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Death by Eugenics: Then and Now

November 28, 2021 … Lou and Elizabeth Caverly



        An evil Christmas is in the air.  Dr. Jane Ruby reported on the November 22 Stew Peters Show about a wicked Kentucky mass covid vaccination clinic for children ages 5-11.  James Kyle Turnbo and his wife are bringing Yule ambience to the administering of these unprecedented gene-altering mRNA shots: Santa and lollipops!  Imagine that.  Turnbo, an appointee to the National Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee, also has connections to the Department of Defense and DHS.  Turnbo, recipient of one million dollars from the federal PPP program, is perhaps following in the evil Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengele’s footsteps.  On November 19, 2021, Children’s Health Defense reported that 444 adverse events had been reported in the 5 to 11 age group since November 1.  One reported death was of an 11-year-old Georgia girl vaccinated September 14, prior to the Pfizer authorized 5-11 covid shots.


        In the 1930’s the elites in many states had bought into the pseudoscience of eugenics – the belief that the American people (as well as other nationalities) could be “bred” to produce an improved species.  Earlier proponents, like Francis Galton in England, thought that the “best” individuals should marry to have superior offspring.  But, in the United States, the concept had been strongly influenced by Social Darwinism – only the strong would survive.  Hence, the weak would have to be eliminated.

        As a consequence, many states instituted compulsory sterilization laws.  Author Edwin Black states that almost half of the victims were in California.  In Virginia, poor whites in rural areas, blacks, epileptics and others were picked up by law enforcement and taken to state hospitals where they were sterilized, often without their knowledge.  Most of them were ordinary people who happened to have been born into poverty.  Some were told only years later why they could have no children.  Others were never told at all.  They were classified as “feeble-minded,” although just what that meant was not explained.  At least 60,000 people were sterilized across America before the practice was ended.

        A half century later, one victim, who was ashamed to use his real name, went by the pseudonym “Buck Smith.”  He told a newspaper reporter a half century later, “Eventually you knew your time would come…  We weren’t growed up enough to think about it.  We didn’t know what it meant.”  [Edwin Black, War Against the Weak, p.5]

        The American eugenics movement strongly influenced the plans of Adolf Hitler when he came to power.  “Hitler and his race hygienists carefully crafted eugenic legislation modeled on laws already introduced across America…   Hitler himself regularly communicated with American eugenicists from New York to California.”  [Black, p. 277] There is a direct link between the sterilizations in the United States and the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.   

        Once again, turn the clock face forward to 2021.  Have things really changed?  We hear reports of Australian indigenous citizens being kidnapped by military troops and taken to quarantine camps.  There are even Australian reports of victims being thrown down and inoculated by force.  This is in violation of the first Nuremberg Code, written in the aftermath of World War II. To prevent future atrocities like the ones committed by the Nazi doctors, the first of these codes reads: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

        And what about the United States?  As mentioned previously, Dr. Jane Ruby reported on November 22, 2021 that the mass vaccination clinic run by James Kyle Turnbo was luring young children to get covid vaccinations, accompanied by Santa, lollipops and other fun enticements.  Turnbo is “double dipping” into his federal loan to make more money.

        “BIOWEAPONS FOR BABIES” could also be the slogan for the child covid mRNA gene shots being administered at East Tennessee Mercy Hospital.  But Dr. David Berry and the Blacksburg, Virginia Pediatric Clinic got a head start on all the others, hastening to begin the dangerous new child vax experiments around the first week of November.  [Note: the setting of rural Tennessee and Virginia is very reminiscent of the locations of the 1930’s secret sterilizations.]

        The hideousness of sacrificing tiny children to experimental human gene altering shots (mRNA operating systems) is only equaled by the bragging and false humility of these new Dr. Mengeles.  Dr. David Berry, of Blacksburg Pediatric Center (owned by the Privia Group, which is almost 100% controlled by Goldman Sachs) gives out popsicles and stickers to unsuspecting children.  Dr. Berry states proudly, “We’ve seen a huge response and are humbled by it…”

        Vaccination mandates are trying to take hold here in America.  Can we really call the vaccinations “voluntary” when failure to take the jab will result in loss of livelihood?  Remember, Hitler’s early laws deprived Jews and certain others of the means to practice a profession.  The death camps and Final Solution were on the horizon.  Where is the outrage at sending our tiniest children into the fires of Molech, even as the infamous Dr. Fauci calls for injecting infants next?

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