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TWO WARNINGS Warning #1: Dangerous Templates In the Northeast

Divided Kingdom Radio Monologue

September 21, 2023

Lou Caverly


Everyone knows I hail from Massachusetts – my accent after decades of living in Maryland still gives me away.  By the way, it is an utter disgrace that Biden still hasn’t approved Secret Service protection for 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  In view of the latest close call, a man with guns stopped by Kennedy’s own security team, campaign manager Dennis Kucinich’s plea in a letter to Biden should not be ignored.  (Elizabeth and I recall that, back in 2004 when her book Patriot’s Warning II, Chaos and Chemtrails came out, she had quoted the then U.S. Representative Kucinich’s courageous acknowledgment of the reality of chemtrails. But shortly afterward, the Congressman went silent on the whole matter.  What NWO specter silenced him?)

        We’re glad he’s back, supporting the only man in America who’s brave enough to out the Deep State involvement in creating the Ukraine biolabs.  As a lifelong Democrat (!), I salute RFK, Jr., just as I had a lot of admiration for the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam withdrawal tactics of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

        Now, getting to the heart of the template of warnings.  In my mind, they line up as preparation for (1) future quarantine concentration camps (as in Australia during Covid lockdowns); (2) more permanent-style FEMA-type camps for Christians and conservatives; and (3) the establishment of 15-minute cities (rounding people up to be put into city ghettos where all services are never more than 15 minutes travel away.  Cities starting this include Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona and Tucson.

        A very crucial roundtable discussion was featured on American Vindicta, September 11, 2023.  A great friend of this program alerted us to hear host Doug Thornton and a panel including Dave Hodges, Derek Gilbert and other excellent speakers talking about the antichrist system, Mark of the Beast and, soon-to-come, “fake alien invasion.”

        Interestingly, Dave Hodges expanded on what the ultimate purpose of the 15- minute cities might be.  After herding the masses of people into them, he said, it would be much easier to carry out depopulation in that small confined area.

        Here are some early predictive signs.  On the September 14th program at the Divided Kingdom, I read a letter from a Northeast contact.  The letter said:

     Last week of August, I’m out in the morning to pick up what passes for a local “newspaper” up here, and what do I see?  In the vicinity of the local fire station, a small white pick-up truck with red lettering on the side saying “American Red Cross Disaster Relief.”  It had a red license plate with white numbers & letters.  Have you seen anything like this down in Maryland?  [No, we haven’t.]  When I saw it, my heart sank & I thought – they’re planning something

     Then yesterday, September 1st, a radio station broadcast that Mass. Gov. Maura Healey has called out the “National Guard” to make sure that the illegal aliens currently being housed in local motels & hotels (& more to come I hear) have sufficient access to food, transportation, medical care & education!  Who cares about the American citizens tossed off their own properties?  Let’s just cart in more Central and South Americans & Haitians & drown Massachusetts in a “people avalanche,” as that’s what this is.

     Did you know Massachusetts is the only state in America to have passed a “Right to Shelter” law that includes illegal aliens?  You may remember that old “60’s” TV show “The Invaders,” starring Roy Thinnes?  Well, here they are, decades later!  Was the series an example of subconsciously “pre-programming” the public?

     Now, for the shocker.  I heard this on the “Jim Polito Show” yesterday, Sept. 1 …  On Wed., Oct. 4, 2023 around 2:20 pm the “U.S.” Government (?) will activate an “emergency” message on all cellphones nationwide that will cause them to vibrate and give out a certain tone …  It will say this is only an emergency “test.”  This is a test of how well those cursed (in my opinion) “microwave towers” are working!  Now they wouldn’t do all this unless something was going on “behind the scenes” that we don’t yet know about …

     When the war atrocity against the American people was allowed to occur on Maui what came to my mind was TV “journalist” Brian Williams’ last words to the U.S. broadcast audience upon his retirement: “They’re going to burn it all down, with us in it.”  I was amazed they let that come “on air”; but it must have been because they wanted Americans to hear it.  Even as I write this, I can’t believe such a nightmare is now reality! …

     Before I forget, I heard (on the Howie Carr Show) that there’s a motel on the Cape in Yarmouth called the “Yarmouth Resort” …  It’s occupied by older Americans paying $300 a week to live there.  “Gov” Healey says the state will pay $700 a week if the owner will fill the resort with illegal aliens. You can guess they gave the American occupants 3 months to find a new place, one an 89-year-old!

        Another listener, a Massachusetts resident, sent us this clipping from the Boston Herald, that gave more in-depth coverage of the National Guard Deployment.

     Massachusetts National Guard service members are scheduled to deploy today to emergency shelters across the state that are housing displaced and migrant families as part of an up to six-month call-up.

     Gov. Maura Healey activated up to 250 members to serve more than 40 shelters that do not have contracted service providers.  Uniformed troops will support logistics and administrative duties but the exact shelters they are serving will remain secret.  

        This operation called “Task Force Shelter” is headed by Lt. Col, Patrick Donnelly.  Note how U.S. civilians are subtly being brought under the template of military rule.  Recall that Trump selected a military commander in charge of Operation Warp Speed and how Biden’s new pandemic response office also has a military person as its chief.

        Massachusetts, like many states, is trying to make up for the reprehensible failure of the Biden Administration to secure the border.  In doing so, the state is empowering the military to take over the functions of civilian workers in what the governor labels an “emergency.”  This is preparing the state to accept military intervention – a dangerous precedent.

        Next, we turn to apparent continued sabotage of our food supply in the name of “climate change.”  In an article by columnist Susan Estrich, published September 1, 2003, she reveals that the fourth major wind turbine project has been approved by the Biden Administration.  This will consist of over 1,000 turbines, each 800 to 1,100 feet tall. They will cover an area of over 1,400 square miles.

        Supposedly, this project will generate large amounts of clean electricity.  Yet the environmental cost will be high.  Ms. Estrich describes how the turbines will “severely damage Coxes Ledge, one of the most fertile marine environments in New England …  Teeming with life, it hosts the endangered North Atlantic right whale during the winter months and is the only remaining spawning ground for the Atlantic cod.”

        She goes on to explain that the wind is intermittent and much of the benefit of the turbines is lost when regular generators have to be used during times of little wind.  Furthermore, the developers have not released 25 of the 51 technical reports to the public.  Why hide the facts about a project that is supposed to be of such great benefit to the public?

        What is clear is that this may be just one more effort to ruin the food supply we all depend on.  It is another case of initiating a depopulation ploy disguised as a fight against “climate change.”  Be alert and prepare!


Warning #2: Eris, Goddess of Chaos

Divided Kingdom Radio Monologue

September 21, 2023

Lou Caverly

        What is the truth about EG.5 or ER15?  Is mankind supposed to run scared once more, hiding like rats in a reopened warehouse of masks and lockdowns?

        Dr. Jane Ruby, August 21, said, “The CDC, FDA, and the WHO are cutouts of the mass genocide program, and they’ve begun “working on Omicron ‘having grandchildren.’”  Ruby then refuted the Big Pharma claim that in just a few weeks of testing, they got just the right vaccine to combat EG.5.  Testing a few people.  A few mice.  Longtime former pharmaceutical researcher, Dr. Ruby said, “Why, this is a MIRACLE!”  This researcher, who led countless clinical trials, says that normally the time span for vaccine trials would take YEARS, not months or WEEKS!   

        Ruby sees the MSM, saturating all of us with scare tactics that this new “variant” demands the same extreme measures as in the years 2020-2022.  Hospitals, such as Syracuse Community General, have reinstituted the covid mandates of masks and PCR testing (even though the CDC itself finally discredited the PCR’s validity.

        Dr. Jane calls this escalation “emotional propaganda.”  At the same time, President Biden “seizes the day” by urging that “It’s a good time to get your booster, too!”

        We’ve heard a sound clip of Dr. David Martin addressing the EU in 2022, stating, “SARS CoV-2 is the hijacked version of ‘the common cold.’  SARS is NOT NATURAL.  It was engineered to use against humanity.”

        On August 18, Dr. Jane revealed the shocking occult meaning behind the name, ERIS.  “Goddess of strife, discord and chaos!”  Dr. Ruby believes this is a continuation of a lie that we are vulnerable, in order to keep using tools on us.  She urges, as do we, “Start to think about how to protect yourself.  There are lies within lies.”

        September 2, Dr. Ruby also warned, “The ‘multi-pronged’ attacks on us (that included the fires in selected areas)” constitute a huge attack on our food supply.”  [1,900 food production facilities destroyed in 2022.]  Ruby reported, this includes apparent withholding of USA-grown fresh produce in the very largest health food chains.  Instead, increasingly, she saw only fresh fruits and vegetables from other countries.  She noticed mandarin oranges from Chile with a sticker saying they were treated with a certain chemical to stay fresh in the long duration of shipment.  Ruby found this chemical was outlawed in the US!  It had side effects that were very serious.  This “biobendizal” (sp.?) on the Chilean fruit, according to the label, said these words: “treated to maintain freshness in transit.”

        Dr. Ruby’s view, like that of so many analysts, is that PLANNED FAMINE IS COMING!

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