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Mark 3:24 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."


Bamboozled in Counterfeit Country

January 20, 2021 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        “Work Will Make You Free,” the Nazi’s duplicitous sign posted over the entrance to Auschwitz, was death pretending to be life.  And so, 200,000 American flags (that were so obviously missing at the DNC in 2016) supposedly display our continuing freedom. Yet the “Camp Model Extraordinaire,” razor-wire walled-off Capitol mocks any such pretense to truth.

        Yesterday, even up to the eleventh hour, 77 million Americans idealizing Donald J. Trump hoped for a last-minute deliverance for our beloved Republic.  As long ago as November 29, we heard that the 305th “Kraken” battalion got the goods Sidney Powell needed for lawsuits.  A succession of promises ensued over the succeeding months.  Trump assured all of us that “Big things are coming.”  “I will never let you down,” he bragged.  And Americans jumped to believe he had set the stars in the heavens.  Finally, after much delay, declassification of the proof of election fraud that Powell and Giuliani and others had worked so hard to obtain was supposed to be released on Monday, January 18.  It never happened.  Just as Trump and A.G. Barr never took action in Portland and Seattle last summer.  Deep State researchers wondered why Trump had ever picked Barr for Attorney General, since he had a long history as a Deep State facilitator in the Bush years.  Yet now, after Christmas, some of the greatest patriots believed Chris Miller, the DOD and the military (who were said to fear execution one day by the Chi Coms) would come through.  A coup for Trump and the Republic?  Pelosi and Schiff arrested?

        Everyone in Flyover Country had their flimsy bubble of hope burst on Tuesday, January 19.  President Trump’s short “Farewell Address to the Nation” hit YouTube.  Unbelievably, during the same self-congratulatory remarks so often heard during his four years, Trump reminisced about working with Vice-President Pence!  Pence, the betrayer, who refused to reject the fraudulent swing state votes; Pence, who can be seen on a widely-circulating video making what many call a “Masonic” handshake with one man and receiving a coin from another man.  Really unbelievably, too, Trump gave not one single mention of presidential election voter fraud!  Starting with failure to invoke the Insurrection Act in the leftist cities in summer, 2020, leaving them to burn without action, have we been “played”?  Perhaps Hegelian political theater has been duping us for quite some time now.

        Today we learn (at the last minute) Presidential pardons occurred, including Trump’s father-in-law and Steve Bannon as recipients.  Of course, Julian Assange was not one of them.  Apparently, the Swamp looks after its own.  Covington case attorney, Lin Wood, revealed to the world on social media that the horrific “Franklin Cover-up” era has never stopped – with congressmen and high political figures still being compromised by blackmail with videotaping of rape and murder of children.  Once again, the very top figures in government and some other professions appear to have succeeded in covering up this horrific reality.  But one day, the same Almighty who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah will judge and pass sentence on every one of these monstrous criminals who commits this abomination on God’s precious little children.

        We believe America is indeed under judgment, as when God allowed heathen countries to invade disobedient Israel.  Religious authorities like Southern Baptist Albert Mohler, the Vatican, plus some American Roman Catholic bishops are approving covid vaccines that have some derivation from or more direct use of aborted fetal cell lines.  God says judgment begins at the church house.  America, consecrated early on as a Christian country destined to evangelize the whole world, is itself a “church gone bad.”  Cuomo lighting up New York City after the infanticide law passed; Virginia Governor Ralph Northam telling us it’s O.K. to keep the tiny survivors of failed abortions “comfortable” while everyone decides whether or not to murder them …  How can anyone think the extreme covid lockdowns and now this inaugural triumph of fraudulent election votes are usual or normal?  Worse is sure to come unless deep repentance occurs in church leaders and in all Americans.  Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman, before her passing in October, 2020, told The Divided Kingdom that she saw striking parallels to her Nazi years under Hitler beginning to emerge here in America.

        We can now see that thinking politics or certain politicians (most compromised at best) will save us is preposterous.  Those of us who live in “another country,” God’s eternal kingdom, must begin to concentrate on prayer and doing His will for our families in our individual lives.  As long as Jesus Christ calls us and provides for us, Lou Caverly and I will do our best to provide our listeners to The Divided Kingdom with warnings of political, social, health and spiritual threats.  We are praying we will be helped by God to find ways to strengthen and encourage you in this unprecedented time when we have lost our American Constitutional Republic.  God will have the last word.


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