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July 12, 2023
Lou Caverly

Elizabeth and I were trying to find some R n’ R on the weekend after the 4th.  It seemed there was no sun, only persistent chemtrails.  I noticed that climate watchman Dane Wiggington had a new July 6th interview with Health Ranger Mike Adams.  Any of you who did not read my two essays on Dane’s warnings should visit our website, DividedKingdomRadio,com, and look under “Breaking News” for my two radio monologues listed under September 5, 2022.

        As Elizabeth and all of you know, I am not an alarmist.  I am a mathematician and a usually calm guy from the Northeast, with a somewhat JFK-like accent.  So, when the new Dane Wiggington interview of July 6 was concluded and Elizabeth asked me my opinion, she really opened her eyes wide.  Instead of my usual understatement, I said these words, “If Dane is correct, this could be the end of all humanity.  In fact, of all life on earth.”

        We must get the word out everywhere.  We are counting on all of you.  Even the sanest members of the high elite must be shocked into STOPPING THIS “GEOENGINEERING” that now Biden [Daily Mail, July 1] announces out in the open.  (Even though Dane says weather modification has been going on for 75 years.)

        CIRCULATE THESE BULLET POINTS OUT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  In addition to the delineation of planetary harm I covered in my first two essays, here are the latest Dane Wiggington exposés, warnings and stats:

  • Life support systems are being destroyed forever.  (The plankton layer in the ocean is 90% gone.)
  • The ozone layer is being annihilated.  This will cause many increased cancers in humans.
  • This geoengineering, microwaving done ostensibly to disintegrate methane, brings only a temporary cooling effect.  Wiggington reveals that (black project?) (Project Alamo and possibly others) are going on.  Hidden chambers in cell towers are being used to beam these microwaves into the ionosphere.
  • Chemical ice nucleation is resulting in baseball sized hail – certainly harmful to crops.  Dane discussed one location that had a temperature of 30 degrees, but some of this synthetic snow/ice that had been on the ground for two days had a temperature of only 15 degrees!  At our own home in the recent days of heavy chemtrailing, we suddenly had a hail storm.
  • When I edited Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly’s 2004 book, Patriot’s Warning II: Chaos and Chemtrails, it was noted that labs had detected aluminum and barium from chemtrails even in some streams.  Now, Dane Wiggington reports the following extremely toxic components are in the sprayed chemtrail mix: manganese, strontium, aluminum, barium, graphene and polymer fibers.  The latter can carry any desired biological weapons.  Elizabeth’s book mentioned micoplasmic fungi spores.
  • Is this part of the depopulation agenda?  Aluminum, states Wiggington (former forestry worker and expert), will kill the root, preventing nutrients from going into the plant.   Fifteen years ago, he states, the success rate for saplings planted was 95%.  Now the rate for new saplings to live one year is 0%!
  • “We’re in a kill zone,” commented Health Ranger Mike Adams (  “Humans have been labeled for extinction.  I think they’ll kill 1-2 billion before ending this.  Famine will do it, too”
  • Wiggington agreed, expanding on the role of wildfires in this famine scenario, “Since May 1, on average, we’re losing 330,000 acres every day, with a total of 20 million acres and counting.”
  • Wiggington asserted that the globalist goal has “each country taking its turn,” so that, he says, “even in Siberia, acres are burning, too.”  [We wonder if that kind of reciprocal cooperation among countries is used in the world-wide destruction of chickens, cows, food manufacturing facilities and petroleum refineries, and now, raging radical Islamic chaos, presently occurring in France.]
  • A military document is titled, “Forest fires are a military weapon.”  “This could be indicative,” Wiggington says, “that there was real preparation ahead of time for two or more of these fires.”
  • Fir trees are in massive die-off in western U.S.A.
  • “The Dimming,” A MUST SEE video at shows how this diabolical geoengineering BLOCKS ESSENTIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  At 104 degrees Fahrenheit, photosynthesis stops!  So, heating up the ionosphere is far from good.
  • Nature has produced 75% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).  So besides causing famine and death, “dimming” can devastate the world’s economy, too.
  • 60 million tons of nanoparticles a year are being put in the air.  Dane says, “At the Paradise Fire, there was a documented blanket of aerosol spraying on top of the smoke layer, so whatever that’s about, it’s not benevolent.”
  • Necessary to all of us, honey bee pollinators, are being vitiated by aluminum.  They’re packed full of it.  They get Alzheimer’s and can’t even fly straight to get to their hive.  The numbers of honeybees had already been shown to be greatly decimated over the last years.  Now even that number is down another 48%!
  • Psychopathic leaders have no realization they are harming even themselves in doing things like dumping ½ million barrels of DDT off the LA coast.  (This synergistically escalates the effects of other toxins, like aluminum and mercury, by 10,000%.)  Some demented climate engineering gurus are even proposing nuclear devices launched from ships in the South Seas.  Like kids without a clue playing a video game – this is how murderously insane this blindness to reason is …  We are all sane.  If we remain quiet and do not end this (calling on leaders in high places, too) we are ensuring our own eventual suicide.


        Dean Wiggington states, “If we don’t stop this now, none of us will be here.  It will take all of us.  If you die, taking your last breath, doing right, it will be all right.”  This is Lou speaking.  God commands every one of you reading or hearing this to tell a person or many persons.  THIS IS AN EXTINCTION ALERT.

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