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Prayers for Divine Protection Needed for President

October 13, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        The Illuminati has a kind of twisted code of honor – that it must telegraph its nefarious future plans for humanity ahead of the crisis to come.  The WARNING MESSAGE comes sometimes unobtrusively in celebrity circles or in the wider culture at large.

        Before the horrific 9-11 assault on America, the movie Lone Gunman – with planes hitting the towers – was itself a trailer for the New York City horror movie to come.

         Is President Trump in danger again?  Are all the millions of prayers of American Christians once again gravely needed to continue until and beyond the election?  Note my two current articles about “contact” vs. “contract tracing.”  In addition, we learn that Pentagon military heads are restive, contradicting Trump’s avowed statement to bring the Americans boys and girls home from Afghanistan this coming spring.  Fifty-seven years ago, President Kennedy’s plans to print U.S. money apart from the Federal Reserve and end early Vietnam involvement were thwarted by assassination.

        On August 18, 2020, Mike Adams at had this breaking news: “Live Guided Air-to-Air Missile Discovered at Florida Airport near Tampa; Markings Indicate: Matra R530F Radar-Guided Missile that Could Bring Down Air Force One. carried the details of the radar-guided missile that was discovered at the Lakeland Linder Airport, citing Bay News 9 and ABC Action News.   American Military News stated ‘An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from MacDill Air Force Base came to help safely remove the missile Friday…’”

        August 22, 2020, Adams followed up with further details of the Matra R350F being acquired from Jordan’s military (no doubt illegally) and shipped to the U.S. via Amazon Air, which, like the CIA-friendly Washington Post, is owned by Jeff Bezos.  The article went on to delineate the importance of nearby Draken International, a private corporation that offers “contact air support” services, including air-to-air missions, fleet missile defense and other services.

        Adams reveals that, shockingly, Draken operates a fleet of over 80 ex-military fighter jets, including the Mirage jet that is capable of carrying the Matra R350F missile.  Draken’s own website proclaims it owns and operates “the world’s largest commercial fleet of tactical ex-military aircraft.”  The article mentions Draken’s new CEO, Joe Ford, who previously worked for DynCorp, a corporation Adams says was “steeped in criminal activities and child trafficking.”  Draken’s strategic partner, BAE Systems, a weapons systems contractor, pleaded guilty in 2010 to “conspiring to defraud the United States of America,” and paid a $400 million criminal fine (announced by the Department of Justice, March 1, 2010).

        Millions of prayers in the U.S. and all over the world have no doubt played a strong role (along with cutting edge medicines) in President Donald J. Trump’s miraculous, rapid COVID-19 recovery.

        Is it once again imperative for God’s people to pray on behalf of the continued safety of our President, not stopping either on November 4th, 2020 or January 20, 2021?  The 2020 “Hope and Peace” White House Historical Association Holiday Catalog has just come off the press.  The catalog does not show Trump or even First Lady Melania on its cover.  No, pictured inside a gold frame rests a pensive-looking John F. Kennedy.  On the frame’s bottom is the signature, Christmas, 2020.  (But is the esoteric meaning really November 22, 1963?)  Again, inside the front cover, instead of a smiling Donald and Melania posing beside a White House Christmas tree, we see JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.  Why have a time capsule as if the present First Couple does not exist?

        On page 12, one can order a “cracked stone” resin bust of JFK. Is this wording symbolic?  “Cracked stone” might indicate injury, brokenness or even the reminder of JFK’s bloody death.  Are the omissions of Donald and Melania Trump more than a strange snub or accidental oversight?  Do they signify sinister “Thousand Points of Light” Illuminati prediction warnings? 

       If so, millions of us need to go to Jesus Christ, our Savior, with intercessory prayer for God to thwart the evil ones’ plans.  All power forever rests with our Heavenly Father, through the worst and the best.  He knows His sheep, will hear their repentant cries and will guard their eternal souls.

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