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“Contract” Tracing Needed in White House COVID-19 Outbreak

October 6, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly 

       First, Hope Hicks.  Then the American nation was shocked to its boots with the news that President Donald J. Trump was now infected with the 2020 plague.   This was really astonishing, for truly our physically-formidable President had been around literally thousands of people since January, 2020 and COVID’s first U.S. appearance.  Strangely, this new pandemic pandemonium occurred just at the excruciatingly pivotal time of the small pre-election window of Amy Coney Barrett’s planned Senate confirmation hearings.  Was it purely coincidental that the now expanding list of corona unfortunates includes the following key Trump advisors?  [Chicago Sun-Times, October 5, 2020]

            Senior advisor, Hope Hicks

            Former advisor, Kellyanne Conway

            Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany

            Campaign manager, Bill Stepien

            Debate coach and former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie

            Aide and Director of Oval Office Operations, Nick Luna

        Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels was not spared from the scourge.  Significantly, just at the time they would be needed for attendance at hearings and voting on the Amy Coney Barrett nomination, these vital Senators were felled by the novel coronavirus: Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina., October 5, reported 29 persons in the White House now tested positive for COVID-19.   Main stream media network broadcasts began trumpeting that “contact tracing” would begin to get to the heart of the origins of this new disease spread.

        Inveterate long-time New World Order watchers (JKF assassination, Gulf of Tonkin fabricated incident, Gulf War “Babies Slaughtered in Kuwait Incubators” lie, Building Seven falling just after television reporter announced it had ALREADY FALLEN) now stare in amazement at the White House becoming an on-site COVID clinic.  Is this the latest example of Obama-era figure, Rahn Emmanuel’s “We can’t let a good crisis go to waste”?  Or is it indicative of a much darker, deliberate action?  “Something” even planted in the Oval Office?  Remember Dr. Erin Bromage’s article on how COVID could spread through a restaurant’s air conditioning, infecting a nearby diner who later sang in a choir, infecting more, and some deaths resulted.

        Does the unforeseen situation need, not “contact tracing” to locate its suspect origins, but rather mafioso “contract tracing”?  So far, Amy Coney Barrett, herself, seems to be safe and well.  God help and protect her in the days ahead.  Even as most sane Americans (but not Michael Moore) thank Almighty Providence for Trump’s miraculous early return to the White House.

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