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5G Roll-out … Progress, or DISASTER?


Destroying their progeny like incestuous cannibals, the ancient Israelites bewitched by Baal and Moloch worship, threw their precious infants into the devouring fires of pagan worship.  The Bible proclaims there is nothing new under the sun, and so comes the arrival of the Baal Arch of Triumph to Washington, D.C.  after sojourns in Trafalgar Square (April 19, 2016), Manhattan Park, New York (September 19, 2016), Dubai, United Arab Emirates (World Government Summit, February 12, 2017), Florence, Italy (March 26, 2017 during the G7 Cultural Summit), Arona, Italy (April 29, 2017) and The National Mall (September 26, 2017, the unveiling).


Christian churches and pastors in America are largely silent about the 60 million babies killed by abortion, even after the exposure of monster Dr. Kermit Gosnell, abortionist, who snipped the spinal cords of babies still living after abortion.  Not much outcry has lasted, even  after David DeLeiden’s courageous undercover exposé of the abomination of selling aborted baby parts for profit.


I am looking at a child on a picture standing near a strange pole.  Children are always curious, even fascinated by any new toy, gimmick or gadget.  Parents are supposed to keep them from hidden dangers in cheap toys.  No lead.  No sharp edges.  No small parts to swallow.  But no one is warning this child 5G is being rolled out, planned to be put near homes, schools and fire stations, all throughout neighborhoods.


Once given over to the reprobate mind, we reap what we sow – ignore harm to the children and danger comes to all of us.  YouTube headlines: “Dr. Barry Trower on 5G Microwave.  There is No Safe Place…”  40 scientists in 40 countries have warned that 5G may be harmful to all living entities.”  Growing plants affected, and the food we eventually eat?


What is 5G?  First came 1G, then 2G, 3 and up to the present 4G, which is a measure of the transmission speed of electromagnetic energy used by cell phones and the internet.  The supposed rationale for the increase from 4G to 5G is that the present part of the spectrum in use is too crowded.  By using higher frequencies that are not now employed, space could be expanded.  This on the surface sounds “progressive.”  In fact, a video promo shows a Gen X-age woman chortling in glee how she cannot wait for 5G to arrive! 


Before dancing in the streets, people must be informed of some sobering facts:

  1.  5G has 2000 % more radiation than 4G. 
  2. Looking at the electromagnetic spectrum
  1.  TV and radio represent 1/1000 of the radiation frequencies of smart meters (whose damage and DNA harm have been studied by Dr. Olaf Johannsen and others).
  2.  Smart meters are estimated to be 1/100 the radiation frequencies of microwaves.
  3. Microwaves are estimated to be about 100 times the radiation frequencies of radio and TV.
  4. 5G has a frequency that is tens of thousands of times higher than microwaves.  (One analyst says, “It is slow boiling, can roast us, for we’re water beings.”)
  5.  Compare a 40 Watt light bulb to the monstrous power of 5G.  Telecommunication companies can buy enough RF to emit 900,000 Watts of power.  (The strongest radio stations are usually 50,000 Watts.)


Most insidious is how the new 5G small cells are planned to be put all through neighborhoods near residences and businesses – the rationale being that large cell towers lose “presence” when obstructions occur.  These small cell towers are being sneaked in, using existing light poles.  Montgomery County, Maryland residents complained that the value of their homes would depreciate 20% or more, as evidence mounts of possible brain cancer links.


The technology progression began with 1G in 1981, basic voice service using analog protocols; then 2G, designed for voice using digital standards; next came 3G in 2001, the first mobile broadband; then it transitioned to 4G in 2010, true mobile broadband on a unified standard; now comes 5G, tactile internet fiber-optic-like speeds.


Studies show the 5G frequency goes deep into the body – 50 cm into the brain tissue.  The signal can be reflected inside the skull, and is associated with brain tumors, along with an increase in breast cancer near phased array radar stations.


Atrociously, 5G cell towers are popping up near schools.  I am again looking at a shocking picture of an elementary school with the pole extending upward, adjoining the mid-portion of the school roof.   KPIX Channel 5, Piedmont, West Virginia, reported the International Association of Firefighters opposed 5G.  Dr. G. Houser, M.D., demonstrated that all fire fighters exposed to 5G from a pole at their fire station showed abnormal brain function.  The firefighters got an exemption and the pole was removed.  230 scientists called for more study.  The firefighters could stand up for their health, but who will speak up to defend our helpless children?


Europe has remained largely free of the fluoride placed in water in American cities and never adopted the RBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone).  The U.S. began putting RBGH in milk in the 1990’s, despite reports of cows’ pus-filled udders.  Just so, 5G is rolling out more slowly in Europe than in the U.S., Australia or Canada.  The discomfiting headline “Trump May Let  5G Go Everywhere…” is at odds with his exemplary goal of “Making America Great Again.”  The children in our schools and neighborhoods are our future for any “greatness” or even survival under the health threats of 5G.


In Santa Rosa, California 5G was installed only 15-50 feet from homes with the goal being one small cell for every 10,000 square feet!  One social critic has said, “The deployment of 5G radiation could herald the end of city and downtown life as we know it.”  In Vermont, testing of 5G is occurring, using “Front Hall” and “Back Hall,” referring to use of fiber-optic cables behind and in front.


One industry worker says 5G is not needed, that harmless-to-health fiber-optic cables would do the job.  Why not use fiber-optic, when health statistics show that 15,000 to 50,000 microwatts per cubic meter of microwave frequency radiation exposure is sufficient to cause cardiac problems, neurological and psychological symptoms, altered blood cell counts, increased chromosome aberrations and elevated cancer in children and adults?  If this is the case, why, too, are U.S. cities allowing 730,000 to 1,230,000 microwatts per cubic meter of microwave frequency exposure on sidewalks from 40-50 so-called cell phone towers installed in the public right-of-way – 15 to 50 feet from our homes?


 Deborah Tavares of <> calls the 5G plan to irradiate neighborhoods “The Wetlands Project on Steroids.”  (The late esteemed Christian researcher Dr. Michael Coffman, author of Saviors of the Earth, exposed this U.N. plan to turn over much of the United States lands to wildlife and leave only a few “islands” for “human habitation.”  (At the last minute, Coffman and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson warned Congress and the scheme was stopped.)


Tavares, who researched smart meters’ dangers, now questions, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars?”  These elite covert social objectives planned according to Tavares would include:

  1. Automation of society
  2. Social control
  3. Destruction of human life
  4. Slaves
  5. Genocide


Other social analysts note that U.S. fertility by the year 2015 had dropped to its lowest level ever, down 600,000 births.  The sinister goal could be “eugenics,” or even “planned population reduction.”  (See the Georgia Guidestones goal of “Keep the earth’s population in balance with nature at 500 million,” and the late eminent Dr. Stan Monteith’s “Planned Population Reduction” study – DVD still available from the Prophecy Club.)


Associated worries are:

  1. Why are school children pushed to have lap-tops? 
  2. The Wi-Fi antenna in the I-Pad is pressing on the children’s genitals.  The idea they are being made sterile is also enhanced by serious questions about the device called Artemis, suspiciously shaped exactly like an inverted birthing system and allowed to be put up everywhere.


It is absolutely necessary that all people of sanity and conscience speak out and actively oppose 5G.  If we do not, animals, people and plants (again, the food we eat) will “go crazy” or get very sick or die.  Soon, Big Brother’s tyranny of A.I. control will present driverless police cars (no one to talk to for redress) and the “Internet of Things.”   The Telecommunications Act of 1996 hamstrings states so their lawsuits are thrown out.  This is all part of stealth preparation for trans-humanism and death to the masses by the elite.  It must be stopped.


Prayers, repentance and vocal action.  Will we do it?  Or Hell on earth soon to come in our children’s time.


Elizabeth Caverly,

Co-Host with Lou Caverly of The Divided Kingdom radio program, heard on <>, Thursdays, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time; also on Liberty Works Radio Network, <>, 5:00 p.m. Mondays.

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