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2021 Summer “Death Shrieks”

July 25, 2021 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


      God and/or weather modification mischief – result – severe drought in the western United States, a new California earthquake, catastrophic floods in Germany and dam-threatening waters in China…  But more imminent threats are not OUTSIDE your body.  They are INSIDE IT.  An evil doppelganger of children’s Legos toys, covid mRNA vaccines are using spike proteins and nanoparticles to create new gothic horror constructions in your body.  For many – resultant disability or death.

        This is a spreading catastrophe: a young man aspiring to go to medical school struck down by myocarditis; three formerly healthy young women now endlessly convulsing in whole-body-fashion; little African American girl Maddy, in a wheelchair and unable to feel her body from her waist down.  Is there enough post-vaccine anguish for you yet?

        The sadness and uncertainty for those of our dearest friends and family who took the experimental covid jabs, never approved by the FDA, oppresses us.  Will they die sooner or a little later on from a stroke or heart attack from blood clots caused by the spike proteins?

        A lawsuit to be filed in Alabama by Thomas Renz is founded on the information of a VAERS whistleblower, who suggests that in one line out of ten or eleven total lines of information, 45,000 is the true number of covid vaccine deaths, a figure that has been covered up.  If this is accurate, the total “hidden” deaths, counting the other lines, could be as many as 450,000 – almost half a million!  What Dr. Lee Merritt called “The Elephant in the Room” no one wants to talk about now - a population killing plan.  It is rampaging like the French Revolution!

        Dr. Judy Mikovits, long-time insider, researcher and co-author of the August release book Ending Plague, said in a recent interview with Stew Peters that components put into some covid vaccines included the spike protein HIV virus envelope, the XMRV mouse virus, isolated from people with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, multiple sclerosis and myalgic encephamyelitis.  It’s the same XMRV as in the 2006 blood supply contamination, the same factor responsible for the cytokine storms caused by the mRNA covid vaccines.

        Nero fiddled as Rome burned.  Ex-President Trump and squawking Deep-State-parrot Sean Hannity are still “talking vaccines,” even as rumors abound that Fox received a huge pharmaceutical endowment.  None in Congress is brave enough to do more than token attempts to expose the whole Fauci – Ralph Baric’s “gain of function” – North Carolina – NIH, NIAID criminal complex.

        But compared to six or seven months ago, more masses of people in America have really awakened.  Many think it is odd, for example, that in Maryland vaccine hesitancy has been met with a roll-out of FEMA mobile vax vans, inducements of pizzas, and voila!  TWO vaccine lotteries, the last one enticing youth to win big money for college.  Of course, if the student winner happens to get the serious heart inflammation, myocarditis, he or she will perhaps have to rest two or three years (if still alive) before enrolling.  Oh well, throw the dog a bone; maybe a few online courses to placate the bedfast population-reduction victim on bed rest …

        Yes, the summer “death shrieks” are growing louder, more insistent, for people to notice…  Early on, only a few alert, thinking persons noticed the strange tyranny against doctors advocating hydroxychloroquine and the ominous sudden destruction of a key production plant.  Only a minority winced as President Donald Trump exulted, “The vaccines are coming!  The vaccines are coming!”  That echo of Paul Revere’s warning, “The British are coming!” has an escalating urgency as “The Hidden Elephant in the Room” stomps toward you with, perhaps, part two, a new variation and “mad cow” innovation.

        In a July 24th interview on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby explained plans for a new, supposedly safer, vaccine, called Novavax.  This continuation of death is cleverly made by using a virus that spiders, not humans, get.  Scientists then put it into moths.  Next, spike proteins are extracted, and each is studded into a lipid nanoparticle.  MORE SPIKE PROTEINS!  If that fact alone nonplusses you, try this: Nanovax will also include a prion-HIV Glyco protein 120.  Yes, prions are those things connected with Jacob Creutzfeldt (“mad cow”) disease.  Prions have an affinity for the brain.  They are involved in the creation of spongiform encephalopathy.  After two weeks of clinical trials, “knock-out-mice,” those bred to have human-like reactions, had a 95% die-off rate.  Macaque monkeys under study were found to have Lewy bodies, proteins akin to those found in human Alzheimer’s patients’ brains.

       Before these reports emerged of this soon-to-be imminent “horror booster” shot, the news about the effects of the present covid mRNA shots was bad enough.   Dr. Ruby, in another interview, showed UK Dr. Wellborn’s comparative red blood cell slides: healthy, round red blood cells from an unvaccinated person and, by way of contrast, those from a vaxxed person – clumped, misshapen cells in a ghastly gray sea…

        “You are indeed,” as General and former President, Dwight D, Eisenhower told Republicans at the Bedford Springs Hotel, Bedford, Pennsylvania in 1962, “fighting for your very lives.  You don’t know it yet, but when the time comes, you’ll be up to it…”

        Will we be up to it?  We ordinary citizens must stand up and not accept the growing tyranny, including vaccine passports, forced inoculations and planned takedown of America.  We must stand up when our Congressmen are sold-out cowards.  We must stand up when some of the leading pastors in America have committed the abomination of advising their flock to get aborted-fetal-cell-line derived vaccines.  Some have even desecrated God’s House by giving covid injections inside the church, as in Kanawha County, West Virginia at Charleston Bible Center Church on June 4.  (Time Magazine, July 5/July 12, 2021)  Real people, real American Christians, must now separate from these ravening wolves.  As Dr. Judy Mikovits says, Founder Thomas Jefferson’s motto should become our teacher, our guide in the perilous days ahead: “For here we will speak the truth and not tolerate errors, so long as reason is left free.”  Mikovits is a Christian and has suffered false imprisonment in her lifetime.  Persecution of American Christians who always complacently thought they were immune is no doubt waiting a little farther down the road.  Vaccine passports, forced inoculations for workers to keep their jobs, palm scanning payment coming to Whole Foods grocery chain …  These are indicators, signs of the times, finally codifying unto The Mark of the Beast.  Your choice now whether to separate from the abominations to God will determine where you spend eternity.

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