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Questions Remain about 34 COVID Positive White House Staffers and Other Contacts Despite Rose Garden Ceremony Alibi

October 8, 2020 … Elizabeth Cuppett Caverly

        Here at The Divided Kingdom, we questioned whether something nefarious had resulted in the COVID-19 sudden pre-election spread to a formerly “invincible” Trump – something that needed “contract,” not “contact” tracing.

        In the meantime, the MSM seized upon the Saturday, September 26th Rose Garden Barrett announcement ceremony as the cause of this new sudden COVID flare-up.  Senator Mike Lee hugged people there and now is positive for COVID.  It is certainly of concern that attendees at the Rose Garden ceremony were almost universally maskless.  Video clips show the audience seated close together with no structured social distancing.  USA Today, October 7, has published a picture with circles around those who became infected.  This indicated clear “clusters,” two or three near each other.  In all probability, this Rose Garden nonchalant lack of preparation has resulted in some of its attendees now being ill.

        Yet, is that the whole answer?  Was there still another way COVID entered the air and rooms of the White House?  Was there a perhaps sinister “planting”? Note the persons who DID NOT ATTEND the Rose Garden Ceremony, yet tested positive:

  • Nick Luna, Director of Oval Office Operations
  • Ronna McDaniel, Republican Party Chairwoman
  • Bill Stepien, Trump Campaign Manager
  • Ron Johnson, United States Senator

        New York Magazine, October 7, reports, “In a sign that the coronavirus spread in the White House has not been limited to President Trump’s close contacts, two members of the building’s housekeeping staff who hadn’t come into contact with him tested positive.”

        What about the air conditioning systems in Air Force One, the Oval Office and the entire White House?  A new study from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom states, “Widely used mixing ventilation systems that help keep conditions uniform in all parts of a room, also disperse airborne contaminants – including droplets containing viral particles – evenly throughout the space.” 

        University of Massachusetts Professor Erin Bromage studied COVID spread due to the air conditioning in a restaurant that resulted in subsequent infections and deaths.  This and the New York Magazine October 7th report give us cause to ask did the ventilation system play a role, whether by accident or by sinister seeding, in this new alarming COVID spread?

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