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Emergency Alert: Evil Oracles About to be Plugged In?

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August 3, 2023

Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly


        On our Divided Kingdom Radio Broadcast, Thursday evening, July 27th, we quoted a masterful essay by Frank Wright, LifeSite News, March 30, 2023: “The Real enemy is humanity itself; exposing The Club of Rome’s climate agenda.”  In this excellent article, Wright documented the immense influence globalist and new age occultist, Maurice Strong, had on the environmental movement, both in the UN and as head of the World Economic Forum.

        Unbelievably, twenty-three years ago, “guru” Strong (led probably by the same Theosophist “ascended masters” Alice Baily claimed guided her) was an amazing augur of Covid-shot catastrophe and the aftermath we are facing.  Some credible sources estimate the earth’s population, consequently, has suddenly gone from about seven down to five billion people.  Frank Wright tells us about Maurice Strong’s uncanny prediction: “In his autobiography, Where on Earth Are We Going, Strong projected that in 2031, ‘the human tragedy would be on a scale hitherto unimagined.’”  He also wrote that the brightest prospect lay in forecasts that two-thirds of the world’s already diminished population might be wiped out.  WEF head, Klaus Schwab (who recruited Maurice Strong earlier to lead the WEF), has recently reiterated a less homicidal echo of Strong’s grisly prediction.  Klaus Schwab says that by 2031 you’ll have nothing and be happy about it.

        Habakkuk 2:2 instructs God’s watchmen to write warnings on tablets so that “The people can run …”  This warning aspect/obligation of the Divided Kingdom radio program is a key component of why we believe God called us to first go on air in fall, 2003.  A “Red Flag” warning has just come into view.  It is a little more than a year until 2025, a Bill Gates “target” year.  Is more trouble, indeed, ahead, akin to the Covid-era scourge?  Globalist Bill Gates has openly stated that earth’s people can look for a new pandemic – possibly one to target children badly – in the year 2025.  Already, Gates’ Foundation and Johns Hopkins University have held 2025 preparatory drills.

        The world Health Organization (WHO), possibly the key enforcer of a future pharma-medical police state, was not able in 2023 to get nations of the world to ratify its pandemic treaty.  Prayers of many persons were answered the year before, also, when many prayed and called Congress, opposing the U.S. adoption of draconian WHO pandemic amendments.  Next year the treaty will again be pushed (with our great surveillance and protests needed at that time).  No one wants a new world of forced injections and quarantine prison camps.

         (In Scripture, I believe God may have given me a “word of knowledge” recently.  It is that His people “have about one year” in which to prepare quickly.)  Note: it is a little more than a year until 2025, the Bill Gates “target” year.  Reinforcing this danger warning, two concerning news items have suddenly appeared in July, 2023.  Interestingly, we were just compiling the news articles for tonight’s program when another amazing anthrax article came in the mail from our friend, Brother Bruce.  This seemed heaven-sent to help us put the two jigsaw puzzle pieces together …

        First, The Gateway Pundit’s July 25 headline states: “Biden Creates New ‘Permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy,’ Laying Foundation for Medical Martial Law.”  According to GP’s guest writer, Leo Hohman, a military man, retired Air Force Major General Paul Friedrichs has been appointed by Joe Biden to head this new permanent office.  The writer points out that the precedent for putting America under military control was certainly set in motion by “Operation Warp Speed.”  [See how a military-medical police state template is being set up, permanently.]  

        A second article is very worrisome, too.  This alerting article was from The People’s, July 24th.  Headline: “FDA Approves ‘Experimental Anthrax Vaccine’ for All U.S. Citizens.”  Emergent BioSolutions, the vaccine maker, has received FDA approval for all adults aged 18-65.  The article states, “The controversial vaccine, Cyfendus, is approved for use despite having only been tested on animals, according to Reuters.”

         [We have noted that Big Pharma drugs sometimes seem to hold a hidden depopulation message in their nomenclature.  For instance: Prevagen [“Prev” = Prevent and “gen” = genes.  Is the hidden meme “Prevent genes form working”?]; and now we come to Cyfendus – sounds a lot like “Defend us,” doesn’t it?  [“Cy” can be short for “cyto,” referring to “cells.”  Could “fend” mean “fend off”?]  Will the hapless cells of the body have to fend off still another depopulation agent?  Remember how top researchers have shown Covid spike proteins get into and transform humanity’s original God-given DNA.

        Our oblivion to coming trouble is what globalists count on.  They want sleeping, “Bread and Circus” people.  Nothing gets in the way of the progress of a soon-coming world military-medical police state.  Recall how the Department of Defense (DOD) implemented the anthrax mandate for U.S. military personnel in 1998.  Service members’ reports of extreme adverse effects finally led to Congressional hearings in early 2000.  The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform recommended halting the mandatory program, although it was not officially halted. 

        Be warned.  Prepare, without delay. 

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