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New, Nefarious Covid-Shot Critical Information


Radio Monologue
Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly
June 29, 2023


        “Operation Warp Speed,” the mobile covid vaccine vans, and the Christian sanctuaries that became actual injection centers are beginning to fade into the public memory.

        What isn’t fading is the increasing substantiation that (1) These “gene shot” vaccine imposters were laden with even more built-in mortality causes than we could comprehend in just the somewhat “generic” term; and (2) In addition to life insurance actuarial death rates skyrocketing, now cancer rates post-covid vax are flying off the charts.

        On June 12th, Dr. Jane Ruby reported what she termed “near-perfect meditated murder” with the beyond-shocking identical laboratory findings of two expert researchers, living a world apart: Kevin McKernon (who had worked in the Human Genome Project) and Professor Mirakami (Makato) of Tokyo University.

        These two scientists found two elements added to the covid Pfizer vials they examined:

  1. Simian Virus 40 (SV40) – the same cancer-promoting virus found in the polio vaccine generations ago.  Latent oncogenes (cancer-causing propensities) from your ancestors could be turned on as the SV40 affects the body.
  2. A cancer-causing genetic code that ruins your immune system by propagating antibiotic resistance.  McKernon found that this sinister code addition “would keep any antibiotic class from working.”  This code can get into your DNA and the nuclei of your cells.  So, in the future, the body is then set up for an inability to overcome disease, such as bacterial pneumonia.

        Dr. Jane Ruby commented, “This is intentional murder of humans.  Horrible!”

According to Dr. Kevin McKernon, “Some people die fast; some later on.”

Some of these probable “kill switches” include:


  1. DNA plasmids that are the promoters of what could become death from an anaphylactic-type reaction.
  2. Clotting-causing mechanisms (described by Dr. Daniel Nagase).  This “double-stranded DNA is the abnormal result of the covid vax ingredients cutting the normal DNA strand in two.
  3. Spike proteins permanently embedded
  4. Nanoparticles
  5. An adjuvant “soup”

        Next, statistics from James Bishop, paramedic researcher, concern the astoundingly changing numbers of women’s breast cancer statistics from 2019 onward through the covid inoculation time period.  This chart is more than instructive:

            2019 – 26,660 breast cancer cases

            2020 – about 100 fewer cases than in 2019

            2021 – 26,500 cases

            2022 – 47,000 cases (an incredible one-year jump as “Warp Speed” kicked in all

                       over the U.S.)

          2023 – 297,000 (just so far in six months!)  This is a “horror of history.”  (Some

                      reputable estimates are that, out of approximately 8 billion earth people,             

                      around 6 billion are now left, post-covid vaccination.)


        Dr. Jane Ruby comments that not only are long-conquered cancers suddenly reemerging after the covid shots, but the new cancers do not seem to respond to traditional treatments like chemotherapy.  She asks, “Is this because of ‘Gain of Function’?”

        Yet there is reprobate silence in Congress as Gain of Function research, unopposed, soldiers on.  Our actual soldiers and U.S. civilians continue to “die suddenly” or “unexpectedly.”

        Noble heroine, Lt. Col. Teresa Long, perhaps recognized best the treasonous nature of the global genocide sell-out with her anguished remark about America’s once-cherished military personnel: “We were on someone else’s time table.”

        May God help “Mystery Babylon,” America, to repent!

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