September 4, 2014 program

September 11 – The Harbinger and prophecies of the fall of America – Lou and Elizabeth

September 17 – More on The Harbinger and coming American judgment; retrospective on 9-11 and the miraculous Flight 93 Bible – Elizabeth

September 18 – The Harbinger continued; Lou’s report on “The mark of the Beast Draws Nearer”

September 24 – Repeat of September 17, 2014 program

September 25 – “Smart Watch” and “Google Maps” revisited – Lou and Elizabeth


August, 2014

August 6 – “CIA Torture Secrets” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 7 – “Who Are the Bilderbergs?” – Lou and Elizabeth

August 13 – Words of Islam – quotes from high Islamic clerical figures – Lou and Elizabeth

August 14 – Repeat of August 13, 2014 program

August 20 – Middle East Christian persecution ignored by media: sympathy given only to a minority religious sect; the Ferguson case – Lou and Elizabeth

August 21 – T. B. A.

August 27 – Al Cuppett – vital issues

August 28 – Al Cuppett – vital issues


July, 2014

July 2 – “The Line in the Sand” – Dr. David Schnittger

July 3 – ObamaCare results; Sandy Hook cover-up – Carl Sanders, Lou and Elizabeth

July 9 – July 4th reflections on Sandy hook; shocking Presbyterian failure to vote on saving babies not killed in abortion procedures – Lou and Elizabeth

July 10 – “Murietta Border Situation” – Cloward and Piven strategy to destroy the U.S.

July 16 – Various key topics – Lou and Elizabeth

July 17 – Horrifying child pornography and abuse – Philadelphia Daily News report; contrast with God’s beauty in Creation – Lou and Elizabeth

July 23 – Nat Hentoff’s warnings of Americans’ loss of freedom via the National Defense Authorization Act (Americans picked up and detained) – Lou and Elizabeth

July 24 – Various key topics – Lou and Elizabeth

July 30 – “Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?” – Dr. Noah Hutchings and Carol Hutchings

July 31 – Repeat of July 23, 2014 program


June, 2014

June 4 – Repeat of May 29, 2014 program

June 5 – Repeat of January 15, 2014 program: “Another Jesus Calling” with Warren Smith

June 11 – Repeat of March 26, 2014 program

June 12 – Repeat of May 13, 2014 program

June 18 – Caryl Matrisciana: “Islam Rising”

June 19 – “NWO Exposed,” Dr. Nick Begich

June 25 – “NWO Plans for W.W. III” – Dr. Stan Monteith

June 26 –  “NWO Plans for W.W. III” – Dr. Stan Monteith


May, 2014

May 7 – Dr. Larry Spargimino and a bereaved mother on perils of marijuana legalization

May 8 – Maryland watermen oyster shell controversy; grocery store owners’ loss of freedom – civil forfeiture – Lou and Elizabeth

May 14 – Disgrace of putting 9-11 remains in basement; the “Feathered Serpent” presidential costume – Lou and Elizabeth

May 15 – “Amstapo” news; Betty Maltz’s glimpse of Heaven – Lou and Elizabeth

May 21 – Repeat of May 15, 2014 program

May 22 – T. B. A.

May 28 – T. B. A.

May 29 – “The Bilderberg Conference” – Lou and Elizabeth


April, 2014

April 2 – “The Divided Kingdom Becomes More Divided!” – Pastor Carl Sanders, Lou and Elizabeth

April 3 – ObamaCare results; Sandy Hook cover-up; gay cartoons and Disney couples – Pastor Carl Sanders, Lou and Elizabeth

April 9 – Abortion news – Elizabeth

April 10 – “Tyranny Against the Humble Woodstove” and more – Lou and Elizabeth

April 16 – Pastor Carl Sanders: “Proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus”

April 17 – “Depravity” in the culture – Lou and Elizabeth

April 23 – Repeat of April 16, 2014 program

April 24 – Al Cuppett: “Hymns”

April 30 – T. B. A.