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9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles Part Two

9-11 Twenty-Year Chronicles

Part Two:

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


(With excerpts from Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly’s 2004 book, Patriot’s Warning I: America Attacked)  Features One-Day-In-June, 2002’s amazing, blitzkrieg research by Lou Caverly 



        The September morning calm, and my extended rest, were broken by the incessant ringing of the telephone.  I had just gotten in from Honolulu the day before, where I had spoken to a group about the “New World Order,” and the danger it presents to our American way of life.  I was sound asleep when the phone rang.

        I answered the call and heard Mike shouting, “Get your TV on … quick!”  Half asleep, but with over 30 years of military training driving me, I obediently rushed into the guest bedroom, and out of the closet dragged an old black-and-white TV, dusted it off, plugged it in and turned it on.  There, as I adjusted the antenna, in front of my sleepy eyes, was a tall smoking building in Manhattan.  “Hmm, that looks rather familiar,” I thought.  Did it ever look familiar!  It was the same “tall building” I had featured on the Prophecy Club video, “Black Operations and Prophecy,” which was filmed on July 15, 1998 in South Bend, Indiana, more than three years before September 11th, 2001.

        The picture I had inserted into the video was that of the World Trade Center complex; namely, with a riflescope’s crosshairs pinpointed on the exact impact point of the first jetliner on the doomed tower.  That “picture” was the official Department of Justice/FEMA “Emergency Response to Terrorism” overhead projector slide which had been given to me by a fireman in West Palm Beach in May of 1998!  The New World Order had struck again!

        Yes, the New World Order, which flaunts the motto “Ordo Ab Chao,” that is, “Order out of chaos,” had struck once again, just as President G.H.W. Bush had promised us, exactly eleven years earlier on September 11, 1990.  As I recall, he was in Kuwait addressing Operation Desert Shield military forces preparing to attack Iraq in what would be Operation Desert Storm.  Furthermore, exactly one year later, again on 11 September 1991, he made the exact same statement before Congress.  George H.W. Bush had promised to deliver the New World Order to American shores, and he and his worldwide Illuminist friends had “delivered.”  The Prophecy Club video proves it.

        Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly, the author of this book, asked me to prepare a foreword.  I have known Elizabeth and her husband for a couple of years, dating from the time when we discovered we were distant cousins.  To wit, our great, great, great, great, great grandfather had arrived with his three sons at Philadelphia in 1750, aboard a ship from Europe.  I know this because my Aunt Mary was, for many years, a genealogist for the Daughters of the American Revolution.  

        My “cousin” Elizabeth has written a unique book, masterfully weaving critical investigative journalism cleverly into a tapestry of facts and history; facts which you, dear reader, need to learn about, and learn now!  For if you, and millions of other Americans, do not digest these facts, our “history” as a Democratic Republic is to be short lived.  You must chew “the meat” quickly!

         To wit, from 1982 I recall a sign on the wall of Major General Gerry Prather’s AF/XOK Air Staff office in the Pentagon.  The sign read:

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you … It’ll kill you”

        It’s with that sign in mind that I type the foreword to a book which will open your eyes to the imminent and pernicious threat we are all now facing.  If Divine Providence, the Lord himself, is gracious, as well as more than merciful, we will have time to publish this book.  In the event we don’t get the book published before catastrophe strikes, we can still hold our heads high and say, “We have fulfilled our duty as ‘watchmen,’ for when we saw the sword approaching, we sounded the alarm, trying to awaken a sleeping Republic.

        I add the following that you might grasp where I have gained the experience to write a “Foreword” to what you read herein.  At the close of my thirty-one years’ service to the United States, I served for six years as an Action Officer in the position of a Command and Control and Intelligence Communications Evaluator and Inspector with the Joints Chiefs of Staff.  My subsequent investigation of the United Nations and the deadly “New World Order” since my retirement in 1990 proves that what you read in this book is accurate and up-to-date.  Dear reader, I would beg of you to review what’s contained within these pages with all diligence, for neither I, nor Elizabeth Caverly, want you to suffer what the New World Order has planned for you, your children and even your grandchildren.  Rather we would have the reader “deliver his soul” from the “sword.”  (Ezekiel 33: 1-9, Authorized [King James] Version of the Holy Bible.)

With warm but solemn regards, in His glad Service,

Alexander “Al” Cuppett


II.  Two American Authors’ 9-11 “Foreshadowing”

  1. Binoculars into America’s future

        In The Martian Chronicles, author Ray Bradbury’s opening chapter is only one page long, entitled “Rocket Summer.”  It completely captures the breathtaking feeling of suspense, hope and unlimited potential, a future just waiting for men of creativity and sanity to mold it …  “One minute it was Ohio winter, with doors closed, windows locked, the panes blind with frost, icicles fringing every roof, children skiing on slopes …  And then a long wave of warmth crossed the small town …  as if someone had left a bakery door open …  Rocket summer …  The rocket lay on the launching field …  in the cold winter morning, making summer with every breath of its mighty exhausts … and summer lay for a brief moment upon the land.”

        What was happening September 11, 2001, in Bradbury’s forward-looking novel?  The closest date to it that the writer uses is the chapter entitled “August 2001: The Settlers.”

        Quotes from this chapter again reveal the pioneering, hopeful spirit moving man’s greatest adventure forward, showing the mindset of American patriotism, a deep, poignant love in each traveler for the particular state left behind.  “The men on earth came to Mars …  There was a reason for each man …  They were coming with small dreams or large dreams or none at all.  But a government finger pointed from four-color posters in many towns:  THERE’S WORK FOR YOU IN THE SKY:  SEE MARS! … Most men felt the illness called The Loneliness, because when you saw your home town dwindle to the size of your fist and then lemon-size and then pin-size and vanish in the fire wake, you felt you had never been born, there was no town, you were nowhere with space all around …  And when the state of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri or Montana vanished into cloud seas, and, doubly, when the United States shrank to a misty island …  then you were alone, … on your way to a place you couldn’t imagine.”

        The youthful Ray Bradbury in 1946 could never have imagined that the United States could shrink into a different kind of mist in the future he looked into, a heavy, black, miasmic deadly air, the horrible event that made Margaret’s son pick up the telephone and relay to her those words, “Our nation is in dire peril.”  Not expansion or progress or creativity, man’s highest hopes and accomplishments, but tragedy, shock, limitation and loss of 3000 innocent lives.

        Another American writer, Stephen Vincent Benet, back in 1937 had a vision, too, of the future of New York City in his indelible short story, “By the Waters of Babylon.”  Benet was an author who was frequently taught to high school students in the 1950’s.  He was the author of John Brown’s Body, which received the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1929, and of the classic short story, “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”  Interestingly, Benet was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (1893 – 1943), the son, grandson and great-grandson of army officers.  In these “multi-cultural times,” Stephen Vincent Benet is probably omitted from books and denied recognition because he is “too patriotic” and “too American.”

        The vision of the future in “By the Waters of Babylon” is the sheer opposite of Bradbury’s optimistic scenario of science’s golden space future.  The key character, John, “son of John,” and a member of the people called the Hill People, tries to recapture meaning from the artifacts left from another race of men.  “We are not ignorant like the Forest People – our women spin wool on the wheel, our priests wear a white robe.  We do not eat grubs from the tree, we have not forgotten the old writings, although they are hard to understand …”

        John, living by tribal portent and custom, sees the wished-for sign, an eagle.  More signs follow: three deer pass.  A white fawn is with them.  A panther almost kills the fawn.  John destroys the panther first and then knows his destiny is to visit the forbidden Place of the Gods. 

        In 1937, years before the emergence of the first atomic bomb, Benet’s protagonist says presciently, “It felt like ground underfoot; it did not burn me.  It is not true what some of the tales say, that the ground there burns forever, for I have been there.  Here and there were the marks and stains of the Great Burning, on the ruins …  Everywhere there are the ruins of the high towers of the gods.

        “There was also the shattered image of a man or a god.  It had been made of white stone and he wore his hair tied back like a woman’s.  His name was “ASHING” [Washington], as I read on the cracked half of a stone.  I thought it wise to pray to ASHING, though I do not know that god.

        John eventually sees all the wonders of the vanished civilization, magnificent pictures and furnishings inside homes and outside, great roads, buildings and bridges.  He speculates on these “gods”: “Were they happy?  What is happiness to the gods?  They were great, they were mighty, they were wonderful and terrible … a little more, it seemed to me, and they would pull down the moon from the sky.  I saw them with wisdom beyond wisdom and knowledge beyond knowledge.  And yet not all they did was well done …  Then I saw their fate come upon them and that was terrible past speech …  It was fire falling out of the sky and a mist that poisoned.  It was the time of the Great Burning and the Destruction.  They ran about like ants in the streets of their city – poor gods, poor gods!  Then the towers began to fall …  I saw the last of them die.  It was darkness over the broken city and I wept …”

        Benet makes it clear that the destroyed city was indeed New York, perhaps eviscerated by a force that could still come – one much more terrible even than the awful events of September 11.  Bradbury’s vision assumed that men of sanity and with love of country will win out, while Benet’s dark glimpse unveils total annihilation brought about by political and technological depravity, lies, greed and no caring that the American individual is worth all.

        “Two roads in a wood diverged,” said American poet Robert Frost.  Perhaps the way our country chooses to take, the path of exhilaration depicted in Bradbury’s “Rocket Summer,” or the Benet road, ultimate sorrow and destruction, depends first upon giving the people knowledge, waking them to new vigilance, shining the light upon despicable things hidden (and thus protected) from them in darkness for too long …


  1. “Ship of State” Sound Bites


  1. Perpetrators and Failed Protectors


  • “In Egypt, a columnist for the country’s leading pro-government newspaper offered a strangely popular theory about the World Trade Center attacks: ‘The perpetrators are Americans,’ he wrote …”


                                                                        U.S. News and World Report

                                                                        Oct. 8, 2001, p. 46


  • “The day after the attacks the New York Fire Department Chief Arson Investigator told television reporters, ‘Internal explosives’ were used to bring down the World Trade Center towers.”

                                                                        Will Thomas, All Fall Down,

                                                                        p. 13


  • “In New York, several blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center, a passport authorities said belonged to one of the hijackers was discovered a few days ago, according to city police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.  That has prompted the F.B.I. and police to widen the search area.”



  • “We are asked to believe that one of the hijackers brought his passport with him on a domestic flight, even though he knew he would not need it then, or ever again; that upon impact the passport flew out of the aircraft, that it flew out of the burning tower, and that it was carried by the air currents and landed safely, where it could be discovered several blocks away.”

                                                                                                Carol A. Valentine



  • “ ‘It’s a kind of needle-in-a-haystack proposition,’ says Howard Leadbetter, the F.B.I. agent heading WTC evidence recovery …  Leadbetter says he’s inspired by the passport belonging to a hijacker recovered on September 11: ‘It was a one in a billion find.’”

                                                                        Julie Scelfo, “It’s a Kind of Needle-in- a- Haystack                                                                                               Proposition,” Newsweek,                                                                                            January, 2002


  • “It appears that by 9:10, controllers had a track on Flight 77, now over West Virginia and headed back to Washington.  By that time the first two planes had hit the World Trade Center, the second at 9:03.  Still, the FAA didn’t notify NORAD [North American Aero-space Defense Command] about Flight 77 until 9:24.”

                                                                                                U.S. News and World Report, Oct. 8,                                                                                                2001, p.26


  • “(The FAA had notified NORAD about the two Boston flights more than 40 minutes earlier.)  By 9:30, two F-16 fighters from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, 120 miles away, were airborne.  But the airliner hit the Pentagon at 9:37. The two fighters were still 12 minutes away.”

                                                                                                U.S. News and World Report, Oct. 8,                                                                                                2001, p.26

  • “ ‘Air defense around Washington is provided mainly by fighter planes from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland near the District of Columbia border.  The D.C. Air National Guard is also based there and equipped with F-16 fighter plane,’ a National Guard spokesman said.  ‘But the fighters took to the skies over Washington only after the devastating attack on the Pentagon.’”

                                                                        San Diego Union-Tribune

                                                                        Sept. 12, 2001


  • “All commercial airliners must adhere to regulation – rigid Instrument Flight Rules.  They must hit assigned aerial intersections within minutes of their ETA (estimated time of arrival).  If their altitude bobbles, if course changes a few degrees, if they are late reporting, inquiries from air traffic control are immediate and insistent.  They have to be.  At jet speeds, collision comes in an eye blink.  Now we are told that an airliner departs its assigned course and altitude and cruises toward New York for 48 minutes with no one at the ‘scope’ noticing?”

                                                                        Will Thomas, All Fall Down, p.30


        [ Lou Caverly ‘s 2021 Update:  Twenty years have passed since the events of September 11, 2001.  Yet, the same pattern of “intentional incompetence” by the U.S. government seems to be present in the U.S.-Afghanistan situation.  Prior to the 9/11 attacks, critical warnings were ignored or, worse still, suppressed.  On the day of 9/11, standard operating procedures were not followed.  Jet interceptors were not quickly scrambled, and they flew at speeds far below their capacity.  Thus, they did not arrive in time to foil the attacks on the South Tower of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  In the days after the attacks, debris from the Twin Towers was quickly removed and shipped overseas for scrap.  Consequently, no chemical tests could be performed to check for the cause of their collapse.  Several members of the bin Laden family were speedily flown out of the country before they could be questioned about any knowledge they might have had about the attacks.  Was all of this just incompetence?  Or were there more devious motives?

        Now, in early September, 2021, we have just witnessed more “intentional” failures.  No one can look at the withdrawal from Afghanistan without cringing.  The President announced the withdrawal date weeks ahead of time – a great favor to the Taliban.  A strategic air force base was abandoned overnight without notifying our allies in advance.  Millions (perhaps billions) of dollars of military equipment was left behind in the rush to leave.  And, defying all logic, the names of Americans and Afghan allies of the U.S. were handed over to the Taliban.  Once again, this was a great favor to the Taliban – it made it that much easier for them to seek out and eliminate anyone who had assisted the American forces or their friends.  It stretches credibility to believe that all these acts were merely due to stupidity.  Something else is going on.

        And what about the immigration crisis?  After dismantling President Trump’s border policies, The Biden Administration has done almost nothing to relieve the vast influx of immigrants.  Human trafficking abounds, covid-stricken people flood in constantly, and the Federal Government does nothing.  The State Department has prohibited U.S. rescue attempts of Afghan Christians, and even told Macedonia not to give these Christians a safe haven.  Talk show host Glen Beck has been able to rescue 5,000 people with his airplanes.  Should we salute “President Beck” for statesmanship instead of “Bungling’ Biden? 

        A number of Afghani refugees are being settled in Oklahoma, according to reports of people there.  No, not bungling after all.  The U.S. government is bringing in lots of unvetted immigrants (no doubt including many radical Islamists).  Are they just waiting for the chance to strike, NWO mercenaries to be used in the latter stages of America’s take-down?

        Similar “bungling” (or is it diabolical planning again?) applies to the covid-19 situation.  The vaccines were rushed and given quick approval without adequate testing.  Treatments that did not enrich “Big Pharma” were squashed, even though they were reported to be effective in other countries.  Leading medical personnel such as Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Michael Yeadon pose the possibility of a planned population reduction – a world genocide against humanity?

        We see the disastrous results occurring from the “clot shots,” including worldwide burgeoning injury and death rates.  Four British Air pilots dead in one week after receiving the vaccines!  From February 1 to August 3, 2021, U.K. records of “Delta Variant” show 742 deaths, of which 402 were fully vaccinated and 79 had received just one shot.  The remaining 253 cases (about one third) were the unvaccinated.  The much-vaunted vaccines are not doing their job.  Or are they doing it all too well?

        Clearly, quasi-President Biden and his government in 2021 follow lockstep in the footsteps of 2001.  The actions of those in power continue to lead the nation into traps that result in catastrophe.  It is no longer possible to look at all these accumulated disasters and just write them off as “honest mistakes.”  The plan to bring down the nation is still moving rapidly forward.]


  • “Why does the heavy drinking and searching for hookers by some of the hijackers in Boston, as reported by Reuters News Service, sound more like mercenaries carousing before a mission than pious religious fundamentalists about to meet their maker?”

                                                                                                Jim Marrs, “An Overview of the                                                                                                          War on Terrorism,” p. 7


  • “Military people wear uniform garments, even in combat, and this is an element in ceremony.  Why do they do that?  Some troops in Vietnam began to dress like bandits when discipline eroded.  Oliver North’s first company commander wore a red bandana and allowed himself to be called ‘Organ Grinder’ by his troops; meanwhile, North and other platoon leaders grew long hair and mustaches …  But there is a moral aspect to this as well.  If you carry guns and dress the part of a bandit, you may find it easier to play the part of a bandit as well …”

                                                                                                Paul Woodruff, Reverence:                                                                                                            Renewing a Forgotten Virtue



  • “In a calm, reportorial manner, Sweeney told Woodward [American’s flight service manager back at Logan Airport] that four Middle Eastern men, some wearing red bandanas and brandishing box cutters, had sprung out of their class seats and slit the throat of another passenger.  Then they stormed the cockpit.”


                                                                                                Andrew Kirtzman, “Minute by Minute

                                                                                                with Rudy on 9/11”


  • “The center will not hold unless virtue is among us.”


                                                                                                Paul Woodruff, Reverence:                                                                                                            Renewing a Forgotten Virtue,

                                                                                                p. 57



  • “Warburg professor at Simmons College, Boston, and 1981 chargé d’affaires in Afghanistan, Charles Dunbar, debunked the rumor that bin Laden is a CIA agent, adding “The American people can be made a part of this world effort and get on board …”

                                                                                                National Public Radio,

                                                                                                Oct. 2, 2001



  • “Just who were these Arab aces whose pictures were plastered across American newspapers within days of the attacks?
  • Al-Omari turns out to be an outraged pilot with Saudi Airlines, who wants to know why he was reported as a dead hijacker in the American media.
  • ‘Hijacker’ al-Ghamdi is still flying for Tunis Air.
  • A third reported hijacker has been dead for two years.”


                                                                       Will Thomas, All Fall Down, p. 25


  • “Why did the seat numbers of the hijackers given by a cell phone call from flight attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney to Boston air traffic control not match the seats occupied by the men the FBI claimed were responsible?”

                                                                                                Jim Marrs, “An Overview of the                                                                                                          War on Terrorism,” p. 6


  • “… according to the BBC [Sept. 21], the seat numbers were not the seats of the men who the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says were responsible for the hijacking!  Sweeney identified only four hijackers, whereas FBI officials have released the names of five men.”


                                                                        Christopher J. Petherick,

                                                                        American Free Press, quoted by

                                                                        Stan Johnson, Prophecy Club                                                                                    Newsletter, Jan.-Feb. 2002, p. 5


  • “Why was there a discrepancy of 35 names between the published passenger lists and the official death toll on all four of the ill-fated flights?  Internet columnist Gary North reported, “The published names in no instance match the total listed for the number of people on board.”  Why the discrepancy?

                                                                                                Jim Marrs, “An Overview of the                                                                                                          War on Terrorism,” p. 6


  • “How did the terrorists obtain top secret White House and Air Force codes and signals, the excuse for hustling President Bush all across the country on Sept. 11?  Was this evidence of an inside job?

                                                                                                Jim Marrs, “An Overview of the                                                                                                          War on Terrorism,” p. 7


  • “We need a theory of the coordinated hijackings that rests on a plausible cause-and-effect sequence that does not assume the complete failure of both check-in procedures and the on-board seating procedures on four separate flights on two separate airlines. … I don’t see how anyone can "has a plausible explanation of how hijackers got onto the planes and were not removed.”

                                                                                                Gary North, “The Perplexing Puzzle                                                                                                  of the Published Passenger Lists,”

                                                                                                 p. 5


  • “In a morning briefing, Lyle Szupinka, Pa. State Police Major, revealed that debris from Flight 93 had turned up in relatively far-flung locations.”


                                                                                                Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 13,



  • “Szupinka said one of the Flight 93’s large engines was found at some considerable distance from the crash site. 
    ‘It appears to be the whole engine,’ said Szupinka.”                                

                                                                        storyhtml?sid=c9bcfc4109bba9233                                                                           dac8f977ca42f63


  • “Mayor of Shanksville: ‘I know of two people that heard a missile,’ Stuhl said.  ‘They both live very close. …  This one fellow served in Vietnam, and he says he heard them and he heard one that day.’  The mayor added that, based on what he knows about that morning, military F-16 fighter jets were ‘very, very close.’”



  • “In separate interviews Thursday, five residents who live and work less than four miles from the crash site [Flight 93] said they saw a second plane flying erratically within minutes of the crash of the Boeing 757 that took off from Newark two hours earlier Tuesday morning. …  Earlier Thursday, FBI Special Agent William Crowley said investigators could not rule out that a second plane was nearby during the crash.  He later said he had misspoken …”

                                                                        Jeff Pillets, The Record (Bergen  
                                                                         County, N.J.), Sept. 14, 2001


  • “The government’s decision to let the families of the victims hear some or all of the tape [30-minute cockpit voice recorder] is preferable to continued administration stonewalling on the subject.  Still, one has to wonder why it took more than six months for this decision to be made and whether the tape has been edited – and if so, why?  And what about the other two pieces of documentation of the last minutes of Flight 93 – the air traffic control tape and analysis of the other black box material?”

                                                                                                Editorial: “Go to the tape: a partial
                                                                                               account of the fall of Flight 93,”
                                                                                               Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

                                                                                                Mar. 28, 2002


  • “Without a doubt, Flight 93 was shot down.  The first TV network reports said exactly that.  Flight 93 had been shot down by a military jet.  That information even made it into the print media.”


                                                                                                Carol A. Valentine




  • “Local residents said that they had seen a second plane in the area, possibly an F-16 fighter, and burning debris falling from the sky.  Crowley said investigators had determined that two other planes were nearby, but didn’t know if either was military.”

                                                                                             “Stories swirl around Pa. crash; black

                                                                                             box found,” U.S.A. Today, Sept. 14,                             



  • “Pieces of the wreckage have been found as far away as New Baltimore, about eight miles from the crash site.  When the eastbound plane crashed, a 9-knot wind was blowing from the southeast, Crowley said.”

                                                                                      “Bereaved may visit Flight 93 site,”    

                                                                                              Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Friday,

                                                                                              Sept. 14, 2001


  • On September 11, residents and workers at businesses outside Shanksville, Somerset County, reported discovering clothing, books, papers and what appear to be human remains.  Some residents said they collected bags-full of items to be turned over to investigators.  Others reported what appeared to be crash debris floating in Indian Lake, nearly six miles from the crash site.”

“Investigators locate ‘black box’  
 from Flight 93, widen search area
 in Somerset crash,” Pittsburgh
 Post-Gazette, Sept. 13, 2001

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