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Man-Made Lyme Disease? – A Personal Account

October 6, 2020 … Lou Caverly


        Just today I came across a chapter in Jesse Ventura’s fascinating book, American Conspiracies.  The chapter was entitled, “Lyme Disease: A Germ-Warfare Experiment Gone Awry.”  For many people, this would be a story they could read as a scientific and historical discussion.  For me, it was personal.

        In late 1993, Elizabeth awoke overnight, crippled.  This came with no warning.  The onset was sudden and violent.  She stared at the clothes draped over a chair that she had worn just the day before to a school conference for a student she had been tutoring.  Later we noticed a red ring near her ankle.

        Every minute, she felt as sick as the worst days of any flu, so extremely fatigued.  Then a young visitor with bronchitis passed it on to Elizabeth.  Now, with the Lyme-caused swollen knees, Elizabeth’s back was pulled every time she coughed, resulting in excruciating back spasms.  Next, there was also a neurological component: Objects in the room would seem to come closer, then recede.  Later, the physician called it “telescoping.” 

        To keep her sanity, Elizabeth watched the seemingly endless trial of O.J. Simpson.  She kept up with it on a black-and-white TV I had bought her.  (In the days before flat-screen TV’s, color TV caused her lupus to flare.)  Piles of magazines she loved sat untouched.  She was just too ill every moment to be able to read them.  This nightmare went on for 18 months.

        Thankfully, God brought a Christian doctor whose daughter I had been tutoring.  We had established a friendship; He was willing to make a rare home visit.  He prescribed physical therapy that helped to strengthen Elizabeth and helped her regain some neck mobility and unlock a frozen shoulder.  Gradually, she was able to throw away the walker and, finally, the cane.    The only other treatment she ever had was self-prescribed Aleve.

        As the Bible says, suffering builds endurance.  I once had a flash that I conveyed to Elizabeth: “You’re going to get well!”  It’s a triumph of God and of Elizabeth’s indomitable courage and a supreme irony that she has overcome this insidious weapon and is able to report on it herself!

        Having lived through this, I was naturally very curious about Jesse Ventura’s book.  Ventura discusses the very strong possibility that the disease suddenly appeared in Lyme, Connecticut, sometime around 1975 because it escaped from the bioweapon experiments being conducted at Plum Island.  This Island is just 26 miles across a small channel from Lyme.

        Ventura quotes from Justice Department attorney John Loftus’s book, The Belarus Secret: “Even more disturbing are the records of the Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to America.  They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases.  I have received some information suggesting that the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950s.” (Lyme disease is, of course, spread by deer ticks.)

        Jesse Ventura also presents another interesting coincidence: “Turns out Plum Island was experimenting with Lone Star ticks and the Cayenne tick, feeding them on viruses and testing them on pigs in 1975 and 1976 – exactly when Lyme disease first showed up across from the island.  At that time the Lone Star tick was otherwise only found in Texas.  Nobody can explain how it’s since happened to migrate all across the Eastern seaboard.  Along with its cousin, the deer tick, the Lone Star variety is known for spreading Lyme disease.

        I, Lou, have always thought that Plum Island, along with Fort Detrick in Maryland was one of only a very few places in the U.S. where such abominable experiments were conducted.  However, consider this statement by Ventura: “The first I heard about Plum Island was a phone call from a guy named Kenneth King, a Ph.D. expert on bio-warfare and the author of a book called Germs Gone Wild.  He began by telling me: ‘There were about 200 high containment germ lab facilities in 2001, and there are now at least 1,356 plus many more off the books.  We now have a kind of military-academic-industrial complex that is devoted to hyping the fear of bio-terror so that they will continue to get the funds.’”

       Hyping the fear of bio-terror?  My wife’s anguish and torment for eighteen months were far more than hype.  I can’t read Ventura’s statistics of 1356+ facilities calmly.  My gut fills with rage.

        How many thousand other victims of the Deep State NWO suffered as she did, or worse, had their lives snuffed out?  Whoever runs these insidious Nazi programs – and now COVID-19 – will answer one day to Almighty God’s unmitigated wrath and punishment.

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