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August 10, 2023
Radio Headline Update … Lou and Elizabeth Caverly

Elizabeth: Danger inside our homes from toxic LED lights, for the Biden Administration
has outlawed venerable and beneficial incandescent bulbs. Danger outside with more
strange light and fire emerging suspiciously and rapidly in Hawaii.

Lou: August 10, Reuters reports that more than 36 people are dead from wildfires that
have swept the island of Maui, Hawaii. It is an “unprecedented disaster.” At least 2,100
people have been displaced and many homes and businesses have been destroyed.

The BBC tells that the historic town of Lahaina has burned to the ground –
practically nothing is left. The BBC quotes one Lahaina resident as saying, “Every boat
in the town harbour is burning.” Hospitals have been overwhelmed by burn and smoke
inhalation victims. Thousands have fled from the spreading fires. Some have been
running out into the ocean to escape the flames. At least 2,100 people have been
displaced and many homes and businesses have been completely destroyed. More
than 13,000 homes are without power.

The flames have been fanned by winds from category four Hurricane Dora, which
tracked to the west of Maui. Winds have been clocked at over 60 mph. About 4000
visitors to the popular vacation spot are trying to leave the island. According to the New
York Times, Kahului Airport remained open, and was sheltering about 1,800 travelers.
It also stated, “Non-essential air travel is being discouraged.” One Maui resident, Tiere
Lawrence, told Hawaii News Now, “I don’t know where my little brother is … I don’t
know where my stepdad is …”

Once again, the frequency and intensity of these fires seem highly suspicious. Are
they all due to natural causes? We can’t help but think there is a very high probability
that devious forces in league with Satan are responsible.

Elizabeth: You’re the mathematician, Lou, who can compute probabilities. Yet, it’s
becoming crystal clear to all of us, an NWO sabotage pattern is killing thousands of
pigs, chickens, cattle, and exploding or burning hundreds of food production facilities.
Raging fires are being used to destroying land and our future crops worldwide.

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