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Twenty-First Century “mRNA Operating System” Genocide to Surpass Last Century’s Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot’s Massacres of Millions

Radio Monologue – June 16, 2022 …

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        In the nineteenth century, Americans and people worldwide lived under the blessings and strictures of western Christian civilization.  They reverenced God.  Later generations of 1950’s largely faith-filled, obedient people had a movie idol – sturdy, real-life gun-activist, Charlton Heston, as Moses.  Movie posters showed him lugging God’s Ten Commandments written on heavy stones down to God’s people at the foot of the mountain.

        Those 1950’s innocents living in a TV culture of “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It to Beaver” would have been baffled by today’s cancel culture, LGBTQ acceptance, gender-change surgery for children, Antifa and so-called “gay” marriage.   Still obeying God’s scriptural laws, people then were protected by God’s inerrant Biblical truths.  Now, in 2022, much of the world has largely turned its back on simplistic Biblical 1950’s movies and on God Himself.

        No, we are not living under the Ten Commandments.  Instead, we cower under the sinister NWO Georgia Guidestones.  In Elberton, Georgia, these huge stone tablets proclaim a future earth kept in balance with only 500 million human beings inhabiting “Mother Gaia.”  R.C. Christian, not God, is the signatory.  Thus, some say the Guidestones were put up by the Rosicrucians.  Others accuse billionaire CNN owner, Ted Turner.  Ominous black vultures assemble, more and more arriving daily atop these macabre monuments.  Already the mayhem and murder in the world have begun on a scale Hitler never dreamed of, after Covid mRNA vaccines arrived in the world in early 2021 …

        Here is an obituary from June 10 in a Maryland newspaper.  Each day all over the world, “obits” like this one frequently detail people in their 20’s to 70’s dying “unexpectedly” or “peacefully at home.”  Hundreds of top world-class athletes have dropped dead after the first or second covid “clot” shot. 

        The Chicago Tribune reports on June 13th this headline: “U.S. Rep. Sean Casten’s 17-year-old daughter has died.”  No more information was immediately available.  Was this death, too, caused by the aftermath of a covid “clot” shot?


        This obituary appeared just lately in a Maryland newspaper.  Only the names have been removed from this sad account of a young woman who showed so much promise in what she had to offer the world in years to come.


Beloved Young Person (Name respectfully withheld) passed away unexpectedly on Friday, May 27th at the age of 26.  She attended ________ Elementary School, graduated from ________ High School in 2013 and the University of Maryland summa cum laude in 2017.  She was a member of ________ Gymnastics and a multiple Maryland State Gymnastics medalist who thoroughly enjoyed the work ethic and competition.  She had a love of reading and art as well as nature and the understanding of the universe.  She was currently entering the Physical Therapist field.  Her love of music, family and deep conversations were her hallmark as were her quick wit and smile.  She will be deeply missed by her parents, sisters, grandparents, as well as her cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and her boyfriend, ________.  We know ________ now rests in the arms of the Lord.


        Why did God’s shepherds not warn people in their churches ahead of time of the moral and physical dangers of taking aborted-fetal-cell derived “vaccines” that had only been given hasty emergency-use approval?  Instead, the church betrayed the very lives of their congregants to the Georgia Stonehenge “death vultures.”  Pope Francis, Dr. Franklin Graham and Southern Baptist leader, Albert Mohler, as well as Gordon Robertson of CBN, all advised that taking the aborted-fetal-cell derived covid vaccines was what Jesus would want Christians in churches to do!  Does Jesus say, “I never knew ye”?  Some churches – one in Charleston, West Virginia, even administered mRNA shots in their sanctuaries.  Inexplicably, Dr. Graham himself later ended up with the same tragic post-covid shot heart-damaging myocarditis that many top athletes also suffered.

        You and I have had to watch friends and family – most naively unaware of the true cause of death – lose their dear ones to “gene” shots that were never approved by the FDA.  Some would simply not listen, would not accept our invitations to visit – even as early as March, 2021.  They preferred to get their news extolling the efficacy of covid vaccines from CNN and Fox’s “Unvaccinated Children Must Pin on A Yellow Badge,” Dr. Marc Siegel. 

        Lou Caverly, a rather good “lay historian,” has commented that, over time, there may be billions of clandestine covid vaccine deaths.  This would indeed dwarf Hitler’s Holocaust numbers, as well as the other twentieth-century millions slaughtered by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

        So far, Dr. Richard Hirschman’s findings – of almost foot-long, branch-like whitish “clots” in people dead after covid shots – have been sanitized from mainstream press coverage.  Dr. Brian Artis’ prolific documentation of cobra venom as a covid vaccine ingredient has also not received full press coverage. 

        But bombshell information is just now breaking., June 12, posts a stunning article with microscopy photos of strange, seemingly bioengineered, non-human tissue, clot-like structures.  These structures, courtesy of Dr. Hirschman, were taken from people who died after getting the covid shot.  Various branch-like appendages resemble what could be genetically bioengineered circuitry.  Crystalline areas glow (Luciferase?).  One photo depicts something that looks like a log, covered with tree bark.  This “log” has scale-type repetitive markings intermittently along its surface.  As part of this bio circuitry interface, there are nanotech wires.  People are walking around while mRNA is building these possible embryonic artificial intelligence hook-ups that researchers like Karen Kingston believe one day could be connected to 5-G and triggered by it to release a prepared mRNA operating system pathogen that will kill its human carrier.  Happening right now, not in some dark, dystopian A.I. world of the future, your family members and friends are going about their everyday lives, unaware.  A ticking time bomb is inside their bodies, an escalating assault inside their blood vessels.  These are NOT blood clots made of human tissue, as all of us thought when the world athletes succumbed.

        `Some signs that these artificial mRNA constructs are dangerously cutting off circulation in the body are blackened, necrotic fingers and toes (now dubbed “covid toes or fingers”).  When the process worsens, circulation seriously stifled in the heart or brain, “unexpected death” may occur.  This death by “diabolical stealth” is how the globalist depopulationists will slaughter billions, unseen, undetected.  Stalin and Mao were involved in child’s play compared to these present Big Pharma fiends.

        “Thou shalt not kill” was written on those sacred stones carried by Moses.  Here in June, 2022, we now learn of an outrageous and wholly ludicrous new lie.  This is a silly scenario of unbelievability to distract the populace from their awakening horror as they actually begin to question why so many young top world athletes have dropped dead shortly after covid shots.

        The New World Order is always very careful to cover all bases of concealment, sometimes killing would-be whistle-blowers before they can squawk out a warning to humanity’s herd.  Intricate plots and sometimes even double patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald are used. Patriot broadcaster, “Hawk,” and others reported on-line leaks about a handler named “Armand,” who was supposedly connected with the Buffalo shooter and predicted that in thirteen days another massacre would occur.  Uvalde happened just on that time schedule.  Lou Caverly delineated Uvalde anomalies in his recent June 1st, 2022 essay at  In addition, sources report the allegation that a black ops plane parked behind the Uvalde school and left after the killer was shot by the border patrol agent.  A very sharp Divided Kingdom Radio listener speculates that this may have been FBI or CIA making sure the cops wouldn’t go in and that the shooter would eventually be dead.

        Such careful damage control must also be imperative to cover up the covid vaccine genocide.  The question, why have these top athletes dropped dead after the shots must be silenced.  Hence, a new ridiculous lie is moved down to the platform of public awareness, put out to hide the covid “clot” depopulation killing machine.  This is a variation of another long-standing deception.  In the aftermath of an infant’s sudden death, often happening shortly after the administration of a childhood vaccine, instead of questioning the vaccine as a causative factor for this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome event, innocent parents have been wrongly accused and charged, saying they shook the baby.  Death by Big Pharma has escaped notice.  Now the “lie” has expanded to cover older, hapless humans who took the shots.

        Precipitously emerging is a new “Alice in Wonderland disease.”  Why, it’s none other than “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”!  A fatal disease with no known history or precedent.  It’s like a “Grimm” fairy tale.  But Health Ranger, Mike Adams, says, “It should be called Vaccine Depopulation Syndrome.”  One more Satanic deception and cover-up.

        However, God is a jealous God.  None – not even famed and powerful church leaders – will prosper and live in peace if they continue to lie and promote the globalists’ plan – a hidden “Green Genocide,” planning to starve billions as they thwart CO2, so necessary for plants and animals.  This, of course, accompanies the final fruition of the Covid Casualty Agenda that obscenely reaches its Murder, Inc. peak as they now ready for approval homicidal covid clot shots for tiny babies in their cribs.  It was not enough for the children aged 5 to 11 to have been injured in large numbers by these mRNA “vaccines.”

        Who will you serve in the years ahead, even as judgment from God likely sends America into further lawlessness, chaos and perhaps even captivity? …  The United Methodist Churches in Georgia have split off. …  A great separation is starting. …  Will you take a stand for God’s righteousness? …


“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24: 15

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